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Are you looking to sell your manufacturing or engineering business?

We specialise in helping business owners grow their businesses, increase profit, develop/expand their executive team, and most importantly, increase their shareholder value by ensuring their business is prepared for sale.

Entrepreneurs Hub (EH) is a market leader in supporting business owners throughout the lifecycle of owning a business. It has been founded by leading business professionals who are passionate about, and committed to ensuring that business owners build robust and valuable businesses which will aid them in realising their dreams. Therefore, whether you are a start-up or a fast growth seeking support, a mature business struggling to grow, or are looking to raise capital, buying or selling a business or in search of a successor, our experienced team of experts are on hand to coach you along the journey

We are not just another consultancy – EH is defining the way business owners approach and prepare for growth and exit. We have a unique approach to business improvement which emanates from years of experience of being part of successful start-ups, growing mature businesses, and managing and motivating people within the SME and blue-chip organisations. As business owners and experts, we can identify with the challenges you may be facing and will do our utmost to encourage and empower you to achieve the success you truly deserve and desire.

Through our sophisticated ‘EH4™’ model, we provide a unique business preparation for ‘Growth and Exit’ process that makes a business more robust, valuable, saleable and highly attractive to potential buyers, hence building shareholder value.

We operate across a number of different verticals and there is no barrier to size – our team has significant experience working at all levels. At EH, we clearly know why businesses struggle to maintain and increase growth levels and why they fail in achieving desired objectives, but more importantly we know and can prove how they can maximise growth opportunities and their respective values. We sincerely believe in what we offer and it is our conviction that if you are willing to engage in EH4™, you will achieve a significant return on your investment. Our ‘Discovery Day’ guarantee and the EH charging model demonstrates our confidence in our offering. We also have ‘skin in the game’ – we charge a modest fee and will only be rewarded when you have achieved your ultimate objectives.

To better understand how exactly we can help you, contact us to book a free, no-obligation, confidential telephone appointment or meeting. We will be completely honest with you – achieving the best result for you will always mean the best result for us. Remember – we have been in your shoes!

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Introducing The Entrepreneurs Hub

29 Jan 2016 by Entrepreneurs Hub

The Entrepreneurs Hub are a team of specialist UK advisers who have developed a suite of offerings for business owners to support them to realise the full potential of their shareholding at whatever stage they are in their business life-cycle.

EH unique services include:

Prep4Growth - A structured approach for business owners looking to grow and develop their business. Growth Strategies, Sales & Marketing coaching, Executive development and Executive Search for key staff.