CTN Components Ltd----Now called CTN Group Ltd

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CNC Machining based across the South of England

At CTN we use our extensive range of CNC machines and tooling to create high quality components. Our main objective is to create a continuously improving working environment. We always look to streamline our manufacturing procedures to achieve maximum efficiency throughout every job we undertake. We make over 40,000 components a week.

With modern machines and tools you can be sure of the very best products, produced as efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a complete service, meeting all your manufacturing requirements.

We have an extensive supplier network which allows us to manage your project and quote on the finished product to your specification, particularly with regards to details such as the finish, and specialist machining processes. 

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Our current machines and facilities across our 3 UK sites

33 lathes and 10 Milling machines

5 Axis Milling

DMG DMU80T 880X630X630mm
DMG Mori Ecomill 50


Doosan DNM6700 1350X600X600mm
Doosan T4000 High speed milling machine 520X350X400mm
HAAS VF-0 CNC 3 axis Vertical machining centre 540X450X450mm
HAAS VF-0E CNC 4 axis Vertical machining centre 750X450X450mm
Bridgeport GX 600. Maximum machining envelope 600x540x540mm
Bridgeport VMC 600 Digital. Maximum machining envelope 600x410x520mm
Bridgeport VMC 600 Digital. Maximum machining envelope 600x410x520mm
Bridgeport VMC 600. Maximum machining envelope 600x410x520mm

Turning - All with bar feeders

Nakamura Tome WT-100 - Twin spindle, twin turret 
Nakamura Tome WT-100 - Twin spindle, twin turret
Doosan Puma 2100 LYSC - Twin spindle
Doosan Puma 230 SB  - Twin spindle
Doosan Lynx 2100LMB - Milling
Doosan Lynx 2100LYSC - Y axis, subspindle, milling
Doosan Lynx 220LYA - Y axis and milling
Hardinge SR200 MSY CNC Lathe, ESA Live Tooling, C axis, Y axis, sub spindle
Romi GL-240M - Milling 
CMZ TA20-YS 640 Lathe- 66mm spindle capacity, sub spindle and milling
Dugard 42TT
Miyano BNC34T 
Miyano BNC34T 
Miyano BNC34C 
XYZ  250TC LT 
Colchester T6M  
Hardinge Conquest CNC Lathe T42 
Hardinge Conquest CNC Lathe T42 
Harrison 1400XS CNC Lathe
Gildemeister CTX310 ISM Lathe C Axis

Sliding head capacity

Star SR20J
Star SR20J 
Star SR20J
Star SR32 
Star SA-16RC
Star SA-16R  
Star SA-16R 
Star SA-16R

Other machines

Alligator fully automatic band saw
2016 Trimos digital height gauge with data output
Surface Grinder
Colchester Triumph 2000 Manual Lathe 50" between centre


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Unit 44
Eldon Way
TN12 6BE
United Kingdom

Number of employees
1 - 4
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