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General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus

General heavy fabricationGeneral heavy fabrication is a type of manufacturing that includes a combination of processes to make components of thick plate.

Fabrication is usually considered heavy fabrication when the plate's thickness exceeds 15 millimetres. The thick plate requires heavy machinery; for example, instead of using laser cutting, gas or plasma cutting might be more efficient. Also, presses need to be much more powerful to bend pieces of material. Naturally, this means that there are special workshops that have equipment and machinery to take care of the heavy fabrication.

The heavy fabrication manufacturers make components that often go into industries that make products which needs to withstand great forces such as the heavy vehicle or construction industry. It can be small components or large beams used in constructing buildings.

Picture: Abbfab Services Ltd

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    • Boring
    • Broaching & Splining
    • Drilling
    • Drilling, CNC
    • Drilling, Deep Hole
    • Engraving
    • Etching
    • Flat bed turning
    • Gear Cutting
    • Grinding
    • Honing
    • Horizontal Milling
    • Lapping
    • Machining with Fabrication
    • Machining, CNC
    • Machining, CNC Centres
    • Machining, Conventional
    • Machining, High Precision
    • Machining, Large 1m Plus
    • Machining, Multi-Axis
    • Machining, Plastics
    • Machining, Prototyping
    • Milling, CNC
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    • Multi Spindle
    • Planing
    • Saw Cutting
    • Spark Erosion
    • Special Purpose Machines
    • Tapping
    • Thread Cutting
    • Turning Auto
    • Turning CNC
    • Turning, Conventional
    • Vertical Boring
    • Wire Erosion
  • Tool Making
    • Blanking Tools
    • Cutting Tools
    • Dies
    • Jigs & Fixtures
    • Mould Tools
    • Pattern & Model Making
    • Press Tools
  • Casting
    • Die Casting, Gravity
    • Die Casting, Pressure
    • Extrusion
    • Forging
    • Investment / Lost Wax
    • Metal Injection Moulding
    • Precision Casting
    • Sand Casting
    • Shell Moulding
  • Fabrication
    • Architectural Steelwork
    • Brazing
    • Deep Drawing
    • Enclosures
    • Excenter pressing
    • Fabrication with Machining
    • Forging
    • Gas Cutting
    • General Fabrication 6-15mm
    • General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
    • General Sheet Metal Under 6mm
    • Guillotine
    • Laser Cutting
    • Laser cutting, tube
    • Laser welding
    • Metal Spinning
    • Nibbling
    • Perforation
    • Pipework
    • Plasma Cutting
    • Press brake work
    • Pressure & Vacuum Vessels
    • Presswork
    • Prototyping
    • Punching
    • Robotic Welding
    • Roll Bending
    • Rolling
    • Spring Manufacturing
    • Stamping
    • Strip forming
    • Tube Bending & Manipulation
    • Water Cutting
    • Welding
    • Wire Forming
  • Plastic & Rubber
    • 3D Printing
    • Bonding
    • Clean Room Moulding
    • Compression moulding
    • Dip Moulding
    • GRP Moulding
    • Injection Moulding
    • Insert Moulding
    • Plastic & rubber extrusion
    • Plastic Fabrication
    • Prototyping
    • Rotational Moulding
    • Rubber Moulding
    • Vacuum Forming
  • Electronic / Electrical
    • Cable Looms/Harnesses
    • Control Panels
    • Design, Development & Prototyping
    • Electromechanical Assembly
    • PCB Assembly, Surface Mount
    • PCB Assembly, Through Hole
    • PCB Bare Board Manufacturing
    • Soldering
  • Finishing
    • Anodizing
    • Case hardening
    • Cleaning
    • Heat Treatment
    • Laserfinishing
    • Metal Spraying
    • Nitriding
    • Nitrocarburizing
    • Pickling
    • Plastic Coating
    • Plating
    • Polishing
    • Powder Coating
    • Precision Cleaning
    • Shot Blasting
    • Silk Screening
    • Spray Painting
    • Stress relieving
    • Stress relieving
    • Tempering
    • Wet painting
    • Zinc plating
  • Associations & Other Services
    • Consultancy
  • Design & Development
    • Design
    • Design, CAD
    • Design, Electronics / Electrical
    • Design, Mechanical
    • Drafting Services
    • Programming Services
    • Rapid Prototyping
  • Assembly & Packaging
    • Assembly
    • Blister Packaging
    • Packaging
  • Woodworking
    • Bonded wood
    • Pallet making
    • Wood Fabrication
  • Textile
    • Industrial sewing
    • Upholstry
  • Metal Cutting Machine Tools
    • Bandsaws
    • Boring Machines
    • CNC Lathes
    • CNC Milling Machines
    • Drilling Machines
    • EDM Spark/Wire Eroders
    • Gear cutting machine
    • Grinding Machines
    • Honing Machines
    • Horizontal Machining Centres
    • Lapping Machines
    • Manual Lathes
    • Manual Milling Machines
    • Other
    • Sliding Head Lathes
    • Tumbling Machines
    • Vertical Machining Centres
  • Metal Forming Machine Tools
    • CNC Punching Machines
    • Gas cutting machines
    • Guillotines
    • Hydraulic Presses
    • Laser Cutters
    • Mechanical Presses
    • Metal Forming Machine Tools
    • Nibbling & Notching Machines
    • Other Metal Forming
    • Plasma Cutters
    • Plate cutting
    • Press-brakes
    • Punch-presses
    • Rolling Machines
    • Shearing & Folding Machines
    • Stamping Machines
    • Tube Working Machinery
    • Waterjet Cutting Machines
    • Welding Equipment
  • Plastic Machines and Equipment
    • 3D Printer
    • Ancillary Equipment
    • Injection Moulding Machines
    • Other Plastic Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
    • Busbar
    • Other Electronic Equipment
  • Hand Tools, Toolholding, Tooling & Workholding
    • Cutting Tools
    • General Hand Tools
    • Other
    • Power Tools (Electric / Pneumatic)
    • Presstools
    • Workholding
  • Manufacturing & Process Automation
    • Assembly Machines and Equipment
    • Control Systems
    • Downtime Reporting System
    • OEE Systems
    • Other Automation Machines
    • Palletising
    • Pneumatics
    • Pneumatics
    • Process Automation
    • Robotics
  • Metrology Equipment & Systems
    • CMMs
    • Coordinate Metrology equipment
    • Other Testing & Metrology Equipment
    • Testing Equipment
  • Surface & Heat Treatment
    • Accessories & Other Surface Equipment
    • Blasting machines
    • Cleaning, Scouring, Degreasing & Blasting
    • Painting, Powder Coating, Lacquering & Varnishing
  • Material Handling & Storage Equipment
    • Containers/Bins
    • Conveyor Equipment
    • Forklift Trucks
    • Mezzanine Floors
    • Other Material Handling
    • Pallet Racking
    • Pallet Racking
    • Palleting Equipment
    • Racking/Shelving
    • Swarf systems
    • Trolleys
  • Safety and Security Equipment
    • Access Control
    • Barriers/Guards
    • Closed Circuit Television
    • Door Entry Systems
    • Ear Protection
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Eye Protection/Washing
    • Fire Alarms
    • Fire Systems
    • Footwear
    • Hand Protection
    • Intruder Alarms
    • Monitoring Equipment
    • Other
    • Protective Clothing
    • Respirators
    • Seat Belts
    • Signs
  • Environmental Equipment
    • Cleaning Equipment
    • Cleaningproducts
    • Coolant Purification
    • Dust & Fume Extraction
    • Filtration plants
    • Grease separators
    • Noise reduction
    • Oil Mist Collectors
    • Oil separators
    • Other Environmental Equipment
    • Pressure washers
    • Septic tank
    • Waste management systems
    • Water purification equipment
    • Wiping products
  • Marking, Labelling & Packaging
    • Bar-Coding Equipment
    • Marking, Labelling, Packaging & Wrapping
    • Other
    • Packaging Accessories
    • Wrap around case packagin
  • Stock Items
    • Bearings
    • Compressors
    • Fastners
    • Generators
    • Hermetic Seals
    • Hydraulic systems oil
    • Industrial transmission
    • Magnets
    • Motors, Electric
    • Optically Encoded Discs
    • Pumps
    • Soldering
    • Steel Laminations
    • Workwear
  • Material Stockholding
    • Aluminium
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • Cast Iron
    • Copper
    • Gratings
    • Magnesium
    • Metals - Ferrous
    • Metals - Non Ferrous
    • Other
    • Plastics
    • Precious metals
    • Rubber
    • Stainless steel
    • Steel
  • Marking Equipment
    • Embossing Machines
    • Engraving Machines
    • Etching Equipment
    • Laser Marking System
    • Other Marking Equipment
    • Tampo Printing Machines
  • Building Material
    • Fencing
    • Heat pumps
    • Industrial doors
    • Industrial furniture
    • Sheds
    • Stairs
    • Storage buildings
    • Ventilation/Air conditioning
  • Wood working machinery
    • Glue equipment
    • Press machinery
    • Wood working machinery
  • Consumables
    • Cleaning detergent
    • Cutting fluid
    • Gas
    • Lubrication oil
  • Cranes and Lifting equipment
    • 4-Post Lifts / Service Lifts
    • Aeroplane Engine Lifts
    • Chain hoist
    • Hoist (Telfer)
    • Jack stands
    • Light weight crane system (Profile system)
    • Mobile Column Lifts 15 – 35 tons
    • Mobile Column Lifts 7 – 10 tons
    • Mobile Column Lifts for Forklifts
    • Other liftingequipment
    • Pillar jib crane
    • Roof Access Platform
    • Stationary Lifting Solutions
    • Travers (Overhead crane)
    • Wire rope hoist
  • Maintenance
    • Balancing
    • Calibration
    • Facilities Management
    • Lubrication
    • Machine
    • Service/repair
  • Computer Services
    • Business system
    • CAD software and support
    • Computer training
    • Data safety
    • Estimating system for CNC
    • Repairs / maintenance
    • Software/Hardware
    • System development
  • Packaging / Storage Solutions
    • Contract packaging
    • Package management/ processing
    • Quality assurance work
    • Storage Solutions
    • Sub-component packaging
    • Warehouse services
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    • Logistic
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  • Business Solutions
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    • Quality Assurance
    • Recycling
  • Events/Seminars
    • Events
    • Seminars
  • Corporate Travel
    • Corporate Travel
  • Environmental Services
    • Metal Recycling
    • Support & Advice
    • Waste management
  • Material technique and testing
    • Chemical analysis
    • Damage Investigation
    • Joining Technology/Welding
    • Metallurgy
    • Non-Destructive Testing / NDT
    • Strength testing
    • surface engineering/tribology
  • Consultancy
    • IT
    • PR
  • Training
    • Engineering
    • Health & Safety
    • IT
    • Management Development
    • Procurement
    • Purchasing
    • Supply Chain
    • Tendering
  • Health & Safety
    • Facilities Management
    • Products & Services

