Hitec Sheet Metal Ltd

4 - East Midlands and East Anglia


Welcome to Hitec Group, a sub-contract manufacturing company. Hitec offers a comprehensive range of engineering services including: Precision Sheet Metal, Fabrication, Laser Cutting and CNC Machining.

Hitec's capabilities range from design & programming through to finishing & assembly services, manufacturing a one off prototype through to full production of 1000 plus pieces.


Precision Sheet Metal Work & Fabrication - Capabilities:

*Bushing and Studding
*Welding, TIG, MIG and Spot
*Finishing & Assembly

Machined Parts Capabilities:

*Precision machined parts
*CNC Milling
*Finishing & Assembly

Laser Cutting Time-Saving, Cost & Quality Benefits:

*Reduced Lead Times
*Excellent Edge Quality
*No tooling costs
*High degree of accuracy
*Little or no component distortion
*Reduction of secondary operations such as deburring or drilling
*Processing of many types of material:
0.5 10mm mild steel
0.3 8mm stainless steel
0.5 6mm aluminium
*Complex shapes, intricate detail including: etching & marking all possible
*Economical, flexible, fast, environmental

Spare Parts Manufacturing:

Hitec currently manufacture an ever increasing range of spare parts for your Turret Presses & Press Brakes.

Finishing & Assembly:

Hitec offers you a complete capability, culminating with the finishing & assembly of your product, to your specification.


*Computer Peripherals
*Heating & Ventilation
*Power Supply
*Pro Audio
*Scientific Equipment


*Laser Cutting
1 x Amada FO3015 CNC Laser Machine
1 x Brother TC-31A Drill/Tap High Speed Milling Machining Centre
1 x HAAS Mini Mill with full CNC Control
1 x HAAS VF3 Milling Centre with full CNC Control
1 x HAAS VFOE Milling Centre with full CNC Control
1 x HAAS VF4 Milling Centre with full CNC Control
1 x HAAS TL2 CNC Lathe
1 x Grindingmaster 900 Wide Graining Machine
*Sheet Metal
Amada EMZ 3510NT Electric Turret Punch Press
Amada PEGA 357 Turret Punch Press
Amada Aries 245 CNC Turret Punch Press
Solidworks 2013 3D CAD/CAM
1 x Amada Promecam HFB 1030 Press Brake
1 x Amada Promecam ITS Press Brake
1 x HFP 80 - 25 Press Brake
1 x HD100-3/7 100-30 Press Brake
3 x Haegar Press Model 824
1 x HBS CNC Twin Head Stud Welder


Regal Lane
United Kingdom
Number of employees
10 - 30



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