Major Pipeline Order for Sulzer Pumps

21 May 2007

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Sulzer Pumps (UK) Ltd has been awarded a multi million Euro order to supply 20 HPDM main pipeline pumps with electric motors rated at 14.5 MW each, 6 VCR vertical booster pumps and 11 VCR vertical loading pumps for the first phase of the strategically important Eastern Siberia To Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline. This project is a key infrastructure investment by JSC 'AK 'Transneft' to transport crude oil to the Eastern markets and permit the economic development of Eastern Siberia and the Far East of Russia.

The first phase consists of one loading station and six main pumping stations along the pipeline.

The 1.2m diameter, and initial 2'800 km pipeline from Taishet to Skovorodino will transport 600,000 barrels of oil per day rising to 1,600,000 when fully developed.

Sulzer Pumps have extensive experience in designing and building pumps for transcontinental pipelines. It is important for the economic running of the pipeline that the installed pumps are efficient, reliable and require a minimum of maintenance. The harsh and remote Eastern Siberian and Russian Far East environment makes these factors even more critical than normal.
To accommodate these needs Sulzer Pumps has designed the pumps such that the hydraulic components can be exchanged to adapt to increasing flow demand as extra capacity comes on stream. Efficiencies over a large operating range are further enhanced by the use of variable speed electric drives. Close matching of the electric motors and variable speed control units to the pumps was an important element of this process.

All the pumps will be performance tested at full speed. Also to ensure smooth commissioning and start up one pump set will be fully string tested at Sulzer Pumps state of the art test facility in the UK.

The experience and ability to design, build and test large custom designed pumps to exactly match the projects requirements was a key factor in Sulzer Pumps success.

The company also supplied the pumping equipment for the Baku Tiblissi Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline running from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean underlying the key role Sulzer Pumps is playing in securing up remote sources of oil to international markets.

Sulzer management quote Sulzer Pumps is proud to once again be able to demonstrate its leading technological expertise in pipeline pumps for this difficult and highly complex application. We thank our customer for their trust and we are committed to make this a reference for all project participants for the future.