Latest RFQs

Fabrication-General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
Fabrication-General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
Description: This buyer from a manufacturer of safety equipment with an annual spend of £250,000 on all outsourced fabrication is looking for a supplier to help improve the cost of the attached gantry.
Fabrication-General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
Fabrication-General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
Description: This buyer/designer with an annual spend of £10,000 (and growing) on all outsourced fabrication is looking for budget quotes from suppliers on the attached structural installation. Supplier input required for the manufacture.
Fabrication-General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
Fabrication-General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
Description: This buyer/designer with an annual spend of £10,000 on all outsourced fabrication is looking for quotes from suppliers on the attached structural installation. Supplier input required for the manufacture.
Fabrication-General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
Fabrication-General Heavy Fabrication 15mm Plus
Description: This large UK manufacturing company with an annual spend of £400,000 on all outsourced fabrication is looking for quotes from suppliers on the manufacture and assembly of the attached items . Material: S355J2.

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B & R Engineering

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B H Engineering

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B K I Welding Co. Ltd.

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B Marshall Engineering Ltd

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B R Industrial Personnel

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B.D Structures Limited

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Bailey Manufacturing Ltd

ST6 2AY , Stoke On Trent

Bailey Street Scene Ltd

SK10 4NL , Adlington

Baker Thompson (Daventry) Ltd

NN11 8YJ , Daventry

Barhale (BCS Fabrications) plc

WS1 4NN , Walsall

Barnes & Thomas Ltd

SK15 2BT , Stalybridge

Barnett Engineering Ltd

LL14 1TG , Wrexham

Barrier Offshore Engineering Ltd

TS23 1PZ , Billingham

Bartlett Engineering Co.

SA70 8SH , Tenby

Base Fabrications Ltd

EN8 9SU , Waltham Cross

Bay Fabrications Ltd

LA1 5QP , 

BB Price Ltd

B64 5LB , Warley

BBF Company Ltd

CV1 4NN , Coventry

BC Barton Ltd

B69 2NR , Oldbury

Beacon Engineering

ST5 6BH , Newcastle-under-Lyme

Beamline Steel

GU9 8HD , Farnham

Beams & Brackets

BS24 9AX , Weston Super Mare

Beckhill Engineering Ltd

NP44 3AA , Cwmbran

Bedford Steel Fabrications Ltd

CH5 4DS , Deeside

Beeley Fabrications Ltd

S6 1NH , Sheffield

Bell Steel Fabrications Ltd

GL7 6DN , Cirencester

Bendalls Engineering Ltd

CA3 0EH , Carlisle

Bennett Engineering

LA9 6LU , Kendal

Benson-Sedgwick Engineering Ltd

RM8 1QE , Dagenham

Bentleyfab Engineering Services

DE13 9HS , Burton On Trent

BFS Sheetmetal Ltd

KT15 3NA , New Haw

Bibby Precision Engineering Ltd

CH62 3RQ , Bromorough


LL58 8EB , Anglesey

Billingtons Structures Ltd

S73 8DS , Barnsley

Bilston Engineering Ltd

WV4 6JT , Wolverhampton

Birch Sheet Metal

HU5 1RH , Hull

Birkhull Engineering Ltd

S62 6NW , Rotherham

Birmingham Stopper

B18 6QU , Hockley

BIZ Engineering Ltd

EN3 7QA , Enfield

Blackburn Heavy Engineering Ltd

BB2 4BL , Blackburn

Blackrow Engineering Ltd

DN31 2TP , Grimsby

Blade (Chippenham) Ltd

SN14 6NQ , Chippenham

Blake Group

EH6 5NU , Edinburgh

Boden Sheet Metal Limted

TW18 2AW , Staines

Bolton Sheetmetal Ltd

BL6 4QR , Bolton

Bolyer Engineering Co. Ltd

CV7 9EL , Coventry

Bonut Engineering Limited

SK6 2SD , Stockport

Borley Brothers Engineering

CB1 5AW , Cambridge

Bosco Engineering Ltd.

DE5 3NW , Ripley

Bradshaw Sheet Metal Co. Ltd

BL2 4LG , Bolton

Brady Fabrications Ltd

OX6 4UL , Bicester

Brancepeth Engineering

DL4 1HF , Shildon

Breckon Engineering Ltd

LD3 8LA , Breckon

Bridge Fabrications Limited

HD9 7AD , Holmfirth

Bridmet Ltd

DT6 5PJ , Bridport

Bripat Engineering

PE19 8TT , Huntingdon

Bristol Welding & sheet metal

BS15 4TA , Bristol

Briton Fabricators

NG15 6EP , Nottingham

BritTex Engineering Ltd

RG24 8NS , Basingstoke

Broadways Stampings Ltd

MK1 1DT , Milton Keynes

Brola Fabrications Ltd

BS3 2UN , Bristol

Brown Fabrications Ltd

NN2 6NY , Northampton

BS Fabrications Ltd

DL1 2NG , Darlington

Buckler Engineering Services Ltd

BS11 9HG , Bristol

Builders Beams Ltd

RH10 9PB , Crawley

Bullen Fabrications

LE11 5XN , Loughborough

Bunn Engineering Services

PE11 3TZ , Spalding

Burgess & Co. Ltd

WF16 9DW , Heckmondwike

Burton Fabrications Ltd

NG4 2JA , Nottingham

Burton Sheet Metal & Engineering

DE14 1SN , Burton On Trent

BWB Engineering Ltd

TW15 3QN , Ashford

C & C Fabrications Ltd

WF11 8PG , Knottingley

C & S Fabrications Ltd

S6 2FH , Sheffield

C S Fabrications

WN2 1HF , Wigan

C S L Engineering

L5 9YN , Liverpool

Cab Tech Developments Ltd

CV47 8NT , Rugby

CAD Fabrications Ltd

NP44 5BE , Cwmbran, Newport

Calder Engineering Ltd

KW14 7QU , Thurso

Caledonian Petroleum Services (CPS)

