Machining is an extremely prominent area for Qimtek, with a massive total outsourcing value of £1,385,782,200 across all of the buyers issuing projects of this nature to our members. Many of these companies operate within the industrial machinery and electronics sectors, which hold a 21% and 14% stake respectively in the top industries that purchase machined parts. Although much smaller in comparison to the top two contenders, the automotive sector is a recognised buyer of machined parts and holds 6% of the total outsourcing value. The oil/chemical/energy and medical/scientific industries each represent 4%, with marine just slightly behind at 3%.

The machining subcategory comprises a number of different processes, from milling and turning through to specialist disciplines such as EDM, multi-axis and large machining. The projects we generate in this area incorporate a multitude of materials, with stainless steel (24%), aluminium (23%) and mild steel (23%) proving the most popular. Plastics are also in high demand, representing 11% of all machining projects generated for our members, whereas carbon steel and brass each hold 6% of the overall total.Below is a full list of the machining processes we cover, with links to their description, suppliers and projects.

Top Industries outsourcing Machining

Materials being specified for Machining

Below is list of the Machining processes we cover