FIS Loveday Ltd began in the early 1970s producing small metal pressings for the farming industry. Over the years we have grown steadily and now supply pressings and assemblies to industries across the UK and Europe. 

​Very much a family run business we embrace modern technology and consistently apply the latest quality techniques including ISO9001-2008 and TS 16949.

​We specialise in small batch size requirements , one offs and prototypes. We are able to provide press work to 250 tonne, fly presses to size, CNC Pressbrakes, sub-assembly work, welding Mig/Tig, resistance welding, drilling, tapping and riveting. We currently supply to many industries including the automotive, electrical, food and beverage and the construction machinery industry.


We recognise that special projects require special solutions.

FIS Loveday Ltd are dedicated to the production of bespoke solutions working in partnership with you and your team to ensure a product that is fit for purpose, to a high quality and meets your budget.​

We are able to offer one-off projects to full batch quantities, from a prototype stage to a full production run, with rapid delivery.​

Many of our prototype samples can be achieved with minimal or no tooling costs.

FIS Loveday Ltd is highly experienced in metal pressings and can assist in both the design and manufacture of pressed parts. 

We ensure that your metal pressings are high quality, fit for purpose and are available in the quantities you need, when you need them and at a competitive price. 

We are capable in production using a wide range of materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous for both small and large batch quantities.

FIS Loveday Ltd work with wide range of suppliers, all ISO approved, to complete the finished product and cover plating, cleaning or polishing.

FIS Loveday Ltd is not just dedicated to quality – it is our mission. To that end we have a fully integrated business system; our comprehensive quality system is accredited to ISO 9001 &, ISO/TS 16949.​

In addition, many customer requirements and standards are accommodated. From a specific Quality Policy to an Ethical Behaviour culture in the workplace, we look after both our equipment and our staff. Improving, enhancing and maintaining the best way we know to serve our customers to the very best of our ability.​

Throughout our company we use a mixture of training, auditing and regular meetings to ensure quality can be maintained and/or improved further, and our entire workforce is committed to working together to deliver a high quality, single source solution to your engineering demands.​

Our QA office is fully equipped with a digital CMM machine, Elcometer coating thickness gauge, flat granite surface table, height gauges, slip gauges, Vernier’s, micrometers and other measuring equipment; all of which are calibrated at regular intervals according to calibration procedures, so you can be confident that when you receive your order the components will be correct to your specification.​

In short, we do all we can, not just to aim for, but to guarantee quality. We believe that approach is best for everyone: for us, our staff and, most importantly, for you – the customer.


FIS Loveday enjoys close relations to many major manufacturers including;
Bentley Motor Cars

Mitras Automotive

Westfield Sportscars

Gibbs Amphibians

Legrand Electric

IMI Cornelius

Renolds clutches and couplings


power press up to 150 tonne

hand press

CNC Pressbrake

MIG/TIG/Projection welding



16-18 Princip Street
B4 6LE
United Kingdom
Number of employees
10 - 30



    Mild Steel
    Stainless Steel
    Carbon steel


    ISO 9001
    IATF 16949:2016


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