KY11 8UE , Dunfermline

Caledonian Sheet Metal Workers

IV1 1SG , Inverness

Campbell Grindlay Engineering Ltd

LL77 7SD , Llangefni

Camrov Subsea Ltd

KW1 5XN , Wick

Capital Steel Fabrications

SE5 7TQ , London

Carter Fabrications

BB12 0BE , Stoneyholme

Cashlan Engineering

, Carrickmacross

Cavalier Sheet Metal Works Ltd

NG6 8NG , Nottingham

CC Precision Engineering Ltd

RH10 2NN , Crawley

CDI Services (Portland ) Ltd

DT4 9TH , Weymouth

CE Turner (Engineers) Ltd

LE13 1BS , Melton Mowbray

Celtic Engineering Services Ltd

SA13 1RA , Port Talbot

Central Precision Ltd

LE10 3BZ , Hinckley

Central Profiles Ltd

DY11 7QN , Kidderminster

Centregreat Engineering

CF31 2AD , Bridgend

CFSE Scarborough Ltd

YO12 4HA , Scarborough

Chadderton Metal Products Ltd

OL8 1LA , Oldham

Challenging Developments Ltd

WD4 8JE , Kings Langley

Chinn Engineering

CV7 9FT , Coventry

Chinn Ltd

CV7 9FT , Exhall

Chris Biggs Engineering

PL23 1HN , Fowey

CHW Metal Components Ltd

HP12 3AX , High Wycombe

City Engineering (Bristol) Ltd

BS5 7EP , Bristol

Clarendon Fabrications Ltd

LE2 6BR , Leicester

Clarke Lane Engineering

SO2 3EA , Southampton

Classic Molding & Fabrication

HR9 7EE , Ross On Wye

Clayton Engineering Ltd

LD7 1LP , Knighton

Clifford Chapman Metalworks Ltd

NE37 1PB , Washington

Clitheroe Light Engineering

BB7 1PL , Clitheroe

Clow Group

G40 2QR , Glasgow

Clydeside Sheet Metal Co. Ltd

G45 9SS , Glasgow

Clydeview Engineering Ltd

G81 4XJ , Glasgow

CMC Fabs Ltd

LE11 2NH , Loughborough

CMS Engineering

BS5 8GU , Bristol

Cockburn Engineering

SW19 3TZ , London

Coday (Great Yarmouth) Ltd

NR30 3QS , Great Yarmoth

Coded UK Ltd

SG14 3NU , Stapleford

Coded Welding (Wolverhampton) Ltd

WV2 2HX , Wolverhampton

Cole Ironcraft

TN26 3AT , Ashford

Coleherne Ltd

SK14 4LE , Hyde

Colston Engineering Services Ltd

SN14 6NQ , Chippenham

Concept Metal Products

M24 2EF , Manchester

Conibear Brothers

EX17 1ER , Crediton

Convair Ltd

CM3 3BE , Boreham

Covrad Heat Transfer Ltd

CV5 6BN , Coventry

Cowie Engineering Ltd

G67 2NH , 

CPH (Thurmaston) Ltd

LE3 0BG , Leicester

Craufurd Engineering Services Ltd

SL6 9EE , Maidenhead

Craufurd Ltd

SL1 4LR , Slough

Creative Ironworks

TN23 5UT , Ashford

Creaton Engineering Ltd

B90 4NY , Solihull

Crescent Engineering

HU9 1SD , Hull

Crofton Engineering Ltd

CB21 4NN , Cambridge

Cross Services Engineering Ltd

WA9 3DR , St.Helens

Crosskill Ventilations Ltd

NR6 6BX , Norwich

Crovin Metal Works

RM10 8PS , Dagenham

CS Engineering (Exeter) Ltd

EX17 1DN , Crediton

CTL Medical (UK) Ltd

CM3 5ZA , Chelmsford

CTL Seal Engineering Limited

S35 9WA , Sheffield

CTM Harpley Engineering Ltd

PE31 6TJ , Kings Lynn

Curtis Engineering (Frome) Ltd

BA11 4BH , Frome

Custom Made Ltd

TN38 9NA , St Leonards on Sea

Custom Metal Products

S60 1ER , Rotherham


MK11 3ER , Milton Keynes


ST3 7UB , Newcastle-under-Lyme

CY Sheet Metal Ltd

RG14 5SH , Newbury

Cyrus RW Group (Taylor Division)

SA11 2JA , Port Talbot

D & A Fabrication & Design Ltd

KT14 7LF , West Byfleet

D & D Fabrications Ltd

WA7 4DS , Runcorn

D & E Metal Fabrications

BD17 7AR , Shipley

D & G Engineering Uk Ltd

YO8 8AP , Selby

D & M Engineering Ltd

GU10 1DS , Farnham

D D Engineering Ltd

WF13 6ER , Batley

D G Scott Ltd

DE55 7RQ , Alfreton

D H Engineering

CB4 6DQ , Cambridge

D J Hill Engineering Services Ltd

CF3 2EW , Rumney, Cardiff

D W Fabrications Ltd

BL9 5AJ , Bury

Dab Systems Ltd

DE6 1QY , Ashbourne


DE24 9RE , Derby

Dale Fabrications

DH4 4UG , 

Dales Engineering Ltd

AB42 1JF , Peterhead

Dappat Engineering Ltd

HU8 7JB , Hull

DAS Fabrication Limited

SK4 1NT , Stockport

Daver Steels Ltd

S4 8LN , Sheffield

Davies Fabrication

WA9 3JA , St Helens

Davley Fabrications Ltd

HX3 6RL , Halifax

Davy Markham Ltd

S9 4EX , Sheffield

DC Developments (Engineering) Ltd

NR16 1ER , Norfolk

DC Fabrications

BT32 3UA , Banbridge

DD Fabrications Ltd

CA3 0PJ , Carlisle

De Marchi Engineering

SN14 6NQ , Chippenham

Deco Steels Ltd

ME18 6BX , Maidstone

Deepdale Engineering Co Ltd

DY2 0RD , Dudley

Defabs Engineering Ltd

DE1 2BU , Derby

Deighton Engineers (Halifax)

HX3 6AL , Halifax

Delco Engineering

NN18 8AB , Corby

Delstar Engineering Ltd

CB9 8QP , Haverhill

Delta Design & Engineering Ltd

CB2 5PE , Cambridge

Denholm Rees & O`Donnell Ltd

L9 0HB , Liverpool

Denval Co Limited

CF3 2PZ , Cardiff

Design & Engineering

LA12 8HD , Ulverston

Design Metal Work Ltd

B77 5DQ , Tamworth

Devon Valley Fabrications

EX15 1BS , Cullompton

Diamond Anchor Ltd

S41 9RF , Chesterfield

Diamond Precision Engineering

CH41 1LT , Birkenhead

Diamro Engineering and Fabrication

S35 9YR , Sheffield

Direct Fabrications (Yorkshire) Ltd

WF9 3NR , South Kirkby

Dixon Engineering Ltd

DE11 9DH , Swadlincote

DJN Limited

NE38 9BZ , Washington

DLE Precision Engineering Ltd

FK7 7JB , Stirling

DM Fabrications

PR2 5AR , Preston

DM Steelworks Ltd

HA4 0EJ , Ruislip

DMI Fabrications

BD5 8PR , Bradford

DMJ Engineering Ltd

NE48 4BX , Hexham


NN11 4SD , Daventry

Dobson and Beaumont Ltd

BB1 3BH , Blackburn

Dodfrey Engineering

PE12 9QH , Spalding

Douglas Equipment Ltd

GL51 0AB , Cheltenham

DP Engineering

GU16 6DJ , Camberley

DP Metal Fabrications

PL6 7SQ , Plymouth

DPM Welding and Fabrications Ltd

S65 1EN , Rotherham

DS Fabrication

PE28 0QG , Huntingdon

DS Machining Services

BS37 6EP , Chipping Sodbury

DTM Fabrication

B65 0SN , Warley

DTR Newnham

RH13 8AZ , Horsham


BB6 7HT , Blackburn

Durose Engineering Ltd

HU2 0QP , Hull

duRose Ltd

B7 4LT , Birmingham

DWS Engineering

TA18 7NS , Crewkerne

E & A Fabrications Ltd

CW10 9LB , Middlewich

E Johnson & Sons

CB1 6NR , Linton

Earl Engineering

NG20 0PA , Mansfield

Earnshaw Engineering Ltd

SO50 4NT , Eastleigh

East Lancashire Fabrications Ltd

BB5 0LE , Accrington

East Midlands Instrument Co. Ltd.

DN21 3ET , Gainsborough

Eaves Machining Ltd

M12 5BT , West Gorton

Echo Engineering (Southern) Ltd.

TN28 8TH , New Romney

ECS Engineering Services Ltd

NG16 6NS , Pinxton

Eden Fabrication Ltd

PE14 9JD , Wisbech

Edwards Engineering

WA8 0GW , Widnes

Edwin Snowden & Co. Ltd

HU2 0LJ , Hull


SS11 8YW , 

EJN Engineering Ltd

DH7 8HJ , Durham

Electromech Services Ltd

EX14 4RS , Dunkeswell

Ellis Site Services Ltd

TQ9 7PP , Totnes

Elnor Engineering

CW5 7PX , Nantwich

Empire Metal Products Ltd

DY1 4DA , Dudley


BB5 5BY , Accrington

Eng-Tech (PGP) Ltd

NR32 3LZ , Lowestoft

Engenda Group Ltd

WA7 1TT , Runcorn

Engineering 2000 Ltd

BB5 5JW , Accrington

ER Edwards & Sons Ltd

RH13 5QR , Horsham

Ermine Engineering Company Ltd

LN5 8LG , Lincoln

Essential Projects Ltd

NG6 8NN , Nottingham

Essex Engineering Solutions Ltd

SS8 0QY , Canvey Island

Essex Laser Job Shop Ltd

RM20 3XD , Grays

Estec Engineering Ltd

E16 2AU , London

ETMA (Engineering) Ltd

B62 8HY , Halesowen

Europa Engineering Ltd

S60 1DJ , Rotherham

European Springs & Pressing Ltd

BR3 4DW , Beckenham

Euroscot Engineering Ltd

G52 4UJ , Glasgow

Execast Engineering

LA14 5UZ , Barrow In Furness

Exotic Metal Fabricators

S3 8AS , Sheffield

F & L Accessories Ltd

GL51 9LT , Cheltenham

F Ainscough & Co

WA3 6LB , Warrington

F B Fabrications

PO31 7DU , Cowes


S26 5PQ , Sheffield

F1 Metal Fabrications

S43 3PT , Chesterfield

F1 Precision Engineers Ltd

PO33 4HD , Ryde

Fab-Tech (UK) Ltd

DL5 6AY , Newton Aycliffe

FAB-Vent Engineering

ST6 2BZ , Stoke-on-Trent

Fabcon Projects Ltd

NR6 6BG , Norwich

Fabrication and Site Services

SO40 2QT , Southampton

Fabrications South West

TQ1 4AF , Torquay


BH11 8NX , Bournemouth

Fabtech Engineering Ltd

SO20 6EN , Stockbridge

Fabtech Sheet Metal Ltd

PE6 0BN , Peterborough

Fabweld fabrication & welding

M32 9AN , manchester

Fairhood Engineering Ltd

LL13 9RG , Wrexham

Faraday Fabrication & Welding

SP10 3SL , Andover

Farnworth & Langan Ltd

BB2 2QR , Blackburn

Fastec Engineering Ltd

CB8 7SS , Newmarket

Fastrack Engineering Ltd

WA5 4HX , Warrington

Favell Welding Fabrications

NN1 4JE , Northampton

FE Robinson (Hooton) Ltd

CH66 7NF , South Wirral

Fedz Steelworks Ltd

CM13 3QH , Brentwood

Feldman Fabrication

WV13 2PX , Willenhall

Fencor London Steel

E10 7JQ , London

Fendercare Marine

PL2 2BG , Plymouth

FERROPOL Engineering Services

ST3 1BY , Stoke On Trent

Fida Engineering Ltd

CR4 4UY , Mitcham

Fife Engineering Co. Ltd

NE16 3AW , Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Fitz Fabrication & Design

