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injection mouldingInjection moulding is a plastic moulding process in which plastic components are moulded under high pressure.

The first step in the injection moulding process is to manufacture a mould. The mould is unique for every component, but can be used many times. Some moulds has service life of many hundreds of thousands parts. Normally, the mould can be manufactured using machining or using wire or spark erosion.

When the mould is manufactured, it is clamped in the injection moulding machine. The clamping unit simply keeps the mould together. In the other end of the machine plastic granulates are fed into a heated cylinder which forces the plastic, which melts, into the mould under pressure. When the plastic hardens, the clamping unit opens so the final component can be removed.

There is a few aspects that determine which injection moulding job is suitable for a certain machine. The most important factor is the press force, simply the force with which the melted plastic is forced into the mould. A too weak force will end in a badly produced component, and a too strong force is uneconomical. There are also other factors to weigh in, such as length, width and depth, appropriate temperatures and cooling times. Injection moulding is suitable for medium to large sized batches as the initial cost for a mould is high but the the cost for every component is low.

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Latest RFQs

Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a company that manufactures office furniture is looking for a supplier to carry out injection moulding of the attached items. They are to form part of a fully assembled item at end use. These items have previously been made in China, but the client wishes to bring this work back to the UK.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This Buyer designs and manufactures musical instruments & is looking for a supplier to quote on the attached sleeve bearing as they have no inhouse facilities.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a manufacturer of architectural systems is looking for a supplier to quote on the attached new part.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a manufacturer of architectural systems is looking for a supplier to quote on the attached new part.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a manufacturing company within the highways industry is looking for a supplier to quote on the attached lantern
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This company manufactures communication equipment to the electronics industry & is looking for assistance with a legacy part they have inherited following the acquisition of a company in the USA.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a lighting manufacturer is looking for quotes on the attached new product. Supplier input would be greatly appreciated on this enquiry as to best materials and overall thickness etc.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from within the pump and valve industry is looking for quotes from suppliers for the attached new component.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a UK manufacturing company to the power industry is looking for a supplier to quote on the attached parts. The client has advised that supplier input is very welcome on the manufacture of this product, and open to advise on the materials to be used.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from an Engineering Design Specialist is looking for a supplier to quote on the attached new parts.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a wheel and casters company with an annual spend of £10,000 on all outsourced plastic and rubber work is looking for a new supplier for the attached parts. These are currently being brought in the far east and they are now looking for a UK supplier to improve on the leadtimes.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a cosmetic consultancy is looking for assistance with the attached bottle. The attached is made up of 3 parts, 2 parts are injection moulded from polypropylene and 1 part is blow moulded from PET.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a company who works within the medical and scientific fields, with a annual spend of £200,000 on all outsourced plastics work is looking for a new supplier to quote on the attached lids.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer/supplier is looking for assistance from a supplier who can quote to mould the attached item for use in optical point of sale displays. These have been made previously but so long ago, the supplier is unknown.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This manufacture of aircraft galley equipment is looking for a supplier to quote on the attached part which is used as inserts in airline coffee makers. Looking for a new supplier as they previously bought these as an off the shelf item and they are no longer manufactured. They have have changed the design and now need someone to make them to their own specifications.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: Buyer from a UK manufacturer of sanitary equipment is looking for quotes and suggestions on the moulding of the attached part. Ongoing part.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer/supplier from an electro mechanical assembly company with a current annual spend of £20,000 on outsourced injection moulding requires quotes on the attached new part for them.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer/supplier requires budget quotes for compression moulding of 2 components (L/H & R/H) using pre-existing tooling that will be provided. There has been a previous supplier for the last 10 years, but they can no longer fulfil the requirement so a new supplier is sought.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: Designer/Buyer is urgently looking for quotes on the attached parts. Ongoing part, 400 off required ASAP, 1000 off a year. Ongoing.
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding
Description: This buyer from a company of custom made computer cables is looking for a supplier to provide injection/insert moulding & tooling for the attached free issue connectors.

