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  • Human hand and robot hand forming a heart


    Despite the common dystopian film trope that centres around the rebellion and uprising of robots, this is certainly not the biggest fear surrounding automation in its current form. Many companies - especially SMEs - have resisted automation due to fears surrounding job losses, believing that robots will make the employment of humans obsolete.

  • Robot moving blocks to spell out Industry 4.0


    Industry 4.0 For SMEs: Where To Start?

    Sarah Venning Friday, June 21, 2019

    With innovation inevitably comes resistance and while the largest names in manufacturing have utilised 4IR practices with amazing results, can the same be said for SMEs?

  • big data manufacturing


    Big Data, Better Manufacturing!

    Sarah Venning Friday, April 26, 2019

    You may have heard of the term ‘big data’ – it’s another buzzword which has become increasingly popular in the modern manufacturing sphere. But what’s the difference between plain old data and ‘big’ data? And how can it benefit the manufacturing industry?

  • Infographic showing how manufacturing has changed with each revolution


    What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution / Industry 4.0? Recently the manufacturing industry has seen the introduction of a number of new buzzwords; Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, connected factories, smart factories and the list goes on.

  • Direction signs for humans and robots


    The fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 or 4IR as it’s more commonly known here in the UK - is happening and from the buzz created around the industry, it’s happening pretty fast! But what does it all mean? To really understand just what the fourth industrial revolution is, we first need to go back in time and understand its predecessors.