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Milling machines and Lathes have advanced dramatically over the years. Milling machines can produce what can be considered turned parts and Lathes, with live tooling, have the ability to mill flats etc on turned parts. Our Machining CNC category is defined by components that require two or more processes. These machines can also be termed machining centres. We classify high volume as batches of 500 off or above.

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CNC Machining, High Volume projects for quote

  1. Drawings count: 3

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    Sizeable quantities of a hinge pin and hinge pin inserts are to be machined from stainless steel. The client is looking for a supplier that can assist with the immediate order, as well as any subsequent, ad-hoc orders of these parts that will follow. The work will involve turning, milling, countersinking and chamfering, with batches of 600 to 1000 off required in this instance.

  2. Drawings count: 4

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    The attached components are to be cold formed, ready for end use within an automotive application. The company behind this enquiry is looking for up to 12,000 off per annum, with thirteen additional designs also required moving forward. This is a huge opportunity that should not be missed by those that are looking to supplement their long-term customer portfolio.

  3. Drawings count: 2

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    Quotes are currently sought on the attached mild steel/aluminium and plastic components, on behalf of a company that outsources machining work to the tune of £100,000 per year. There is a requirement for quotes in a range of price breaks - the client is looking to work with a vendor that can accommodate batches of this size. This will be regular work for the company that the client chooses to collaborate with and subsequently, it facilitates an excellent opportunity to fill long-term capacity.

  4. Drawings count: 2

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    Suppliers that can offer production of large batches are asked to make contact with this aerospace buyer, in order to discuss this opportunity. Outsourcing a sizeable £60,000 worth of machining every year, they currently seek a vendor for the attached components, with required quantities ranging from 500 to 7000 off. The ongoing need for the parts in question means that the successful company wins a new long-term customer with a notable spend in the field.

  5. Drawings count: 2

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    This company is a high-end consumer goods supplier with an immediate machining requirement. They are interested in building a relationship with a supplier who is able to manufacture the attached set of parts as per the drawings provided. Once initial samples are approved, the client will look to order larger quantities moving forward, meaning that the successful supplier will win a new long-term customer as well as the work in question.

  6. Drawings count: 1

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    With a £150,000 spend on subcontract machining services, this company is currently working on a project for the automotive industry. They are looking for quotes on substantial volumes of the attached burst plug assembly, which is to be machined from a combination of brass, copper, and stainless steel. Interested suppliers are asked to make contact with the buyer at their earliest convenience in order to be considered for this opportunity; in turn, they will be given repeat orders of the assembly in question.

  7. Drawings count: 1

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    Drain valves are to be manufactured for use within an application for the rail industry. The client is looking for a supplier whose in-house capabilities allow production of larger batches, as they have an immediate order to place for 2600 off. Delivery by the beginning of June is preferable; however, please be advised that there is some flexibility. Suppliers should make contact with the buyer directly to discuss the opportunity.

  8. Drawings count: 3

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    Spending an impressive £300,000 a year in the subcontract machining sector, this company is a mechanical handling OEM. They initially require 6 off samples of each of the three attached components, followed by large production runs ranging from 2800 off to 5600 off per year. Interested suppliers must have the necessary accreditation in place. This is part of a larger job for which they are currently tendering and prompt responses from suppliers will be viewed favourably.

  9. Drawings count: 9

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    This brand new startup company seeks a production partner, in order to produce prototype pendants on their behalf. These will be used to house glitter/cosmetic products. In addition, the client would also like to discuss the possibility of having a Pandora-style clasp and chains (61cm long) manufactured in gold, rose gold, iridescent & black colours. The client has a planet-friendly ethos and therefore, the parts in question must be made in a manner that supports this. They welcome supplier input regarding the overall design, as well as the best method of manufacture. Moving forward, this could become an ongoing requirement once the project reaches the production phase, with substantial quantities to be ordered.

  10. Drawings count: 8

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    Spending a massive £500,000 a year in the subcontract machining arena, this company operates within the energy industry. They are currently seeking a new machining supplier to take on 50% of their yearly requirements for the attached components, with annual usage ranging from 8,000 to 100,000 off per component. Therefore, this is a massive opportunity for suppliers that are able to undertake a project of this scale. The parts in question are all to be made from stainless steel and assembled where applicable. The client initially requires delivery by the 31st May and interested vendors must be able to work to this timeframe.

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