Infinite Engineering

3 - West Midlands


CNC Machining Supplier, Birmingham

Infinite Engineering was established 22 years ago and today is a successful family maintained business. We can boast of the state of the art machinery that has enabled us to increase our capacity and ability to produce high precision parts, still maintaining the friendly and family like relationship with our customers. We have to date produced work that has been used by international companies BMW, Cable and Wireless etc. however a high percentage of our work is still produced for the independent sector.

Our main objective is to provide a professional service, maintain high quality and productivity adhering to our customer requirements.


Mod, Security locks, Telecommunication Security Hardware, automotive components and General precission components.


16 x single spindle CAM autos
6 x CNC turning centres (with live tooling & C-axis)
1 x twin turret, twin spindle CNC (with live tooling & CAMS)
4 x CNC machining centres
2 x 2' capacity EMI-MEC lathes
2 x 1' capacity EMI-MEC lathes
Various amount of drillers, millers & capstans for all secondary operations
Fabrication equipment
Quantity of presses - hand, hydraulic & power


11 Bolton Street
Bordesley Green
B9 4HH
United Kingdom
Number of employees
10 - 30



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