Rigibore launches boring tool for lights-out manufacture

26 Sep 2008

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Rigibore is introducing cutting edge adjustment in lights-out manufacturing

ActiveEdge® by Rigibore®

  • Have you thought how you can provide added-value in your machines?
  • Do you want to incentivise your customers with added built-in machine functionality?
  • Do you want to offer your customers the ultimate tools for high-precision metal cutting?

Rigibore® s ActiveEdge® technology is the first completely flexible, multi-point, remotely adjustable boring system for integration as part of a turn-key package for machine tool builders or as an aftermarket solution for your customers. ActiveEdge® delivers pioneering ease-of-use and accuracy by enabling micron adjustment of multiple cutting edges via a remote radio link without touching the tool! The key to radical productivity gains in precision manufacturing.

Rigibore® recognises the relentless drive for ever finer tolerances and greater consistency. ActiveEdge® enables customers to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity through high-precision machining, better quality machined parts, closer tolerances, less waste and less downtime. Rigibore® s innovative tool represents the optimum way to make fast, precise adjustments at the cutting edge in your machine!

BENEFITS of ActiveEdge® for the machine tool company

  • Provides value added benefits in 24/7 machining as an integrated tool managed by an NC control
  • Adds to the machine s ability to deliver quality and accurate machining 24/7
  • Purchase decisions made by the customer incentivised with added built-in, reliable functionality
  • Provides machine purchasers with a one-stop shop integrating operations, gauging and boring / metal cutting
  • Cost of integration for machine tool company is minimal when related to the overall selling price of machines
  • Potential to sell higher volumes of machines with ActiveEdge® capability

BENEFITS of ActiveEdge® for machine tool customers

  • Being able to hold a micron adjustment remotely quality of bore and finish
  • Minimal interruptions in machining operations for gauging, tool checking and adjustment
  • No requirement for manual intervention to physically administer tool adjustment
  • Increased control over machining capabilities and operations
  • Compatibility with machine and its gauging operation
  • Production cost savings and operating efficiencies
  • Less manual intervention; less issues relating to potential accidents (Health and Safety)
  • Fast payback period because of tool performance; accuracy and quality in application
  • Minimal waste from machining process
  • Simplicity in operation once integrated at source (through machine tool company) or in aftermarket product form by a Rigibore® or machine tool technician

Go on-line to the Rigibore® website at www.rigibore.com, email jason@rigibore.com to arrange a visit or telephone +44 (0) 1736 755 355 and ask for Terry Negus or Jason Knights. Alternatively visit Rigibore® at EMO, Stand No. D22, Hall 4.