Challenge Europe put threaded fasteners in thin walled sections

25 Jan 2019

News posted by Kevin Moorcroft

Ex-stock rivet nuts and rivet bushes from Challenge Europe are frequently ideal fixing solutions, by providing female threads in thin walled sections. Sheet materials are commonly difficult to integrate with more rugged bulky components, since provision of solid fixing in thin sheet is often a problem – however, it is a problem easily resolved with rivet nuts which compress onto the sheet, or by rivet bushes which are pressed into it.

Rivet nuts are especially useful in situations where access is limited to one side, e.g. in box sections where the tooling enables the unit to be fitted with simple lever tools or more sophisticated high volume pneumatic equipment.

Rivet bushes on the other hand require access to both sides but are cheaper and simpler to fit, especially in the manufacturing environment where they can usually be fitted to flat sheets before they are folded into chassis, enclosures or other assemblies.

The team at Challenge Europe are used to dealing with these situations in production or retro-fit/repair and can provide in zinc plated steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass with body sections in round, serrated, hexagonal or square to suit a wide range of material gauges, e.g. rivet bushes to match 0.8mm up to 4.00mm (22 to 8 gauge).

Further information on rivet nuts and rivet bushes from Challenge Europe can be found at www.challenge-europe.co.uk/nut-products/.