Process: Fabrication with Machining


Complete manufacturing, sheet metal is a combination of sheet metal work and assembly. Machining is often included, but the sheet metal work dominate this type of manufacturing.

Complete manufacturing includes sheet metal work as the main process, but extensive assembly is usually required and somtimes also electronics and machining. For example, complete manufacturing is for outsourcing the manufacturing and assembly of electric cabinets, where a housing in sheet metal is made and assembled and electronics are mounted. Then a final product is delivered to the buyer. Most sheet metal workshops are experienced in this kind of manufacturing as they are required to work closely with their customer and make quick changes to the product.

It is unusual that all parts are made in one workshop. Most of the time, the production is to outsourced to some degree. When the parts are purchased, the work shop assembles the final product and delivers it to the customer.

The sheet metal workshops that do complete manufacturing are good at communicating with their customers and to handle large and complicated projects. When a buyer orders complete manufacturing, the buyer expects a perfect product or component, which is delivered just-in-time or to be sold immediately.

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Fabrication with Machining projects for quote

  1. Drawings count: 2

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    This manufacturer of medical equipment, who outsources in excess of £500,000 worth of machining work per year, is looking for a supplier who can fabricate and machine the attached assembly. Prompt responses are crucial, as is the overall quality of the parts. In turn, the chosen supplier can expect to receive repeat orders once a relationship has been established.

  2. Drawings count: 3

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    This manufacturer of friction components, who outsources approximately £55,000 worth of machined parts a year, has recently designed a new range of brake discs. However, they are struggling to find a supplier who can manage both the profiling and the machining required, as one of the discs incorporates a step. There is an immediate order to place for a sample set, which will be repeated going forward with an annual expectancy of 300-700 sets.

  3. Drawings count: 1

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    IMMEDIATE CAPACITY SOUGHT FOR URGENT PROJECT! This buyer, a company that spends £400,000 annually on subcontract services, seeks a supplier with dual fabrication and machining capabilities who can undertake an urgent project on their behalf. Due to this project’s urgency a prompt response is vital, this project will be awarded as soon as the right supplier is found. They are looking to work alongside a supplier that can provide a fast turnaround on the attached 10mm base & stiffener, this is to be supplied fully assembled which requires cutting, machining and welding of stainless steel tube and plate. This is one of many similar jobs outsourced by the company in question and could pave the way to additional work once a relationship has been established.

  4. Drawings count: 1

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    This client, a prestigious manufacture of lock and latches who spends £1million a year on outsourced manufacture, seeks a supplier who is able to produce the attach handles. These are to be produced from aluminium and require bending and tapping. The clients current supplier is unable to fulfill this order due to machine breakdown, as such an opportunity has arisen for a new supplier to complete production. There is an immediate order to place for this enquiry which could lead to ongoing work should a suitable price be received.

  5. Drawings count: 6

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    These stainless steel components are required to be manufactured and assembled to make fabricated rollers, which will be used within food & beverage industrial machinery. An initial quantity of 45 off is required; the client has confirmed that should these not be able to be fulfilled by the requested delivery date in July, they will be happy to accept staggered deliveries of 10 off in July, followed by 3 deliveries of 10 off and the final delivery of 5 off every 2 weeks until the order is completed. Please state which delivery option you are quoting for. Pricing, quality and reliable delivery are all equally important for this enquiry and once the order has been completed by the chosen supplier, this could also lead to ongoing work. Therefore, this project will suit members looking for a long-term relationship with a new buyer.

  6. Drawings count: 2

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    This buyer, a manufacturer of electric motors and generators, has a current requirement for a selection of mild steel components. This work incorporates aspects of both fabrication and machining, with a possibility of some forging being required also. Although there is no immediate order to place, the buyer will move forward in the near future - subsequently, this could result in ongoing work for the chosen supplier once a relationship has been established.

  7. Drawings count: 1

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    This manufacturer of processing equipment - who operates within the medical/scientific sector and spends £185,000 annually on outsourced manufacture - would like to hear from suppliers with the in-house facilities to produce the attached set of parts. There is an immediate order to place for the initial set, with elements of milling, drilling, cutting and folding required. Delivery is required by 31/05/19 at the latest; however, suppliers able to offer delivery before this date will be seen favourably.

  8. Drawings count: 1

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    Suppliers with the capability to fabricate and machine the attached side walls are sought, on behalf of a manufacturer of forklift trucks. Interested parties are asked to quote for the production of a selection of mild steel side walls, which will require cutting, folding, welding, painting and a small amount of machining. The client spends £2million on outsourcing these processes every year, meaning the successful supplier will be given an opportunity to add a big-spending name to their customer base. This will become ongoing work for the successful supplier, making it ideally suited to those who are looking to fill long-term capacity. Good value and quality are essential elements of this project, for which there is an immediate order to place.

  9. Drawings count: 18

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    This buyer seeks a supplier who is able to assist in the manufacture of the attached bench assembly. This comprehensive project includes both off-the-shelf and bespoke manufactured components. Suppliers are required to produce 19 assemblies to the drawings provided, with the work incorporating aspects of machining, fabrication and assembly; therefore, this is best-suited to those with a broad manufacturing portfolio. There is an order waiting to be placed that will, in time, develop into an ongoing requirement.

  10. Drawings count: 1

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    Suppliers that have the capabilities to machine and fabricate mixing console chassis are sought, on behalf of a company that outsources £500,000 worth of fabrication and machining work each year. These items are destined for end use within communication equipment and the client is looking to increase their supplier base for the parts in question. With a focus on quality and delivery, it is imperative that interested parties are able to offer a reliable and consistent service; in turn, they will be awarded repeat work by the client, as well as the opportunity to assist with the manufacture of additional components on their behalf. The buyer is looking for quotes based on 50 units a year, to be supplied in one drop or potentially two drops. All parts are to be supplied flat packed - no assembly is needed.

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