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Connecting excellence through people and partnerships

CHH CoNeX has many years experience of delivering complete end-to-end solutions in:-

Cable assembly concept, design and manufacture
Box build / Rack integration
Process audit and redesign
Electro-mechanical integration and testing
Supply chain solutions

to our customers with a high technology content which need to be:-

and Cost Effective

Having considered that manufacturing may not be your core business and that you need to develop partnerships with companies with a track record of innovation, financial stability, continuous improvement, strong values and where investment in people means that you get exceptional customer service and the products that you need.

Our core values remain that of flexibility and service and to many of our customers, we continue to be a trusted project partner.

Together we can overcome business challenges, create effective strategies by sharing a long-term vision, set goals and build relationships based on trust and cooperation to deliver products and services which provide reassurance to customers of all sizes irrespective of industry sector.
Our People

Challenges for leaders today include creating and communicating a compelling vision, building a culture based on sound values and beliefs, finding the right people and then harnessing and developing their talent.

Talent, who not only believe, trust and share in their leaders vision and values, but who can also cascade that passion throughout the organisation and who know/believe that through people, they have the right resources to shape the future.

It is undoubtedly great talent that differentiates great companies/organisations. The value that this generates for all will be the difference that our customers remember. At CHH CoNeX our people can make a difference to your business.
Organisations do not work in isolation; together we can develop and grow. By facing challenges in partnership we can create effective strategies and by sharing our visions, values and goals we build relationships based on trust and cooperation to deliver products and services for today and the future.

By working in partnership and providing a total solution (design to after sales), CHH CoNeX works with you to help you to retain your competitive edge. CHH CoNeX creates value throughout the supply chain, whilst helping to lower your total acquisition cost.

When choosing your outsourcing partner, we believe you need an organisation that:-

Treats you with respect and fairness
Is financially stable
Has inspired thinking, creates cost effective solutions which deliver you value
Has strong relationships with its suppliers and distributors
Has a flexible and reliable supply chain
Has good control of its own business
Invests in people, processes and equipment


In September 1990, with just eight employees, CHH CoNeX began manufacturing and supplying cable assemblies to GEC Avery in Birmingham. Since then, we ve built a strong customer base, achieved a steady, controlled rate of growth and now around 140 people in our 85,000 sq ft single site facility in Witton.

Cable assembly, associated manufacturing and supply chain services are still our core business and through listening to our customers, understanding their requirements and learning about each of our market sectors we continue to develop other products and services, which will through our partnerships continue to evolve.


4 Holford Way
Holford Industrial Estate
B6 7AX
United Kingdom
Number of employees
51 - 100



    Mild Steel
    Other Exotics Materials Not Listed
    Hi Temp Exotic Alloys
    Tool Steel
    Stainless Steel
    Carbon steel
    Technical Ceramics


    ISO 9001


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