De Marchi Engineering

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De Marchi Engineering was established in 1993 and is still a family-run business today.

We pride ourselves on the depth of our technical expertise and in the provision of a professional, efficient and friendly service to all our clients.

A continuous investment in the latest technology provides higher levels of manufacturing quality, faster turnaround and a continually expanding range of fabrication capability.

We can supply you with bespoke fabrications or high volume batch work, all with the quality assurance of ISO9001.

We have Weld Procedures approved to EN 15614-1 and Welder Qualifications approved to ISO 9606-1.

We supply:

  • Construction Companies
  • GRP Fabricators
  • Building Restoration Specialists
  • Concrete Pre-casters
  • Stonemasons
  • Timber-frame Specialists
  • Civil Engineers
  • Playground Equipment Specialists
  • Fall Arrest System Specialists

and much more….

We also offer a wide range of sub-contract facilities to other engineering companies and manufacturers.


Fabricators of CE Approved Structural Steelwork to EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011 EXC2
All Structural Fabrications are manufactured in accordance with the Weld Certificate and Factory Production Control Certificate (FPC), confirming compliance and effective implementation of the Management System in accordance with the requirements of EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011 EXC2, which was introduced and made mandatory for construction products used after 1st July 2014.

General Fabrication
De Marchi Engineering provide Quality Metal Fabrication services by combining state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, a skilled work force with years of experience and the highest levels of Quality Control and Customer Service.

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication services
  • Mild Steel Fabrication services
  • Aluminium Fabrication services

Bespoke one off Fabrications or High Volume Batch Work, all with the Quality Assurance of ISO9001:2008.

Laser Cutting
Ultra fast and ultra precise 4Kw laser for cutting at high speed, with precision and quality. The Amada F1 laser cutter has a maximum working area of 3.0mtrs x 1.5mtrs.

  • Up to 12mm Stainless Steel.
  • Up to 20mm Mild Steel.
  • Up to 10mm Aluminium.

HD Plasma Cutting
High Definition Plasma Cutting is one of our key manufacturing processes. Our Esprit Lightning HD machine has a maximum working area of 3.0mtrs x 1.5mtrs.

  • Up to 50mm Stainless Steel.
  • Up to 64mm Mild Steel.
  • Up to 50mm Aluminium.

The Hypertherm HPR260Xd plasma generator uses TrueHole® technology ensuring hole quality is delivered “Boltready”.

Waterjet Cutting
Waterjet Cutting is one of the key parts in the manufacturing process, used for Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium and a whole host of other materials, some of which are listed below.

5 axis Waterjet Cutter provides exceptional cutting accuracy and has the ability to tilt up to 45degrees making 3D cutting easy. Features such as bevelling, countersinking and other intricate shapes can be achieved in material up to 150mm in thickness with a maximum cutting area of 3.0mtrs x 2.0mtrs.

Metals • Composites • Wood • Glass • Stone • Tile • Plastic and much more….

The HPR260Xd can also be used for etching bend lines and weld positions, making the fabrication process faster and more accurate. The process can also be used for etching part numbers, making identification of parts simple.


Specialist Welding procedures in accordance with the requirements of CE Approved Structural Steelwork to EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011 EXC2

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminium

Weld Procedures approved to EN 15614-1. Welder Qualifications approved to ISO 9606-1. Spot-Welding for materials up to 3mm

Bending & Forming
A full range of machinery for Pressing, Forming and Bending.

  • 225 tonne x 3.0mtr CNC Press Brake.
  • 80 tonne CNC horizontal bending machine.
  • 36 tonne CNC horizontal bending machine.
  • A comprehensive tooling library suitable for most applications.

Thread Rolling
Semi-Automatic Thread Rolling.

  • Max length for plunge rolling = 150mm.
  • Max length for through feed = unlimited.

With a working capacity up to M30 in stainless steel and a maximum rolling pressure of 18 tons with no limit on thru-feed length.

5 Semi Automated Punching machines ranging from 70 -160 tonnes with CNC copy tables that deliver repeatable accuracy. A comprehensive library of Punches and Dies in stock.

Sawing & Shearing
Saw Hollow Sections, Angles, Beams, Flat Bar, Round Bar and Threaded Bar.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Plastics

Fully automatic Band-saw with a jaw opening of 510 x 330mm and the capacity to cut and mitre common sections to required length. Guillotine can cut up to 3m x 12mm in Mild Steel and 3m x 8mm in Stainless Steel. Crop Round Bars and Dowels up to a maximum diameter of 12mm

Surface Finishing & DeBurring
Semi automated surface finishing, ideal for deburring plasma and laser cut parts and surface finishing to Dull Polish brush finish with a max width of 900mm. Medium Duty Deburring & Graining.​



  • Construction companies
  • Concrete pre-casters
  • GRP moulders
  • Timberframe specialists
  • Building restoration companies
  • Fall-Arrest system manufacturers
  • Playground Equipment
  • Marine Industry
  • Rail Industry


  • Laser Cutting
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • High Definition Plasma Cutting
  • Welding
  • Guillotining
  • Saw Cutting
  • Punching
  • Bending
  • Thread Rolling


Vincients Road
Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate
SN14 6NQ
United Kingdom
Number of employees
10 - 30



De Marchi Engineering launch new website for 2014

23 Dec 2013 by De Marchi Engineering

De Marchi Engineering launch new website for 2014 featuring a full list of our machine capacity and new gallery that includes samples of our work.

 In Late 2013 we have also added to our punching capacity with a new Kingsland P70 Punching Press with Auto copy table expanding our capacity even farther.

 We now have 5 Semi Automated Punching machines ranging from 70 -160 tonnes. Our Semi-automatic punching machines deliver repeatable accuracy and save time.