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  • cogs and gears


    Engineering: Is It Still the ‘Stealth Profession’?

    Sarah Venning Friday, March 8, 2019

    Within recent years, the UK Skills Shortages list has played host to a plethora of engineering-based occupations. Whilst the exact catalyst for this shortage is the subject of speculation – and perhaps not attributed to one specific factor – it could certainly be argued that a lack of awareness could be somewhat accountable.

  • Kew House School's Formula 24 Team


    Formula 24 - An Update

    Sarah Venning Wednesday, December 19, 2018

    Back in February 2017, you may recall that we wrote about Kew House School’s participation in Formula 24 - a programme which requires its members to design, build and race an electric powered car, whilst adhering to a stringent set of technical regulations. Almost two years later, we’re thrilled to report that Kew House School have completed their first race at Castle Combe race track.

  • EEF Training School Children


    The skills gap is one of the most prevalent pandemics threatening the survival of the UK manufacturing industry. With the UK now ranking as the ninth-largest manufacturing nation in the world, it’s essential that we encourage the younger generations to consider STEM-based careers. Tomorrow’s Engineers Week does just that, by changing young people’s perceptions of engineering and inspiring those who will inherit the industry.

  • EU Flag with one star missing


    Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Qimtek’s Contract Manufacturing Index (CMI) has reported an 18.6% rise since the referendum vote in June 2016. But does this growth dictate reports of heightened fear of Brexit’s impact on the UK manufacturing sector - or does it, in fact, support it?

  • Vitsoe Workshop


    Revolutionising the Manufacturing Environment For Future Generations

    Karl Wigart - Owner Friday, October 27, 2017

    We should make sure we create an environment which attracts young talents to the manufacturing industry. Vitsoe has done that.

  • Formula 24 car frame


    Formula 24: Bridging The Skills Gap

    Sarah Venning Thursday, February 23, 2017

    Modern day engineering companies face a unique challenge when looking at the possibility of expansion. With a pronounced skills gap in the UK’s manufacturing sector, many find that the process of sourcing and recruiting technical staff is something of a headache.