New TRIM SC440SW semi-synthetic coolant from Master Fluid Solutions - ideal for ferrous machining & grinding

15 Apr 2019

News posted by Caroline Weibel

In areas where water is soft or even mineral free, foaming is a common problem with most semi-synthetic coolants, but not with the new TRIM® SC440SW from Master Fluid Solutions.  Ideal for ferrous machining and grinding, its clean running formulation prevents the loading of grinding wheels, ensuring good surface finish and minimal burning.

Foaming interferes with the lubricity and cooling capabilities of a metalworking fluid, may float chips and swarf, compromising filtration and can create odour and mist.  It is also more likely to occur in today’s high volume, high pressure machining environments. 

TRIM SC440SW has been specifically formulated to show minimal foam and residue, so not only is it ideal for machining or grinding of cast iron and steel in soft water, it also allows modern machining techniques to be adopted without the need to consider water hardness.

In common with other semi-synthetics in the Master Fluid Solutions’ range, TRIM SC440SW provides the cooling qualities of a synthetic product without the negatives of dry residues and corrosion.  As a fine micro-emulsion, it reduces carry-off, lowering total operating costs.

Long running tests prior to the product’s commercialisation not only confirmed minimal foam and residue in high-pressure machining of cast iron but also excellent rust protection and sump life in excess of 12 months; this is achieved without the need for aggressive biocides.

TRIM SC440SW is free from boron, chlorine, formaldehyde releasers, nitrites, secondary amines and sulphurised EP additives and is easily recycled or disposed of without special handling or equipment. 

Low concentrations of TRIM SC440SW are suited to high speed operations where heat removal is the key issue.  However, by increasing the concentration the product is also good for harder materials with lower speed operations where friction reduction and control of built-up edge are critical.

This latest addition to the TRIM semi-synthetic range is compatible with alloy steels, tool steels and cast iron and is especially suited to applications in automotive, bearing and compressor production as well as in general manufacturing.