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Cutting tools are used to remove material from a component and therefore, they must be made from material that is harder than the component it will be used to cut. It is also imperative that the material used can resist the high temperatures resulting from the cutting process. The number of cutting edges and the angle of the cutting face all vary depending on factors such as the required operation. There are various types of cutting tools available. For instance, single point tools - that is, tools with only one cutting edge - are commonly used for processes such as turning and shaping, whilst multi-point tools are generally reserved for operations such as milling, drilling and grinding.

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    Tool Making-Cutting Tools

    This client requires quotes for four different variations of blade, which are needed by early October. Quotes are sought for 1000 off of each design, meaning that 4000 off are required in total. The blades will be used within the industrial machinery sector, with the work in question to be repeated on a yearly basis. Therefore, this enquiry will be best-studied to those who are looking to supplement their long-term workload.

  2. Drawings count: 2

    Tool Making-Cutting Tools

    Suppliers with the capabilities required to manufacture the attached applicator blade are asked to provide a quotation, on behalf of a manufacturer of industrial machinery. Price and quality are paramount - as such, suppliers are asked to quote their best prices, whilst not sacrificing on manufacturing quality. The client outsources plenty of similar work on an ongoing basis, meaning that there could be scope for the chosen supplier to develop the relationship moving forward.

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