Milton Keynes Pressings win ongoing contracts worth £1,000,000

19 Mar 2007

News posted by Anonymous

Milton Keynes Pressings was established in 1985. The company evolved from the already successful Ryeland Toolmakers Ltd, manufacturers of press tools since 1974. From this solid base of engineering expertise, steady growth has been achieved and is ongoing as Milton Keynes Pressings now competes and wins new business at home and in the international marketplace. A continuous growth has established Milton Keynes Pressings as a successful and competitive enterprise with a turnover predicted to rise to over £15 million by the year 2006.

Milton Keynes Pressings joined the FI Information membership in January 2004. Having discussed the advantages and benefits the sales service would provide them, David Williams Sales Director decided to go ahead and take leads from the whole of the UK.
As well as using the Requests For Quote to generate new business, Milton Keynes Pressings utilised the PROfile package. Having a PROfile with FI Information allows them to create a detailed information page on www.fiinfo.com including information about their plant list, specialist services provided by Milton Keynes Pressings, a short company history and full company contact details with a hyper link to their website.
Prior to becoming members Milton Keynes Pressings had been generating sales leads through trade magazines and general adverts. The service from FI Information allows more targeted information to be fed through to the sales team, as the service can be tailored to specific geographic location, industry type, employee size and manufacturing process.

'The enquiries are sifted through to ensure that we only receive those that are beneficial to us' David Williams Sales Director
Initially David had some concerns about the service as he felt some of the Requests For Quote were a little too low in volume for them, but a lot had been of interest and they had submitted a few quotes and arranged visits with some of the buyers. Shortly after one of the visits Milton Keynes Pressings secured two contracts from Denso Marston to the value of £600k. To date they are still supplying Denso for contracts worth £1,000,000 in addition a smaller contract has also been won for the value of £10,000.
David feels that the success they have experienced with FI Information is due to their prompt communications with the buyers.
'We contact the buyer for the enquiry immediately we receive the enquiry we try and arrange a meeting with them 10 days after'
David would also suggest to other members that they do the same 'act immediately, if you delay the contract may be lost!'
Finally to anyone considering using the FI Information sales service David leaves this thought
'Could you employ a rep to cover the UK and supply a car for £6,000 per annum?'