SR1 2BB , Sunderland

Fitzpatricks (UK) Ltd

BB9 8AQ , Nelson

Flaretec Alloys & Equipment Ltd

S42 5SA , Chesterfield

Flatford Ltd

YO41 4DY , York

FM Steelstock Ltd

NE15 8NR , Newcastle Upon Tyne

Folglade Pipe & Fittings Ltd

WA9 4JA , St. Helens

Formark Precision Engineering

DE13 9HS , Burton-on-Trent

Formet Fabrications Limited

BN17 7BS , Littlehampton

Formrite Precision Ltd

WS9 8EN , Aldridge

Forsyths Ltd

AB38 7AD , Moray

Fort Vale Engineering Ltd

BB12 7ND , Burnley

Four Tees Engineers Ltd

PO15 5UB , Fareham

Fourmasters Ltd

WV10 7EL , Wolverhampton

Framos Fabrications Ltd

M35 0HF , Manchester

Frank Dudley Ltd

B16 0AH , Birmingham

Front Line Fabrication

GL20 7HH , Tewkesbury

FSG Engineering Ltd

NE39 1EH , Highfield

Fulwood Fabrications Ltd

S43 3YN , Chesterfield

Fusion Welding & Fabrication Ltd

SO41 8JW , Lymington

Future Advanced Manufacture

GL51 6TQ , Cheltenham

G & G Fabricators Ltd

BL1 3ES , Bolton

G Bateman Fabrications Ltd

HX4 8PG , Greetland

G C Engineering Ltd

PO33 2LT , Ryde

G Dalton Engineering Ltd

BL6 5NY , Bolton

G Nicholson (Engineers) Ltd

NE37 2TD , Washington

G S Brown Precision

KY15 7LR , Ladybank

G S Mechanical

HP18 9LA , Aylesbury

G S Robinson & Co Ltd

NE29 7TY , North Shields

G&S Engineering

HU3 5LL , Hull

G.P Sheetmetals Limited

HD9 7AD , Huddersfield

G.R.C Engineering Ltd

BB6 7BA , Blackburn

GA Fabrications Ltd

WV13 1DY , Willenhall

Gabriel and Co Ltd

B11 2AU , 

Gamart Engineering Ltd

CM9 8SE , Maldon

Game Engineering Ltd

LN6 9TW , Lincoln


BN27 3JU , Hailsham

Garmet Ltd

IP24 1HG , Thetford

Garrandale Ltd

DE21 4AP , Derby

GB Welding Services

LE15 6QF , Rutland

Geist Manufacturing Company Ltd

DN6 0DD , Doncaster

Gen-Fab Ltd

S64 8BH , Mexborough

Gensol Engineering Services Ltd

NP19 4PP , Newport

George Lister Engineering

CB21 5GT , Fulbourn

Gillian & Baines Ltd

WF11 8BN , Knottingley

GJ Maintenance Engineering Ltd

CH5 4DS , Connah's Quay

GK General Engineering Ltd

DE6 1HA , Ashbourne

Glacier Engineering

PO12 4LJ , Gosport

Glenmore Engineering Ltd

UB3 1BQ , Hayes

Glenmore-Hane Group

SL1 4LR , Slough

Global Engineering Braintree Ltd

CM13 3XL , Brentwood

Glomac Engineering Ltd

PE19 3JM , Huntingdon

GM Asquith Fabrications

S63 8LS , Rotherham

Goddard Engineering

RH14 0PZ , Billingshurst

Goldring Industries Ltd

WV2 2RJ , Wolverhampton

Goodfellow 2000 Ltd

SO40 9LX , Toton

Goodland Engineering Ltd

TN9 1PP , Tonbridge

Goosefoot Street Furniture

BB3 2RB , Darwen

Gow's Lybster Limited

KW3 6AS , Lybster

Gray Fabrication Ltd

KY15 4SX , Cupar

Grays Engineering

LL65 1YW , Holyhead

Green Brothers (UK) Ltd

ML9 2TL , Larkhall

Green Screen Engineering Ltd

WF6 1TP , Normanton

Green Steel & Cladding Ltd

PE12 6TE , Spalding

Greenbank Group UK

DE11 7GT , Woodville

Grove Star Ltd

B65 0AH , Rowley Regis

Grybrook Ltd

S35 1ZG , Sheffield

GT Group Ltd

SR8 2RU , Peterlee

GTS Sheetmetal Ltd

OL11 4EE , Rochdale

Guard-Tech Industrial Services Ltd

HX7 8NX , Hebden Bridge

H & H Products Ltd

B62 8AF , Halesowen

H and H Fabrications

BD8 0LH , Bradford

H Eccles (Patternmakers) Ltd

B62 8SE , Halesowen

H M B Engineering Services Ltd

M12 6DX , Manchester

H T Products

BN27 4BW , Hailsham

H.T. Fabrications Ltd

LE4 7LE , Leicester

Hadee Engineering Co Ltd

S20 3GH , Sheffield

Hadley Group

B66 2PA , 

Haigh & Ellis

HD1 6SB , Huddersfield

Haigh Engineering (North West) Ltd

L33 7TD , Liverpool

Hamilton (Fabrications) Ltd

M46 0AG , Manchester

Handmark Engineering Co. Ltd

LA14 4EQ , Barrow-in-Furness

Hanem Fabrications Ltd

RG19 4NA , Thatcham

Harelane Engineering

GL2 5JD , 

Harley Engineering Ltd

PE28 5SB , Huntingdon

Harlow Group Ltd

CM20 2HJ , Harlow

Harmill Systems Ltd

LU7 4UH , Leighton Buzzard

Harris Manufacturing Ltd

B77 5AE , Tamworth

Harry Major Machine UK

SG19 1RB , Sandy

Harry Marsh (Engineers) Ltd

SR2 8NT , Sunderland

Hart Engineering

DH2 2RG , County Durham

Haslam Steel Fabricators

DE55 5NH , Alfreton

Hastings Motor Sheet Metal Works Ltd

TN38 0BY , St Leonards On Sea

Hawk Structures Ltd

BH18 8AX , Broadstone

Hayes Fabrications Limited

ST14 8LP , Uttoxeter

Haywood & Jackson Fabrications Ltd

CW9 7LU , Northwich

HB Humphries & Co. Ltd

NN16 8UN , Kettering

HBE Services Ltd

LU7 4QB , Leighton Buzzard

HDM Installations Ltd

SG13 7NE , Hertford

Heatherside Sheet Metal

SG15 6XD , Arlesey

Heavey Engineering

M30 0GJ , Manchester

Henderson Engineering (North East) Ltd

TS18 3TD , Stockton On Tees

Henry Smith Ltd

CW7 3BW , Winsford

Henshaws Metal Fabrications

NG16 3RZ , Nottingham

Hermitage Sheet Metal Ltd

SG4 0TY , Hitchin

Heron Steel Ltd

SG6 1LA , Letchworth

Heys Sheet Metal

BB12 7PB , Near Burnley

HF Bond & Co. Ltd

IP13 6QT , Woodbridge

Hi Tech Mouldings Ltd

PO7 7XY , Waterlooville

Hi-Spec Manufacturing

DH3 2SW , Birtley

Hickman Engineering Ltd

WS6 7AL , Walsall

Hill & Webster Ltd

DE6 1HA , Ashbourne

Hillview Engineering

BS27 3RP , Cheddar

HLP Tube Formers Ltd

CF83 8DR , Caerphilly

Hold Engineering Ltd

CA22 2NH , Haile

Holden Aluminium Technologies Ltd

HR7 4QT , Bromyard

Holden's CVE

PR25 4GU , Leyland

Holland & Farmer Ltd

SN2 2YZ , Swindon

Holme Steel Fabricators Ltd

DN15 8XE , Scunthorpe

Holt Engineering Ltd

DE23 8XA , Derby

Hudson-Swan Engineering Ltd

CA14 3YT , Workington

Hunter Fabrications

LA6 3LW , Carnforth


WF17 8NN , Batley

Hydra-Capsule Ltd

WR6 5BP , Bishops Frome

Hyfore Engineering LTD.

