From fine limit sheet metal work right up to the manufacture of pressure & vacuum vessels, the fabrication subcategory covers all aspects of bending, forming, profiling and welding. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the construction industry is a heavy buyer of subcontract fabrication processes, accounting for 19% of the £896,601,800 total outsourcing value. The industrial machinery sector also features prominently, representing 14% of the market, whilst the electronics and furniture industries make up 6% each. Constituting 5% and 4% of the results respectively, the fields of automotive and consumer products also feature in the top industries that purchase fabrication services from third parties.

A majority of the fabricated components and assemblies outsourced by these buyers are made from mild steel (51% of projects), whereas 26% are manufactured from stainless steel. Following this, 14% of our enquiries are comprised of aluminium parts, with the outstanding remainder comprised of carbon steel (5%), brass (2%) and copper (1%) items.

Fabrication outsourced by industry

Fabrication outsourced by material