New ex-stock centenary catalogue from Lee Spring has more DIN-Plus springs – standard to DIN 2098 parts 2 and 1

30 Jan 2019

News posted by Christopher Petts

Lee Spring’s new Centenary Catalogue issue 25 includes a full new section of DIN-Plus parts 2 and 1 compression springs. This extensive 525 series of new parts in end-closed passivated stainless steel wire, or end-squared and ground plated spring steel, provides manufacturers with a welcome resource for rapid delivery of standard parts, as well as a springboard for specification of custom units to suit those slightly different installations. DIN part 2 covers the Compression Instrument DIN (CID) standard, while DIN part 1 makes up the LCD – Lee Compression DIN standard series.

Lee Spring’s hundred-year history is built on a customer service ethic which directs product design and supply today. We are pleased that they continue to demonstrate this with continued introduction of new ranges such as this.

Further information on DIN-Plus springs from Lee Spring can be found at www.leespring.com/int_learn_din_plus_compression.asp. Follow them on Twitter - https://twitter.com/leespringuk.