New Catalogue – New DIN Compression Springs from Lee Spring

19 Dec 2018

News posted by Christopher Petts

Among the more than 25,000 standard springs in their new Centenary Catalogue, with some 8,500 standard compression springs, Lee Spring are delighted to include a range of standard DIN specification compression springs to meet the needs of UK manufacturing and service/maintenance companies.

These DIN spec springs are parallel sided, helical coiled with closed squared and ground ends to large wire designs providing flat planes for increased stability, so ensuring a more centred force along the longitudinal axis, which aids ease of operation and longevity of the whole assembly to which the spring is fitted.

DIN Compression Springs in this ex-stock series are available in plated spring steel for wire sizes 0.5mm to 10mm, and passivated stainless steel for wire sizes 0.1mm to 0.4mm. The team at Lee Spring are pleased to discuss specific delivery or custom specification requirements.

Further information on DIN Compression Springs from Lee Spring can be found at www.leespring.com/int_learn_din_plus_compression.asp. Follow them on Twitter - https://twitter.com/leespringuk.