CV6 6DP , Coventry

Hyline Fabrications

HX1 2LY , Halifax

I & M Trading Limited

RG26 5SE , Tadley

Ian Saville Fabrications Ltd

WF17 8LN , Batley

ICB Fabrications Ltd

BH15 3SU , Poole

IDL Colour Coating Ltd

KT14 7LF , West Byfleet

IEF Fabrications

NE15 9RT , Newcastle Upon Tyne

iME (Services) Ltd

S65 3SH , Rotherham

Impact Ducting Sales LTD

LE2 6AN , Leicester

Index Machining Ltd

B63 2QT , Halesowen

Intec Laser Services

B98 7SG , Redditch

Interface Precision Engineering Ltd

TN38 9RT , St.Leonards on Sea

Iracroft Ltd

DT11 7TE , Blandford Forum

Irvon Press & Shear Ltd

WV4 6JT , Ettingshall

Islebest Ltd

LU3 3AN , Luton


KY6 2RU , Glenrothes

J & A Kay Ltd

BB3 0DP , Darwen

J & E Engineering Services Ltd

WS9 8UQ , Walsall

J & J Engineering

SO15 0JY , Southampton

J & M Profile Services Ltd

CH41 1HE , Birkenhead

J & R Engineering

CR4 4NA , Mitcham

J & R Fabrications Ltd

RG40 3BX , Wokingham

J A C S (UK) Ltd

SN12 6TS , Melksham

J McEvoy & Sons Engineering Ltd

KA20 3LR , Stevenston

J N J Fabrications

M12 5BX , Manchester

J Powney Services Ltd

LE67 3BR , Coalville

J R S Fabrications

WA5 0LJ , Warrington

J S B Fabrication Ltd

DH3 1JF , Chester Le Street

J Smith & Sons

NE24 3DT , Blyth

J T Pegg & Sons Ltd

IP15 5EU , Aldeburgh

J&P Metal Technologies

DD7 7PN , Carnoustie

J2K Engineering Ltd

ST8 7RU , Stoke-on-Trent

Jaiger Process Engineering

IP14 5RD , Stowmarket

Jamak Engineering Ltd

WA10 1FZ , St Helens

James Alloys Ltd

M30 9ES , Eccles

Jan Metal Work

N18 2TQ , London


B64 7BJ , Cradley Heath

JD Engineering

IP11 0UD , Felixstowe

JDW Engineering Ltd

SK16 5PT , Dukinfield

JGB Engineering Ltd

GL1 5SQ , Gloucester

JJM Machining Services Ltd

WV6 0PJ , Wolverhampton

JKL Engineering Ltd

WS3 1NZ , Walsall

JL Engineering (Rixton) Ltd

WA3 6HG , Warrington

JM Engineering Ltd

YO11 3BY , Eastfield

JMS Engineering Services Ltd

BT51 5UL , Coleraine

John Bradley Engineering Ltd

OL10 3AJ , Heywood

John Patrick (Engineering) Ltd

DE7 4DA , Ilkeston

John Summers Ltd

NN16 8PX , Kettering

Jordan Manufacturing Ltd

BS37 5JW , Bristol

Joseph Rhodes Ltd

WF1 5EQ , Wakefield

JP Forrest & Son Ltd

S81 7DJ , Worksop

JRJ Engineering Ltd

SA14 8UU , Llanelli

JS Payne Ltd

NP19 7BH , Newport

JSA Precision Engineering

L33 7UR , Liverpool

JSF Stainless Ltd

WS8 6JT , Walsall

JTB Pressings Ltd

WV13 2PY , Willenhall

K & M Welding & Fabrication

B7 5QL , Birmingham

K & S Aluminium

BL4 9DH , Bolton

K B Sheet Metal

WF4 5PT , Wakefield

K. Maksons Ltd

HA0 1TX , Wembley

Karris Welding Services Ltd

IP24 3RU , Thetford

Kay Dee Fabrications

LE4 8NG , Leicester

KDM Precision Ltd

CM9 6TS , Maldon

Kelland Precision Tooling Ltd

HD2 1UB , Huddersfield

Kenex Engineering Ltd

EX4 8JN , Exeter

Kent Structural & Architectural Ltd

ME10 2TG , Sittingbourne

KF Alliance Engineering Ltd

B97 6BY , Redditch

Kingfisher Industrial

B64 7DW , Birmingham

Kingsway Stairs Ltd

E7 0AB , London

Kingswood Engineering Ltd

SA72 4RZ , Pembroke Dock

KMR Engineering

IP7 6BD , Ipswich

Kram Sheet Metal

CV11 6BX , Nuneaton

Krantech Holdings Ltd

S44 5HS , Chesterfield

Kranz International Ltd

CH46 8TQ , Wirral

KSD Fabrication Ltd

NR31 0ER , Great Yarmouth

KTB Engineering Ltd

CR7 8HQ , Thornton Heath

L & J Engineering Ltd

NP44 5BE , Cwmbran

L&W Engineering (UK) Ltd

CM6 1XD , Dunmow

L.G.M Engineering Ltd

CR0 4TE , Croydon

Lambert Engineering Ltd

LS24 9SG , Tadcaster

Landon Engineering

ST17 4BQ , Stafford

Laser Process Ltd

WS12 2GE , Cannock

Lasershapes UK Ltd

BB5 5JW , Accrington

Lavis Engineering Ltd

WA8 8TN , Widnes

LBBC Beechwood

LS28 6PT , Pudsey

LD Engineering Ltd

SG14 1QW , Hertford

LDT Engineering Ltd

LL13 9QS , Wrexham

Leeds & Bradford Boiler Co. Ltd

LS28 6PT , Pudsey

Leeds Welding Co. Ltd

LS11 5SS , Leeds

Leedsheath Ltd

GU1 1RR , Guildford

Lerson Fabrications Ltd

CM23 5PE , Bishop's Stortford

Leven Bridge Engineering Ltd

TS17 9LN , Stockton On Tees

Lewis & Raby (Engineers) Ltd

L33 7TG , Liverpool


CV4 8AW , Coventry

LFE Fabrications

BL5 2DU , Bolton

LG Kimber Engineering Limited

HP18 9UB , Aylesbury

LH (Quarry Plant) Ltd

TS17 9JU , Stockton-on-Tees

Libra Fabrications

DE55 6LQ , Alfreton

Lifting Gear UK Ltd

PR25 3GR , Preston

Lindsey Engineering (Gainsborough) Ltd

DN21 1RZ , Gainsborough

Lionweld Kennedy Ltd

TS1 5JS , Middlesbrough

LJ Maclaren (Engineering)

NE71 6SL , Wooler

LJF Engineering Ltd

WN6 7LA , Wigan

LJH Group Ltd

BA11 3LR , Frome

LL Potter & Sons (Taplow) Ltd

SL6 0ND , Maidenhead

Long & Marshall Ltd

PO9 2NL , Havant

Long Engineering

BS15 8DX , Bristol

Lordgate Engineering Ltd

PE29 6ED , Huntingdon

Lowe Engineering Ltd

LS10 1NT , Leeds

LP Fabrications

LN6 9AP , Lincoln

LTG (Cheshire) Ltd

CH65 2AW , Ellesmere Port

Lucas Engineering and Fabrication Ltd

WF10 4RZ , Castleford

Lund Bros. & Company Ltd

BN16 3LF , Littlehampton

Lune Engineering Ltd

LA1 5QP , Lancaster

Lunn Engineering Co. Ltd

CV9 1RB , Atherstone

Luton Fabrications Ltd

LU6 2JX , Dunstable

Luton Steels Ltd

MK43 0AH , Cranfields

Lynx Engineers

PE21 7PJ , Boston

M & M Engineering

WF5 8NF , Ossett

M & S Engineering Ltd

HX3 7TY , Halifax

M & W Thomas & Sons Ltd

TN2 3DG , Tonbridge Wells

M C Fabrications (Halifax) Ltd

HX3 6ED , Halifax

M E B Fabrications Ltd

PO7 7RF , Waterlooville

M K Engineering

NN6 0BT , Northampton

M K Welding

M5 5HD , Salford

M S Steelwork Ltd

BN26 6HG , Polegate

M-Tech Engineering

GL16 8PJ , Coleford

M.J Robinson Structures Ltd

DE1 1LY , Derby

Machan Engineering Ltd

FK6 6DX , Denny

Mackay Engineering

CB1 3BY , Cambridge

Macvere Engineering

PO9 1LS , Havant

Magnetic Shields Ltd

TN12 ODS , Tonbridge

Magnum Fabrications

PE11 4UA , Spalding

Main Road Metalwork Engineering

PR26 6TZ , Leyland

Mainance Ltd

PO7 7UP , Portsmouth

Maldon Marine Ltd

CM9 6TW , Maldon

Malrex Fabrications

DE14 1QR , Burton On Trent

Mango Mobile Welder Services

CB5 8SX , Cambridge

Manser Precision Engineering

SO31 7BG , Southampton

MAP Engineering Ltd

M7 1UX , Manchester

Marchant Engineering Services

PE28 2TL , Warboys

Marden Engineering

RH10 9NT , Crawley

Marrill Ltd

CV6 5TP , Coventry

Marrill Ltd

NE10 0DZ , Gateshead

Marton Engineering Ltd

LE16 7QP , Market Harborough

Marwood Group Ltd

E6 6JG , London


DH6 5PG , Bowburn

Mather & Smith Ltd M.J Allen.

TN23 1EW , Ashford

Mathison Engineering

PO12 3RX , Gosport

Matravers Engineering Ltd

TA3 6PA , Taunton

Matrix Precision Engineering Ltd

RG19 4NA , Thatcham

Matt Pressings & Engineering Ltd

WV16 6SS , Bridgnorth

Matt's Sheet Metal

BB9 7BA , Nelson

Maxco Engineering

S43 3PT , Chesterfield

Maxstone Ltd

B5 6ND , Birmingham

MCG Mansfield Ltd

NG17 7LF , Kirkby in Ashfield

McGill Engineering Services

TW8 9NB , Brentford

Mcgrady Engineering

CA28 6SJ , Whitehaven

McSherry Engineering

WA3 1AW , Warrington

MDE Engineering Ltd

BT63 1RE , Craigavon

Mectec Engineering Ltd

LL12 0PJ , Wrexham

Meddings Thermalec

PL21 9LL , Ivybridge

Medway Fabrication Services Ltd

ME10 3UP , Sittingbourne

Meldrums Construction

NE11 9JW , Dunston

Mellor Bromley

LE4 9LW , Leicester

Meltham Fabrications Ltd

HD7 6NU , Huddersfield


TS6 6PT , Middlesbrough

Merseyside Engineering Ltd

L33 7BY , Liverpool

Metal Cabinet Sales

LS19 7BN , Leeds

Metal Fabrication (Glossop)