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LE4 9HR , Leicester

LGG Charlesworth Ltd

WR14 1BS , Malvern

Linear Plastics Ltd

CF37 5UA , Pontypridd

Lock Way Plastics Ltd

HX3 6PL , Halifax

Ludlow Mouldings Ltd

RM13 8UG , Rainham

Lund Bros. & Company Ltd

BN16 3LF , Littlehampton

Lyndale Plastics

EX38 7HP , Torrington

Markfield Plastics Ltd

LE67 1BN , Leicester

Masona Plastics

BN9 OHE , Newhaven

MCM Plastics

CM3 5UG , Chelmsford

Meadex Rubber Moulding Ltd

HR9 7BH , Ross on Wye


ME20 7BU , Maidstone

Meridian Medical Ltd.

BN17 7LU , Littlehampton

Merit Plastic Mouldings Ltd

IP22 4YE , Diss

Metalite Engineering Co Ltd

SN2 8ES , Swindon

Metflex Precision Mouldings Ltd

BB6 7FE , Blackburn

Metromold Ltd

NE29 8SF , North Shields

MG Stuma Plastics Ltd

BL1 4EZ , Bolton

MGS Technical Plastics

BB1 2QY , Blackburn

MHP Industries Ltd

HP12 3RP , High Wycombe

Mini-Plas Ltd

AL7 4TW , Welwyn Garden City

Mituson Ltd

B66 1NS , Birmingham

MJ Raven + Son Ltd

CT10 2LF , Broadstairs

Modern Moulds Associates Ltd

RG23 TBY , Basingstoke

Mold Systems

DL5 6JW , Newton Aycliffe

Moldwel Products Ltd

WS2 8AF , Walsall

Moulded Plastic Components

PO12 3UL , Gosport

Mouldtech Solutions

TQ4 7HP , Paignton

MTool Ltd

OL1 4BE , Oldham

Naiad Plastics Ltd

BN17 7LU , Littlehampton

Newbar (Engineers) Ltd

B63 2QB , Halesowen

Norjon Engineers Ltd

PO12 4LJ , Gosport

North West (Aero Tooling) Ltd

SK16 4UP , Dukinfield

O F Bell Injection Mouldings

DH8 8HG , Consett

Omega Plastics

NE24 4RP , Blythe

Oriana & Company

DA13 9PH , Southfleet


LU7 4RW , Leighton Buzzard

Oxford Plastic Systems Ltd

OX7 4NP , Chipping Norton


PE38 9SW , Downham Market

P15 Plastics Ltd

LE5 1TL , Leicester

PAG Sheet Metal

W7 2QA , London

Pageantry Electronic Systems Ltd

KT6 7NL , Surbiton

Paramount Plating Ltd

TN23 7RS , Ashford


CT10 2YF , Broadstairs

Paul Norman Plastic Ltd

GL5 5EY , Woodchester

Penatube Ltd

RM13 8QT , Rainham

Pentech Moulding Co.Ltd

SL5 0BS , Colnbrook

Phoenix Engineering 2009 Ltd

RH13 5QR , Horsham

PJS Mouldings Ltd

B9 4DY , Birmingham

Plasmotec Ltd

NN13 7LE , Brackley

Plastic Moulding Solutions

NG17 5BF , Sutton in Ashfield

Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd

DL14 6XB , Bishop Auckland

Plasticom Group Ltd

TN23 1HX , Ashford

Plastics 2000

BT28 2BP , Lisburn

Polydon Industries

DN1 2TE , Doncaster

PP Injection Moulds & Moulding Ltd

SN11 9EY , Chippenham

Precipart UK

BH22 0HN , Ferndown

Precision Engineering Ltd

NP25 5JB , Monmouth

Prestige Plastics

CV10 7HP , Nuneaton

