Conical formed compression battery springs from Lee Spring

12 Sep 2017

News posted by Christopher Petts

Conical formed compression battery springs from Lee Spring are perfect for prototype and small run production, as well as larger runs. These economical and reliable battery contacts are ideal for moulded cases with self-contained battery compartments. They provide nickel coated battery contacts designed to adjust to varying battery lengths with low contact resistance and dependable connections. Each of the four nickel coated metal battery contact configurations are designed to work with the four most popular battery sizes: AA, AAA, C and D. Custom designs are also available.

Since most alkaline batteries have nickel plated containers these conical springs also feature a nickel coating. This promotes the best possible connectivity while eliminating the possibility of galvanic corrosion and aiding in wear resistance. The nickel coating also facilitates mechanical cleaning of the contact as batteries are replaced.

Four configurations are available – interior mount, exterior mount, adjustable and double mount.

The conical design of these springs enable them to telescope within their own diameter so making them suitable for use in reduced spaces such as moulded battery boxes where they take up very little space at maximum compression, while storing as much energy as cylindrical springs.

Further information on battery springs can be found on the Lee Spring website - www.leespring.com/int_learn_battery_springs.asp or follow them on twitter - https://twitter.com/leespringuk.