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Aerospace interiors collaboration

31 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity
The POISE project rethinks the structure of the economy class seat to enhance the passenger experience

Four aerospace interior companies have teamed up to use their respective skills to create an aircraft concept seat to demonstrate the value of a ready-made supply chain to their core customers.

The POISE project rethinks the structure of the economy class seat to enhance the passenger experience, creating extra legroom for every person, irrespective of where their seat is positioned relative to the seat track. 

Laser standard bearers

30 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity
Subcon's quality winning team

Nuneaton-based Subcon Laser Cutting has achieved certification to the latest quality assurance and environmental standards with no major non-conformances identified.

Huge utility cost savings for Brandauer

30 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity
Brandauer partnered with CEC to look at its utility costs

The boss of one of the UK’s leading presswork specialists is urging his fellow manufacturers to take a closer look at their utility costs after his firm saved £10,000 in just two months.

Rowan Crozier, CEO of Birmingham-based Brandauer, believes it is a hidden cost that can quite easily be eradicated if the right expertise is sought and if companies aren’t afraid to ask questions.

Hardide coatings gain Airbus approval

30 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity
Hardide has worked hard to ensure its coatings meet Airbus’s stringent process specifications

Hardide Coatings, a provider of advanced tungsten carbide coatings, has gained Approved Supplier status by the Airbus Group for the coating of flying components.

The company, which has production sites in the UK and USA, completed the Airbus Industrial Qualification process following technical qualification of its Hardide-A coating as an alternative to hard chrome plating by the aircraft manufacturer back in December 2015.

Precision aerospace partnership

29 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity
Cube Precision has been working to optimise Paul Fabrication’s tooling process

West Midlands-based Cube Precision has formed a partnership with a global player in the aerospace engineering industry to help it meet customer lead time demands and deliver a more efficient service.

The firm began work with Paul Fabrications, a Unitech Aerospace Company, in autumn of 2016 upon the referral of a successful tooling package delivery to Rolls Royce. Subsequently, Cube’s support and insight when it came to optimising the company’s tooling process quickly became invaluable.