Pro-Moulds (Midlands) Ltd

NG21 0RT , Mansfield

Pro2Pro Limited

TF1 7GZ , Telford

Progressive CNC Ltd

PE3 8YQ , Peterborough

Proto Labs Ltd

TF7 4QN , Telford

Protool Manufacturing Ltd

PO9 2NA , Havant

Quadrant Epp UK Ltd

OL14 5TP , Todmorden

Quantock Plastics Ltd

TA4 4RF , Taunton

R & A Components

BB12 7BG , Burnley

R & S Budds Ltd

NR6 6AZ , Norwich

R A Labone & Co Ltd

DE7 5TN , Ilkeston

R Bibby (Engineers) Ltd

PL17 7EB , Callington

R.B Precision Moulding Ltd

WS9 8BZ , Walsall

Rapitypes Ltd

LE4 5DF , Leicester

Regina Industries Ltd

ST5 7RU , Newcastle-under-Lyme

Replas Machinery Ltd

SG14 1NN , Hertford

RGE Engineering

PE29 2AF , Huntingdon

Rimplas Technologies

SS13 1DJ , Basildon

Roland Plastics Ltd

IP13 0RF , Woodbridge

Rotalac Plastics Ltd

M23 9DU , Wythenshawe

RTR Precision Engineering

TS2 1RP , Middlesbrough

Rutland Plastics Ltd

LE15 6NU , Rutland

S K Engineering

TN27 0PG , Ashford

Sanko Gosei (UK) Ltd

WN8 8EB , Skelmersdale

Scorpion Mouldings

MK46 5EA , Olney

Sharnold Ltd

NN15 5SQ , Kettering

Sigma Precision Engineering Ltd

PL7 5AW , Plymouth

Signal Plastic Components Limited

NE38 0AE , Washington

Skar Precision Mouldings Ltd

IP7 6AZ , Ipswich

South Coast Moulding Ltd

BH16 6LT , poole

Sovrin Plastics Ltd

SL1 4ST , Slough

Spectrum Plastics Ltd

FY6 8JU , Poulton Le Fylde

SRM Mouldings Ltd

DE6 5EL , Hatton

Strath Light Engineering

KY14 7QT , Cupar

Strenco Tools Ltd

BS18 5EP , Southmead

Tanco Engineering Ltd

DN14 0QE , Hensall

Target Plastics Ltd

SE28 0AU , London

Tatra Plastics Ltd

HX3 8QD , Halifax

Techmould Ltd

BB4 4RX , Rossendale

Technical Moulding Services Ltd

LA12 9BN , Ulverston

Tex Industrial Plastics Ltd

DE24 8HL , Derby

The Machine Shop Engineering Ltd

NN13 7UG , Brackley

Thermovac Plastics Ltd

WF12 9BS , Dewsbury

Travin Products

RH15 8QY , Burgess Hill

Tremadart Mill

PL14 4QB , Liskeard

Tri-plas Mouldings Ltd

B38 9TS , Birmingham

TSR Plastics Ltd

NN9 5NX , Wellingborough

TT Audio Plastics Ltd

PE29 6EB , Huntingdon

Turn Tec Limited

AB24 3LF , Aberdeen

Tyne Valley Plastics Limited

NE42 6PJ , Low Prudhoe

Uniplas UK Ltd

NG19 0FN , Mansfield

Verifyne Plastic Products Ltd

BB2 4PA , Blackburn

Vertex Mouldings Ltd

CT19 5DU , Folkestone

VIP Polymers

PE18 7DJ , Huntingdon

Wheatley Plastics Ltd

SK1 2NR , Stockport

William Beckett Plastics

S9 1TH , Sheffield

Willis Engineering

NE36 0AB , East Boldon

Windsor Moulding & Tooling

CR2 6PF , South Croydon

Wright Plastics Ltd

LE16 7PH , Market Harborough

Wycombe Engineering Ltd

HP13 6AT , High Wycombe