Capacity Increased for Plastic Machining

13 Jun 2018

News posted by Lee Houghton


Machined plastic capacity increased. 

With the arrival of our latest Mazak, Sentinel continues its focus on customer service. Improving lead times and flexibility.
This is second of 3 new arrivals planned for the early part of 2018. As a result of an extremely successful 18 month marketing period, enquiries are at an all-time high.
Changing the layout of the shopfloor has enabled us to bring in the new without having to lose many of our older machines. 

Always providing exceptional CNC Machined Plastic Parts through 30+ years of experience in plastic production. Most noteworthy is having the ability to accomplish tight tolerances. Furthermore, a great depth of knowledge when CNC milling and turning the huge variety of plastic materials available. Because we have a focus by working solely with plastic,  we believe that that gives us an edge over our competitors in the industry.

Full story here: http://www.sentinelplastics.co.uk/cnc-machined-plastic-capacity-increased/