How To Fly High at Subcon

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Having taken part in various exhibitions for over fifteen years, I can’t name a more effective way to maximise your brand exposure. Whereas other sales methods limit you to interacting with one prospect at a time, you can engage with literally hundreds of would-be customers throughout the course of an exhibition. What’s more, exhibitions help to build a pipeline that reaches its full potential over a long-term period – whilst the initial effects of the show should result in new business, you may also find that other companies place orders further down the road.

In fact, in my experience, a three day exhibition can provide as many leads as one whole month of cold-calling or email marketing!

That’s why, for the fifth year running, we’re exhibiting at Subcon again in 2018, bringing a selection of our members with us to showcase the best in British manufacturing. If you have yet to attend Subcon in any capacity, it’s worth considering making this year your year to do so. Here’s why:

  • Subcon attracts a steady footfall of high quality purchasers, who have an active need for the services of subcontract engineering suppliers.
  • Subcon is the UK’s largest event dedicated to showcasing the subcontract services available to manufacturing buyers.
  • As it’s co-located with The Engineer Expo, visitors are given the opportunity to maximise their time at Subcon by attending two events on the same day.
  • A wide range of expert speakers will be shedding insight into the different challenges facing the manufacturing industry.
  • Subcon places an emphasis on professional introductions, as well as the exchange of industry information.

If you are planning to attend this year’s show, here’s how you can ensure that you get the best out of the event:

If you’re visiting:

  • Plan your visit by checking out the 2018 exhibitor list. Make sure that you come and say hello to us on stand E50 – we can introduce you to our exceptional subcontract manufacturing members.
  • Take a browse at the conferences – it’s not often that we get the opportunity to listen firsthand to industry experts, so it’s definitely worth popping along to one or two whilst you’re there. We especially like the look of ‘How building meaningful relationships is the key to successful supply chain management’ by Rob McDermott at Pailton Engineering, as well as ‘Introducing the factory in a box’ – a talk given by Dr Hannah Edmonds at Digital Engineering Group.
  • Remember that your Subcon pass will also grant you access to The Engineer Expo – two shows in one!

If you’re exhibiting:

  • Check out my previous blog posts on WHAT and WHAT NOT to do whilst exhibiting.
  • Make sure that you prepare for the show well in advance, in order to avoid any last-minute stress in the final run-up.
  • Shout your attendance at Subcon from the rooftops! As well as being an opportunity to meet new prospects, Subcon is also a great place to get some valuable face time with your existing customers. Make sure that you advertise your stand number within your email signature, so that all of your clients know where to find you.
  • Remember, you can only get out of an exhibition what you’re prepared to put in. Yes, exhibiting is hard work, but it’s also an unrivalled way of reaching a vast, targeted audience. Organisation and preparation will mean that you leave the show with a plethora of leads, and perhaps one or two new customers under your belt!

Subcon 2018 will take place from the 5th-7th June 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham. To register for the show, please visit

Alternatively, if you would like any advice on exhibiting or want to pay our stand a visit, please call me on 01256 394 500.