Beard & Fitch are gear manufacturers and suppliers specialising in the production of transmission components to suit customers’ individual requirements. Working in a diverse range of industries, we supply gears to not only the UK market but also internationally.

We offer a range of comprehensive manufacturing facilities that enable us to manufacture transmission gears for a whole raft of industrial applications. The type of gears we manufacture includes: spur gears, hubs, pulleys, helical gears, worm drive and many more.

We have many years’ experience manufacturing gears and other transmission products. Beard & Fitch dates back to 1851 and therefore we have many years’ experience in manufacturing gears in sectors such as: camera support equipment, food processing, packaging machinery, power transmissions and much more.

We have employed over 40 staff encompassing the full manufacturing processes from raw material to the finished product. B&F services provide full inspection and advice with total quality assurance systems.

If you have questions regarding our gear supplies, please contact the Beard and Fitch team today on: +44 (0) 1279 425358. Alternatively you can request a quote through our website by providing your information.


Our gear manufacturing unit comprises a comprehensive range of machine tools housed within our 1672 sq m factory. Along with manufacturing gears complete, we also carry out gear cutting, gear grinding and/or gear shaving on free issue components.

Total Quality Assurance
We are proud of our heritage dating back to 1851 and look forward to securing new business for the future. We can only achieve this by offering our customers high quality products that stand the test of time, ensuring our reputation as a quality supplier and the reputations of our customers.

All of the parts we manufacture undergo complete quality assurance checks. We pride ourselves in supplying our customers with a finished product of the highest quality. Each of our manufacturing processes is checked before moving on to the next operation, and a final quality check of items is made prior to dispatch. We have standard QA information that is sent with the goods, however should you have any specific needs regarding the levels of quality control that you require, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Manufacture to Drawing
Gears can be produced in a wide range of materials starting from a customer’s drawing going through all manufacturing stages, including heat treatment, grinding, plating , etching and full quality control inspection to the finished product.

Free Issue Parts
In addition to manufacturing complete components, we also offer a service where we can finish machine parts from free issue material or blanks. We can either gear cut only and return to the customer to finish off parts, or finish all required machining operations in house.

Gear cutting and deburring only can normally be turned around quickly. B&F can gear cut, and then shave or grind gear teeth if this is required, and can also offer a gear grinding or shaving service to other gear manufacturers.

Reverse Engineering
Where no engineered drawing exists, B&F are equipped to produce products from submitted samples. Full-engineered drawings are produced from essential information gained from the customer followed by rigorous measurements and calculations enabling a like-for-like product to be manufactured.



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1927 Panthette 250cc Motorcycle

16 Feb 2017 by Beard & Fitch Ltd

We had the pleasure of repairing the clutch on a 1927 Panthette motorcycle recently (the picture is not the actual one repaired). There are reportedly only 6 still in existence so there was plenty of blood, sweat and tears.We have a happy customer and their Panthette lives on!  Please visit our website for more pictures.

Universal Joints

17 Jan 2017 by Beard & Fitch Ltd

Beard and Fitch are proud to announce a new product added to its range of manufactured transmission components. We can now manufacture and supply plain bearing type universal joints for applications in hand operations or low-speed transmission.

The universal join comes with a standard 20mm Bore 32mm outside diameter and overall length of 86mm. Alternative bores can be accommodated upon request.

It is hoped that other sizes and types of Universal Joints, including Double Yolk will be added to the range at a later date. 

Sunbeam Blue Bird needs your help!

29 Sep 2016 by Beard & Fitch Ltd

Beard & Fitch Ltd had the great honour of working on this amazing part of history back in the day when Engineers wore bowler hats!

Today, we are going to be making the gear box again – with the addition of a reverse gear! Challenge accepted!