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Eurotech Precision Engineering provide both general and precision machining services as well as light fabrications. We pride ourselves on our high standards of work both for batch quantities and ‘one off’ orders.

We offer competitive prices and production times to suit your requirements without compromising the standard of our work.

For more information please call us today on 01553 770426.


Our comprehensive machining facility offers our customers precise, reliable, fast and flexible services they can trust. We use the latest 3D CAD CAM software and multi-axis turning, drilling and milling technology to increase product precision, ensuring you receive the very best product every single time

The use of 3D solid modelling software, such as SolidWorks, provides many benefits over standard 2D design. Along with superb drawings we can supply 3D model data to make our 3D CAD services not only very cost effective but equally unrivalled in our design communication.

Our design engineers develop more accurate and reliable product designs with supreme 2D and 3D capabilities which can be used in machining, prototyping or for presentations and marketing.

With the use of eDrawings or .pdf files there is now no need for clients to have any CAD software at all. Anyone with access to a reasonable specification PC can have the ability to view designs electronically and print hardcopies of drawings when the need arises.

We no longer offer CAD translation services other than conversion of 2D drawings to 3D models using SolidWorks. We can output in the following general CAD formats.

  • STEP
  • IGES
  • Parasolid
  • TIF
  • JPEG
  • PDF

We have 5 conventional lathes with capacity of up to 750Ømm x 3000mm.

We have a wide range of vertical and horizontal mills, with a maximum bed size of 2000mm x 1000mm.

Our machining department can also boast a comprehensive selection of manual and CNC operated machine tools including turning, slotting, gear cutting and milling.

Our WaterJet Sweden Cutting machine can cut through virtually any material from glass to titanium with absolute precision and a perfect edge finish. The cut is less than 0.8mm wide.

With a full 4000mm x 2000mm cutting bed we are able to service our customers in thicknesses where our laser cutting specification ends, and also the ability to diversify from Stainless Steel to most other products, including metals, ceramics, glass, foam, Perspex etc. to a very high tolerance with a repetition accuracy of +/- 0.25mm with a positional accuracy of +/- 0.05mm per 1000mm.

We also have an unrivled Fine Abrasive Microcutting head. The Fine Abrasive Waterjet (FAWJ) process is a refinement of the already proven Abrasive WaterJet (AWJ) process, whereby the advantages of AWJ are applied to the micro segment. This allows for true micro component manufacturing.

Waterjet cutting technology is based on the use of one or several jets of water with very high power density. Up to 30kW of power within a fine water jet, of the size of a needle. Compressed water at a pressure of 400MPa or more is conveyed in stainless steel tubing to a nozzle, usually of 0.1 – 0.3mm in diameter. As the water escapes the nozzle it approaches a velocity of 900m/s. The flow of water leaving the nozzle is determined by the pressure generating the jet, which is normally in the range of 2 to 3 litres per minute.

Whilst fabrication is not our primary service, our team of highly skilled fabricators offer extensive experience in general sheet metal work and welded fabrications.

Eurotech Precision Engineering work on projects of all sizes, from mild steel stainless steel and aluminium repairs, to the design and execution of small- and large-scale metal fabrication works, such as commercial stainless steel and aluminium conveyor systems.

Eurotech Precision Engineering design and manufacture a range of motorcycle race products and accessories.

We produce a range of fixed rear sets, clip-ons in alloy and steel, crash bobbins, triple clamps, and disabled adaptions. We manufacture all items in house using up to date CNC technology and continually strive for improvements in quality and appearance.

We are also able to offer a one off service of design and manufacture, or manufacture to customer specification. We also have the capability to manufacture and quote on all bespoke precision engineering work. Please see our other services pages for more details.

Our products can often be seen in the BEMSEE and BSB National Superstock 1000 paddock.


Unit 61-62
Bergen Way
Kings Lynn
PE30 2JG
United Kingdom
Number of employees
10 - 30



Won new customers in my first month

29 Apr 2015 by Eurotech Precision Engineering

Eurotech Precision Engineering is a CNC machine shop based in Norfolk and have been members since July 2014.


“We have been members since the beginning of July and became a Qimtek member to help us establish a new stream of incoming opportunities. We are currently busy with our current customers but appreciate that to fill the up-and-coming capacity we will need to be looking for the work now.