SK13 1BE , Hyde

Metal Fabrication Systems Ltd

NE16 6EA , Newcastle Upon Tyne

Metal-Pro Ltd

RG1 8HD , Reading


CV7 9EJ , Coventry

Metalcraft Fabrications

PO9 1JB , Havant


EN3 4SA , Enfield

Metalfab Engineering Ltd

ME1 3QX , Rochester

Metalfacture Ltd

LE18 4YH , Leicester

Metalquip Ltd

LE18 2BL , Leicester

Metals South West Ltd

TQ12 6RY , Newton Abbot

Metalways Ltd

LE8 0UD , Leicester


SY10 8AE , Oswestry

Metanodic Engineers Ltd

ST5 9JA , Newcastle Under Lyme

MG Engineering Ltd

CH6 5UY , Flint

Micari Engineering Solutions Ltd

NG32 3RY , Grantham

Microtech 96 Ltd

SO41 0WJ , Lymington

Midcam Engineering Ltd

S75 1JN , Barnsley

Midland Alloy Ltd

TF3 3DG , Telford

Midland Structures Ltd

B64 7BG , Cradley Heath

Mill-Water Engineering Ltd

GL2 8AX , Churcham

Millwright Engineering Ltd

HP10 0PS , Wooburn Town

Milos Ltd

PE13 4NR , Wisbech

Milton Precision Engineering Ltd

CB4 6AT , Cambridge


BT47 6SZ , 

Minear Engineering Ltd

PL26 8LX , St Austell

MJ Metalcraft Ltd

B11 1BL , Birmingham

MJA Fabrications Ltd

DN1 3NA , Doncaster

MK Engineering Services

MK17 0PR , Milton Keynes

MKW Engineering Ltd

NE40 3SX , Ryton

MMPI Special Metals Ltd

CM6 1HD , Great Dunmow

Modular Silo Industries

DN21 5TY , Hemswell Cliff

Moffat 2000 Ltd

NE63 8UJ , Ashington

Momentum Ltd

ST14 8LP , Uttoxeter

Morgan UK Ltd

B11 2JL , Birmingham

Morley Bros (Huddersfield) Ltd

HD3 4NE , Huddersfield

Morris Gordon Engineering

LU1 3TS , Luton

Morrish Engineering Ltd

EX16 5HW , Tiverton

Mossley Sheet Metal Co. Ltd

OL5 9JL , Ashton-Under-Lyne

Mowell & Company Ltd

PE16 6RE , Chatteris

MPK Steelwork and Cladding Ltd

EX2 8NY , Exeter

MPL Fabrications Ltd

CV7 9JY , Coventry

MQM Fabrications Ltd

LE8 6NU , Leicester

MS Services Ltd

RG42 5RH , Bracknell

MSB Engineering Ltd

PR3 6SJ , Preston


DL3 0QT , Darlington

Mtechnic Fabrications Ltd

NE35 9LZ , Boldon Colliery

MTL Advanced Ltd

S60 5AE , Rotherham

Multi-Tech Engineering

WF7 6EQ , Pontefract

Multifab Metals Engineering Ltd

PE1 5UB , Peterborough

N.E.F. Ltd

DL1 2PB , Darlington

NAS Manufacturing Ltd

B77 5DQ , Tamworth

Needham Fabrications Ltd

IP6 8NZ , Ipswich

Nelson & Park Sheet Metal Ltd

PR6 0QG , Chorley

Nelson Tool Co. Stockport Ltd

SK1 2NZ , Stockport

Nene Engineering (Peterborough) Ltd

PE2 9PF , Peterborough

Newbrook Engineering Ltd

CW1 6FA , Crewe

Newburgh Engineering Company Ltd

S60 1FB , Rotherham

Newfield Fabrications Co. Ltd

CW11 3TU , Sandbach

Newnham & Abel (Structures) Ltd

NR28 0BD , North Walsham

NiBek Limited

ST6 2LB , Stoke-on-Trent

Nield Engineering Ltd

NN11 3PZ , Daventry

Nimonic Specialist Welders

PL22 0HG , Lostwithiel


PR7 1NH , Chorley

Noble Engineering (Lancashire) Ltd

WN8 9SA , Skelmersdale

North Dean Engineering Ltd

HX3 8EF , Halifax

North East Welding Services

NE64 0YH , Ashington

North Engineering Works Ltd

DD2 3QH , Dundee

North Sea Winches Ltd

YO11 3UT , Scarborough

Northampton Metal Solutions Ltd

NN5 7QP , Kings Heath

Northbourne Engineering Ltd

CT15 4HF , Dover

Northern Neon Lights Blackpool Ltd

FY3 7XQ , Blackpool

Northview Engineering solutions Ltd

DL1 2PB , Darlington

Norton Precision Ltd

SO50 7DN , Eastleigh

Norwich Sheet Metal Work Co.

NR6 6EZ , Norwich

NPW Fabrications Ltd

CH6 5RR , Clwyd

NS Engineering Solutions

LE67 3NQ , Coalville

NSI Group

CV11 6BY , Nuneaton

Nutek Ltd

MK42 7QB , Bedford

O.S.E Ltd

CB9 8QP , Haverhill


LS25 6ES , Leeds

One Off Engineering

S73 0TS , Barnsley

One Site Solutions Limited

NG18 5ES , Mansfield

Onet Technology Ltd

SO32 1BH , Bishops Waltham

Online Engineering Ltd

NE21 5LL , Blaydon On Tyne

Oxborrow Engineering Ltd

CO13 0EH , Frinton-on-Sea

P G Fabrications

SK14 2EW , Hyde

P Gillan & Son

NE21 5NH , Blaydon On Tyne

P M L Metal Fabrications Ltd

SG3 6QJ , Knebworth

P M Long

EX34 9NA , Ilfracombe


SA18 3JG , Ammanford

P Slater Engineering

YO41 1HS , York

P.H. Engineering Services Ltd

SG16 6EJ , Henlow

PAB Coventry Ltd

CV4 8AU , Coventry

Pacific Fabrications Ltd

LE17 5QZ , Lutterworth

Padken Steel Erectors Ltd

WA5 3DF , Warrington

PAG Sheet Metal

W7 2QA , London

Paneltech Systems Ltd

TN33 0RE , Battle

PanTec Engineering

TA6 5LB , Bridgewater

Park Sheet Metal Co. Ltd

CV7 9DJ , Coventry

Park Welding & Fabrication Co. Ltd

HD6 3PP , Brighouse

Patera Engineering Ltd

ST4 3ES , Stoke-on Trent

Paxton Sheet Metal

PE19 8JH , St Neots

Pearlgreen Engineering Ltd

HU3 5LL , Hull

Pelloby Engineering Ltd

TF7 4QT , Telford

Pentacraft Limited

BN6 8SG , Hassocks

Pentland Precision Ltd

EH20 9QH , Loanhean


MK17 9QF , Milton Keynes

Petann Engineering Ltd

PR25 3GR , Leyland

Peter Ward Engineering

S2 3DA , Sheffield

PGA Fabrications

BL9 6EN , Bury

Philford Design Engineers Ltd

S65 3SH , Rotherham

Phoenix 316

PL4 0LT , Plymouth

Phoenix Fabrications Ltd

PO20 9DY , Chichester

Phoenix Pressings Ltd

HD6 1PE , Brighouse

Phoenix Sheet Metal Ltd

B62 8HZ , Halesowen

Phoenix Tavinor Engineering Ltd

B79 7TA , Tamworth

Pierceton Engineering Limited

KA11 4HP , Irvine

Pilgrim Fabrications (T/A Mirage)

DN40 3JU , Immingham

Pipaway Engineering Limited

OX14 4EZ , Abingdon

Pipework Utilities Ltd

CW11 2TZ , Sandbach

Pitney Fabrication Co Ltd

TA11 6SB , Somerton

PK Engineering (Northwest) Ltd

SK13 7QB , Glossop

Platinum Steelworks

LE11 5DF , Loughborough

Playle Engineering Ltd

CO2 0LS , Colchester

PM Bradley Fabrications Ltd

NG22 0NL , Newark

PMP Fabs Ltd

WA1 4RZ , Warrington

PMS Fabrications

CA2 7NA , Carlisle

PNJ Engineering Ltd

B49 6EH , Alcester

Point Engineering (Hull) Ltd.

