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Heronstone Engineering T/A Harlech Tools specialises in the manufacturing of high precision engineered components for almost all branches of industry, continually updating machining capabilities to maintain accuracy, quality, production efficiency and cost effectiveness, and to keep pace with the increasingly more stringent requirements of modern technology.

In line with this policy, the company has invested in the latest CNC precision machines and electronic inspection equipment to ensure that it is able to guarantee that all contracts are delivered on schedule, at the right price, and to the highest standard.


Tool Room

The Tool room facilities include the design development, manufacture refurbishment of press tools. Special purpose jigs and fixture.


Using to its advantage 38years of experience together with modern technology own press shop to ensure that the tools are ready to run in a production environment.

General Machining:

CNC Milling, Turning, and wire erosion also undertaken.

Key Equipment:

Includes wire erosion CNC milling and turning with CAD CAM facilities.

Tooling Discounts:

Bespoke tooling costs can be discounted if production work is also carried out by Harlech Tools.

Press Work and Assemblies

The press shop covers a wide range of products, which include press stampings and assemblies. All tools jigs and fixtures are manufactured and maintained on site in our own well-equipped tool room.

Facilities Include:

Power presses up to 50 tonnes fitted with the latest load monitors to protect customer tooling. We also have a large selection of universal tooling and second operation machines, which are ideal for low volume production batches, where capital investment and special tooling is not required. Can also be used to produce prototypes components for testing prior to the manufacture of special tooling.

Additional processes:

Include spot- welding, mig-welding, guillotining, drilling, tapping, vibratory de-burring etc.


Because we offer a complete range of sub-contract services in house from prototype to final assembly we can give very competitive prices and lead times.


When production is carried out at Harlech Tools, special tooling costs can be heavily discounted.


Precision Turned Parts

Harlech Tools invested heavily in the latest CNC sliding head and turret lathes, to maintain accuracy, quality, reliability and cost effectiveness. Many of the machines have live tooling and sub spindles which means even the most complicated parts can be produced on one machine without the need for secondary operations.

Around The Clock:

All machines are fitted with magazines bar loaders to give fully automated around the clock repetition of high precision turned components in the complete range of ferrous and non ferrous metal and special materials. With the advantage of tool room support, press shop and assembly's facilities, Harlech Tools are able to offer a complete sub contract service

Facilities include:

  • CNC sliding head lathes, live tooling, sub-spindles, magazine bar feeder, bar size up to 32mm diameter.
  • CNC turret lathes, full c axis, live tooling, sub spindle, magazine bar feeder, bar size up to 65mm diameter.
  • CNC milling 3+4 axis also CNC mill drill machines twin pallets for high speed repetition work.

Key Equipment:


  • Turnos delta 20/5 CNC sliding head lathes. Live tooling, sub spindles, magazine bar feeder, bushes option for faster set up of short components.
  • The range of Hanex Tsugami CNC sliding lates from the, XP12-12mm diameter with sub spindle and back end working.
  • SNP17D-17mm diameter with live tooling sub spindle and end working.
  • SS25D-25mm diameter with live tooling sub spindle and end working.
  • CNC turret lathes.
  • Doosan 24om c axis, live tooling, magazine bar feeder.
  • Colchester Tornado t8ms, c axis, live tooling, sub spindle, magazine bar feeder.
  • CNC milling Hyundai SPTV30td mill/drill x2 14 station high speed tool changer, twin pallets.
  • Yang 4 axis CNC mill 20 station yurret.
  • KAFO/FANUC MD510 3 axis mill/drill 12 station high speed tool changer.
  • Star 32J CNC sliding head with c axis and live tooling 
  • Star SJ20 CNC sliding head with c axis and live tooling 


5 Ynyscedwyn Industrial Estate
Trawsffordd Road
United Kingdom
Number of employees
10 - 30



    Mild Steel
    Tool Steel
    Stainless Steel
    Carbon steel


    ISO 9001


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