Process: Plasma Cutting


Plasma cutting is a cutting method that cuts metals with a plasma beam.

Plasma cutting machines lets a gas, normally argon, nitrogen or oxygen, flow through a narrow channel in the nozzle. In that channel, there is an electrod. To start to the plasma cutting process, the nozzle touches the workpiece which creates a circuit, which in turn creates a spark that heats the gas until it reaches a state called plasma. The plasma beam has a very high temperature, sometime above 20 000 degrees celsius and it almost travel at the peed of sound.

Modern machines for plasma cutting are often computer controlled, and these can start their plasma beam in other ways than described above. The plasma cutting technology has developed quickly during recent years, primarily resulting in a much thinner plasma beam, sometimes called plasma arc. At the same time, laser cutting is becoming increasingly popular for cutting thin materials such as sheet metal.

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    Profiling-Plasma Cutting

    This construction and lifting equipment manufacturer is currently quoting for a 500kg roller weight - a legacy part which they used to make completely in-house. However, the buyer would now like to hear from external suppliers who can complete the profiling aspect on their behalf. Although there is no immediate order to place, the client will move forward once their tender is successful. This will be a one-off requirement, although it may lead to additional enquiries of a similar nature in future.

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