HU9 1SD , Kingston Upon Hull

Polydon Industries

DN1 2TE , Doncaster

Power System Services Ltd

S41 9QB , Chesterfield

Powerplus Engineering Ltd

CO4 5PB , Colchester

PP Plasma Limited

M50 2GQ , Salford

PPSI Manufacturing Ltd

PR1 5EU , Preston

Precision 2000

TQ12 2EL , Newton Abbot

Precision Engineer ltd

SY21 8HT , Welshpool

Precision Laser Processing Ltd

CV21 3RQ , Rugby

Precision Metal Products

BN42 4EP , Brighton

Precision Sheet Engineering Ltd

OX29 6PX , Witney

Prelude Fabrications Ltd

CB7 5EG , Ely

Premier Precision Tooling

PO8 0DT , Portsmouth

Pressurefab Ltd

DD2 1UR , Dundee

Prestwood Engineering

WS2 8AQ , Walsall

Priden Engineering

PE13 2TQ , Wisbech

Prima Fabrications Ltd

NP22 5RL , Tredegar

Pro Tek Fabricators Ltd

BD3 9TP , Bradford

Process Pipework Services

LA12 9EB , Ulverston

Profab Engineering Ltd

DN4 9RS , Doncaster

Profold Ltd

RG26 3PY , Tadley

Progress Fabrications

CV34 5JB , Warwick

Progress N.C Ltd

PR4 2TZ , Preston

Project Engineering Services

CH65 4EH , Ellesmere Port

Project Fabrications Ltd

RG14 5TL , Newbury

Promech Engineering Ltd

PE12 6AZ , Spalding

Protosheet Engineering Ltd

DA1 4HY , Dartford

Provel Ltd

BL2 1BY , Bolton

Provincial Engineering Ltd

BB8 0TA , Colne

PRV Engineering Ltd

NP4 0TW , Pontypool

PTF Engineering Ltd

SO45 1TX , Southampton

QFS Technologies Ltd

B37 6QQ , Birmingham

Quality Engineering SVS

BS10 7RS , Bristol

Quality Engineering Wirral Ltd

CH41 8FA , Birkenhead

Quest Fabrications Ltd

ST6 5PD , Stoke On Trent

Quickmach Engineering Pressings Ltd

GL14 2YQ , Cinderford

R & D Boothroyd Ltd

HD7 5FL , Huddersfield

R & P Engineering

SN6 8LW , Swindon

R & R Engineering Ltd

LL13 9RG , Wrexham

R C Engineering Co Ltd

L20 4DX , Liverpool

R E Cooke Ltd

DE13 0BY , Burton On Trent

R Gibb fabrications and repairs ltd

NE23 1WA , Cramlington

R J Barrington Ltd

HR6 0RJ , Leominster

R J H Engineering

DE7 4RB , Ilkeston

R Jackson Engineering Ltd

OL2 5JD , Oldham

R M A Enclosures

CF82 7RJ , Hengoed

R Tindall (Fabricators) Ltd

OL9 6QQ , Oldham

Rail-Ability Ltd

ST18 0YJ , Stafford

Railtec Engineering

S75 6BP , Barnsley

Rainford EMC Systems Ltd

WA11 9TR , St Helens

Rainford Solutions Ltd

WA11 8LS , St. Helens

Ram Sheet Metal

WF13 1PD , Dewsbury

Ramco-cnc Ltd (Richard Alan Group)

WF12 7RD , Dewsbury

Rank Engineering

BS5 9RD , Bristol

Rapid Steel Beams Ltd

EN11 0LB , Hoddesdon

Raybrook Sheet Metal Works Ltd

SS3 9QP , Southend On Sea

Rayne Precision Engineering

ST4 3BD , Stoke-on-Trent

RC Precision Engineering

BA3 5TX , Bath

RCT Manufacturing Ltd

B62 9JQ , Halesowen


ST6 3LW , Stoke On Trent

Redfern Stevens Ltd

B25 8HE , Birmingham

Regal Engineering (Witney) Ltd

OX29 0SR , Witney

Reid Engineering

DD3 7AN , Dundee

Renown Oil and Gas Limited

NE37 2SF , Washington

Repfab Engineering Ltd

NG34 0QP , Sleaford

Repro Engineering Services Ltd

DE11 8GB , Swadlincote

Response Engineering Solutions

CF44 9UP , Aberdare

Responsive Engineering (Machining Division)

NE99 1BX , Newcastle Upon Tyne

RH Mawson (Engineers) Ltd

LS23 7BJ , Wetherby

RHW Engineering

SN12 6RX , Melksham

Richard Alan Engineering Co.Ltd

WF12 2RD , Dewsbury

Richards Sheet Metal Ltd

BB9 0LD , Nelson

Riffa Fabrications Ltd

LS21 2RZ , Otley

Risuda Fabrications Limited

HX1 4DJ , Halifax

River Profiles

ME20 7DT , Aylesford

Riverdale Engineering Ltd

EN10 0BZ , Hoddesdon

RMF Engineering Ltd

S25 3RF , Sheffield

RMR Engineering Ltd

CT20 1JW , Folkestone

RMW Fabrications

HD3 4TG , Huddersfield

Robert Walmsley Ltd

SK15 1QL , Stalybridge

Robin Butler Engineering Ltd

SN11 9PX , Calne

Robinson Structures

DE24 8NJ , Derby

Robton Engineering

BH17 7EB , Poole

Rochford Engineering Co Ltd

B9 4DY , Birmingham

Rokel Engineering

CF48 2SR , Merthyr Tydfil


NG22 0NL , Newark

Rollin Fabrication

NG22 9LD , Newark

Rose Engineering

WS2 8AQ , Walsall

Rosedale Group holdings

WS11 0NH , Cannock

Rotech Fabrication Ltd

AB16 6HQ , Aberdeen

Rowlands Woodhouse Equipment Ltd

NR28 0AJ , North Walsham

Rowlescourt Engineering Ltd

DE55 4RF , Derby

RS Beaver Ltd

SY6 6NJ , Church Stretton

RTS Industrial Ltd

RM17 5XR , Grays

Russell Fabrications UK Ltd

OL6 8LT , Ashton Under Lyne

Russell Services

NN7 4RA , Northampton

RW Ltd

WF2 0DF , Wakefield

Ryeford Engineering

GL10 2LQ , Stonehouse

S & G Fabrications (Lowestoft) Ltd

NR33 0PX , Lowestoft

S & S Fabtech Ltd

HX3 6AT , Halifax

S G System Products Ltd

IP1 4JP , Ipswich


CW5 6PY , Nantwich

S.A.H Engineering Ltd

LU3 3AN , Luton

S.D.S. Albion Engineering Ltd

BB3 0EH , Darwen

Sabit Ltd

ST15 0SR , Stone

Saddlers Court Mnf Ltd

WS8 7EX , Walsall

Saiston Sheet Metal Ltd

LE7 3XA , Leicester

Sanders Fabrication Services

SK11 7JB , Macclesfield

Sartoris Products Ltd

NN8 4RQ , Wellingborough

SBV Fabrications & Site Services Ltd

TS6 6XH , Middlesbrough

Scope Engineering Ltd

HU17 0QT , Beverley

Scotvalve Services Ltd

AB21 0GN , Aberdeen

Screencraft Ltd

SW19 3TZ , Wimbledon

Scurrah-Nassau Limited

LA18 4LT , Millom

Security Gates and Doors Ltd

PE10 9RZ , Bourne

Sella-Askus Engineering Ltd

OL8 4PQ , Oldham

Sellers Global Engineers Ltd

HD2 1UA , Huddersfield

Senar Precision Engineering Ltd

CH41 3QP , Birkenhead

Seward Precision fabrication Ltd

BB12 6JJ , Burnley

SG Welding Ltd

TS18 3AW , Stockton

Shaw Sheet Metal (Rugby) Ltd

CV22 7DL , Rugby

Shaw Sheet Metal Ltd

OL2 8PG , Oldham

Shawton Engineering Ltd

WA12 8DN , Newton-le-Willows

Shearfab Ltd

WA8 8TL , Widnes

Sheet Metal & Welding Services

OL12 9DN , Rochdale

Sheet Metal Services Ltd

DY11 6TD , Kidderminster

SheetFabs (Nottingham)

