Benefits of Qimtek

When Laser 24 first joined Qimtek, we were sceptical about the value it would add to our growing business, but keen to try different ways to gain new customers. We set ourselves a target to win orders and cover the cost of the membership in 3 months. We surprisingly achieved this by the end of week one and gained valuable new customer contact information. We spent months in 2018 trying to win work with one new customer, but could not get past the front door. Quoting via Qimtek allowed us to not only get the right contact information, but also win their projects and produce their parts. 

The projects on Qimtek can include secondary operations that sit outside Laser 24’s current services. We will do everything possible to win the project so have outreached to local businesses and grown our partnership network in our local community.  Qimtek fits our new business strategy and long-term goal to be the UK’s No 1 Laser Cutter.

Our second 10kw fibre laser will shortly be installed, increasing our capacity again, but with Qimtek's help it will not take long to keep it busy.