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Prototyping is a process done by manufacturers that do one-offs to engineering businesses.
Prototypes are often complicated and need suppliers which are willing to work with small projects where feedback is important, for example, to make changes to a design.

Depending on its size and design, prototyping can be done by many workshops. Some prototyping projects are small and simple while others are large, complicated and valuable.

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Machining, Prototyping projects for quote

  1. Drawings count: 4

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    Destined for end use within an automated clothes iron, the attached set of parts are to be machined from a combination of mild steel and aluminium. The company behind this enquiry spends over £100,000 annually on subcontract machining services and seeks a supplier who can provide a fast turnaround on the production of this stopping mechanism, link support, coupling and base. These parts will be used for testing purposes and as the applicable deadlines are fast approaching, the client requests that interested suppliers submit their quotation as soon as possible.

  2. Drawings count: 2

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    With a £400,000 yearly spend on bespoke machined components, this company is a manufacturer of fire safety equipment. They currently seek quotes for the urgent production of a cam, which is to be made from either aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel in accordance with the attached drawings. The ideal supplier will be able to offer delivery of this component as soon as possible - in turn, similar work may be made available to them moving forward.

  3. Drawings count: 5

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    This domestic appliances manufacturer has an immediate order to place for prototypes of flanges, supports, shafts and rollers. The designs in question will be used within an automated clothing iron and it is essential that interested suppliers are able to offer a fast turnaround, as well as high quality components. Incorporating a number of different materials and processes, including milling and turning, this project will be ideal for flexible suppliers with immediate capacity. The client's £100,000 annual spend on machined parts means that additional opportunities could arise once a relationship has been cultivated.

  4. Drawings count: 3

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    Inserts, knuckles, blocks and bridges are required for use within an automated clothing iron. The client seeks a fast turnaround on production of the initial prototypes of these designs and therefore, this enquiry may be best suited to those with immediate capacity to fill. Quotes are required for batches ranging from 1 off to 45 off across the set, to be milled and turned from a combination of aluminium and stainless steel. The client is a domestic appliance manufacturer with a sizeable £100,000 spend on bespoke machined parts, meaning that additional opportunities may be made available to the selected vendor once a relationship has been cultivated.

  5. Drawings count: 2

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    3 off wine cooler bases are required for use as prototypes, which reflect a reworked design. The company behind this enquiry is a manufacturer for the food & beverage industry. They seek delivery of these items by the 3rd August and therefore, prompt responses from interested suppliers are requested. This is due to the commencement of full production within the following weeks, meaning that the reworked prototypes have to be tested prior to this stage of the project. Further prototyping requirements could also be extended to the chosen supplier at a later date, as the client outsources over £30,000 worth of machining work every year.

  6. Drawings count: 1

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    This company is looking for a supplier that can undertake an urgent turning requirement on their behalf, owing to a last-minute deadline being brought forward. They have an immediate order to place for a sample of the attached bearing shaft, which will then lead to batches of 10-15 off at the production phase. The item in question is destined for end use within a prototype assembly and is to be turned from steel. The client seeks an exemplary level of quality and a fast turnaround, meaning that interested parties should indicate their earliest possible delivery within their quotation. Owing to the buyer's £60,000 annual spend in the subcontract machining market, similar work may also be made available once a relationship has been established.

  7. Drawings count: 1

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    Destined for end use within an electronics application, the attached prototype disc and ring are to be machined from aluminium. The disc will be pressed into the ring by the buyer in-house, once the applicable electronic components have been fitted. The client seeks a high standard of quality, with consideration also paid to the price-sensitive nature of the project. This could become ongoing work for the chosen supplier once the project moves into the production phase.

  8. Drawings count: 3

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    Required as part of a larger robotics project, the attached spacer is to be machined from aluminium. It will angle a gripper within an arm and must be produced as per the attached drawing. Accuracy and precision are extremely important within this project, with delivery required as soon as possible.

  9. Drawings count: 1

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    Initial prototype sliders are sought for immediate manufacture, to be used within vivariums. The company behind this enquiry seeks quotes for 4 off pairs, as per the drawings attached. Interested suppliers must have the capacity available to offer delivery by early July; in turn, they may be invited to assist within additional projects at a later date.

  10. Drawings count: 0

    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    A supplier is needed to reverse engineer a large gear case casting and produce manufacturing drawings from original. The casting weighs approximately 0.5 tonnes and therefore, suppliers must have the in-house facilities to machine components of this size. It will be free-issued to the successful supplier and once the design and drawings are complete, the machining itself will be required.

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