NG9 6DR , Nottingham

Shelley Engineering Ltd

CR4 4TU , Mitcham

Shelmar Engineering Ltd

EN3 7PJ , Enfield

Shepcote Engineering Ltd

S9 4DZ , Sheffield

Shephard Fabrications Ltd

DE12 6DJ , Moira

Shipley Structures Limited

NG32 2PS , Grantham

Sigma Technologies Ltd

BD17 7AD , Shipley

Singleton Engineering

TA18 7HE , Crewkerne

Site & Offshore Specialists Ltd

NE23 1WG , Cramlington

Site and Field Services Ltd

NE63 0YB , Ashington

Skelton-Thomas Engineering Ltd

SA12 6LL , Neath

Smart Fusion Metalworks

PL21 9NT , Ivybridge

SMC Site Services

LE7 1NS , Syston

SMF Engineering Ltd

GL15 4EJ , Lydney

Smith & Austin Engineering Products Ltd

PO11 0NN , Hayling Island

Smith Engineering (GB) Ltd

CA15 8NF , Maryport

SMK Engineering Ltd

WA8 7UE , Widnes

Snashall Steel Fabrications Co. Ltd

DT2 7DX , Dorchester

Somdor Engineering Ltd

DT10 2RY , Sturminster Newton

South London Steel

SW8 3EH , London

Southern Fabrication

PO20 0AY , Chichester

Southern Steel Works Ltd

RG25 3BD , Basingstoke

SP Fabrications (Ollerton) Ltd

NG22 9ZD , Ollerton

SP Metalcraft Ltd

PE1 5XF , Peterborough

Spar-tec Engineering

SO31 4NN , Southampton

Specialist Welding & Engineering Ltd

NE15 9RT , Newcastle upon Tyne

Specklefine Ltd

PR5 8BF , Preston

Speedy Sheet Metal Ltd

RH15 9LH , Burgess Hill

Sperrin Engineering

BT80 8NL , Cookstown

SPEX Services

AB21 0FN , Dyce

Spirotech Ltd

PE28 5SB , Sawtry

Springfield Stainless Ltd

WF17 8PA , Batley

Springwood Engineeering Ltd

RG7 3DH , Reading

Sprint Industrial Sales Ltd

WV13 2AR , Willenhall

Spurr Fabrications Ltd

WF54 5NW , Wakefield

Square One Precision Engineering

LS22 7DB , Wetherby

SSL Fabrications

PL27 7FE , Wadebridge

Stace-Yates Ltd

GL51 6SX , Cheltenham

Stafford Engineering Services Ltd

ST16 2PN , Stafford

Staffs Sheet Metal

ST6 3BJ , Stoke On Trent

Stainless Metalcraft (Chatteris) Ltd

PE16 6SA , Chatteris

Stainless Steel Centre Ltd

SO53 4HZ , Eastleigh

Standard & Pochin

BH20 4SP , Wareham

Stanley Fabrications

GL11 5DQ , Cam

Stanley Plastics Ltd

GU29 9HX , Midhurst

Star Metalwork Ltd

CV2 1ST , Coventry

Starweld Engineering Ltd

S4 7QB , Sheffield

Stead & Wilkins Fabrication

DA1 4HQ , Crayford

Steel and Site Ltd

DY5 1LJ , Brierley Hill

Steel Build Ltd

SG18 0LR , Biggleswade

Steel Fab UK Ltd

PR1 7NX , Preston

Steel Services (Great Yarmouth) Ltd

NR30 3PF , Great Yarmouth

Steelforce U.K

SY14 7LN , Malpas

Steeltech Kinetix Ltd

OL14 7PW , Todmorden

Steeltek Structural Steel LTD

WF4 5FD , Wakefield

Stephenson Engineering Ltd

M46 0RD , Manchester

Steve Brettle Fabrications

TS2 1LU , Middlesbrough

Steve Horswell Engineering

BS4 5SA , Bristol

Stevenage Sheet Metal

SG6 1SP , Letchworth Garden City

Stockport Metal Fabrications Ltd

SK5 7PH , Stockport

Strenco Tools Ltd

BS18 5EP , Southmead

Structural Fabrications Ltd

DE23 8YL , Derby

Structural Steel Fabrication Ltd

CV7 9EN , Coventry

Strut Direct Ltd

WS2 9HQ , Walsall

STS Defence Ltd

PO12 1AF , Gosport

Sumac Precision Engineering Ltd

DT4 9TJ , Weymouth

Supercraft Precision Fab Ltd

KT14 7JL , Byfleet

Sure Steel Services Ltd

WA9 3DR , St Helens

Swanells & Grylls Ltd


Swift Fabrications Ltd

BL6 7AP , Horwich

SWS Alloys & Metals Ltd

WS11 2GD , Cannock

SYD Engineering Ltd

DN12 1EQ , Doncaster

Symes Engineering Ltd

SO21 3QF , Winchester

T & F Steel Designs Ltd

BB9 5TF , Nelson

T Booth Engineering Ltd

GL51 9TB , Cheltenham

T C Fabrications (Ripley) Ltd

DE5 3QL , Ripley

T H Engineering

B64 5LD , Dudley

T Musk Engineering Ltd

DE14 3SX , Burton upon Trent

T W Fabrications

OX7 7DG , Chipping Norton

T.M.K Engineering

WN8 8AZ , Skelmersdale

T.P Engineering

TQ12 3HJ , Newton Abbot

T.W Services

SO31 8GD , Southampton

TAAG Steelwork

WN8 9QB , Skelmersdale

Tailor Made Fabrications Ltd

BL2 6RT , Bolton

Tam Engineering Services

PE13 5JG , Cambridge

Taylors Brackets

OL16 3UN , Rochadale

TBM Cutters Ltd

YO43 4BB , York

TC Engineering (Glossop) LTD

SK13 6PW , Glossop

TCF Fabrications

NR17 2LD , Norwich

Techservices (North East) Limited

NE11 9JL , Gateshead

Tees Components Ltd

TS12 2AP , Saltburn-By-the-Sea

Temla Laser Workshop

NE38 8QP , Washington

Terry Gregory (Metal Fabrications) Ltd

SW20 8SA , Raynes Park

TH Fabrications Ltd

WF5 8NF , Ossett

The Accranut Company Ltd

CV11 4ND , Nuneaton

The Adey Group

LE11 1HL , Loughborough

The Exe Engineering Co Ltd

EX2 8HX , Exeter

The Flashings Factory Ltd

WS2 0BW , Walsall

The Pipe Corporation Ltd

HR4 9QJ , Hereford

Thirsk Fabrications Ltd

YO7 3XX , Thirsk

Thomas Rees & Son

SA19 8UW , Llanwrda

Thomas Storey Fabrications Ltd

M11 2EB , Openshaw

Tiernan Automation

LE4 7RD , Leicester

Timac Engineering

SG18 8HB , Biggleswade

Titan Manufacturing (Weymouth)

DT4 9TY , Weymouth

Tiverton Fabrications Ltd

EX16 6TG , Tiverton

TJR Engineering Ltd

MK17 0PS , Milton Keynes


CV3 2AN , Coventry

Torkington Engineers Ltd

M17 1SA , Manchester

Total Steelwork and Fabrications Ltd

WA2 7LP , Warrington

Townley Tool & Metals Ltd

HD8 8YJ , Huddersfield


ST3 1HH , Stoke on Trent

Transforge (UK) Ltd

PE7 3GP , Yaxley

Travers Welding & Fabrication Ltd

SN12 7QT , Melksham

Trentex Engineering Ltd

ST4 7AX , Stoke On Trent

Treval Engineering

BR5 4AA , Orpington

Tri-Dev Ltd

ST5 7LB , Newcastle-under-Lyme

Triad Fabrications

OL11 2QY , Rochdale

Trimform Products Ltd

PE27 5WR , Huntingdon

Trinity Engineering (Northampton) Ltd

NN2 6LJ , Northampton

Triumph Fabrications Ltd

HU8 8BT , Hull

Trojan Engineering

BA14 6NR , Trowbridge

Trueform Engineering Ltd

UB3 3NQ , Hayes

Trufab Ltd

OL16 5NA , Rochdale

TSW Engineers Ltd

CH62 3QR , Bromborough

Tube Bending International

IP28 7BG , Milden Hall

Tube-Tech Solutions (UK) Limited

M11 2DU , Manchester

Tubular Fabrications Ltd

S35 9WA , Sheffield

Tufplate Engineering Ltd

CF31 3TP , Bridgend

Tyne & Wear Marine Ltd

NE33 5SP , South Shields

Tyne Gangway (Structures) Ltd

NE28 0AL , Wallsend

UK Loco Ltd

WR10 3NE , Pershore

UK Steelhouse Ltd

WS11 0LG , Cannock

Ultimate Filters

RH18 7RE , Slinfold

Unifabs Ltd

CV10 9SP , Nuneaton

Unijig (Bradford) Ltd

BD4 8UF , Bradford

Uniseed Engineering Ltd

IP31 2AR , Bury St. Edmunds

Unit Engineers & Constructors Ltd

DN40 3JZ , Immingham

Universal Applied Coatings Ltd

RH10 5NY , Crawley

Universal Engineering Ltd

CF72 8LF , Llantrisant

Universal Fabrications

NG21 9HE , Mansfield


B97 5XP , Redditch

Varlowe Industrial Services Limited

WV11 3DU , Woverhampton

Vcs (Manufacturing) Ltd

CV10 7JT , Nuneaton

Versaduct Sheet Metal Ltd

DY11 7RA , Kidderminster

Vessco Ltd

CF31 3YH , Bridgend

Victoria Sheet Metal Ltd

CV2 4NA , Coventry

Viking Engineering Services Ltd

S3 8AT , Sheffield

Viking Products

BD13 5NW , Thornton


LN1 2LR , Lincoln

W & G Pollard Ltd

BB5 1HU , Accrington

W C Evans & Sons

SE20 8QR , London

W Campbell & Son Ltd

HU5 4JG , Hull


ST15 8LQ , Stone

WA Cooke & Sons (Engineers) Ltd

M28 3QN , Manchester

Waddington Buildings Ltd

DL10 7SH , Richmond

Warboys Services Ltd

PE17 4LE , Huntingdon

Watts Group Ltd

ME5 7BP , Chatham

WD Close & Sons Ltd

NE6 4QR , Newcastle Upon Tyne

Wedfab Ltd

WV12 4HW , Willenhall

Welding Mobility

UB7 8HY , West Drayton


BN5 9XE , Henfield

Wells Fabrication

OX25 3SX , Bicester

Werneth Fabrications

M34 3QS , Manchester

Wessex Metalcraft Ltd

PO22 9RT , Bognor Regis

Westgate Fabrication Ltd

BL8 3NJ , Bury


BA21 5HR , Yeovil

Wheeler Fabrications Ltd

B6 7HH , Birmingham

Whitehead Engineering

CT5 4QA , Whitstable

Wilkie Engineering

AB41 6AP , Newburgh

Willas Engineering Ltd

CF33 6BL , Bridgend

William Engineering Limited

KA13 6PT , Kilwinning

Willingale Tubes Ltd

CO10 2XD , Sudbury

Willis & Thornley Ltd

FY4 4NE , Blackpool

Willow Valley Engineering

HD6 1SL , Brighouse

Wilton Engineering Services Ltd

TS2 1RZ , Middlesborough

Win-Born Products

CB25 9QT , Cambridge

Winfield Engineering Ltd

NG31 9SE , Grantham

Winston Fabrication

DL14 6XD , Bishop Auckland

Wire Mesh Fabrications Ltd

WN3 5BD , Wigan

Wise Steel Work Ltd

OX39 4BT , Chinnor

WM Ironwork Ltd

EX31 3PN , Barnstaple

Woodbrook Precision Ltd

OL4 5EE , Oldham

Woodford Engineering Ltd

GL15 4EJ , Lydney

Wooler Ltd

SP10 5AZ , Andover

Worthside Engineering

BD20 8LN , Keighley

Wrekin Sheetmetal Ltd

TF3 3BN , Telford

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems

IP23 7HU , Diss

WS Engineering Ltd

ST13 8SA , Leek

Xavier Engineering Ltd

BB12 8DG , Padiham

Yateson Stainless

BL1 2NP , Bolton

Yearn Fabrications Ltd

OL9 9ET , Oldham

Zero Cases Ltd

B36 1BZ , Birmingham