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Abrasive Water Jet Cutting is a sophisticated modern technique for cutting soft materials like paper through to the hardest substances such as titanium, ceramics, steel and granite. At the K Cut factory our latest generation equipment can even cut through bullet-proof glass!

The process utilises water and abrasives that are pressurised to create a 'beam' of fluid that will cut through almost any material. Inside K Cut's Abrasive Waterjet Cutting system, water is pressurised up to 4000 bar (60,000 psi) and a powder form abrasive is added to the mix, this is then forced through a directional nozzle onto the surface being cut. It is the abrasives within the solution that ensure the cut is swift and smooth with minimal edge burring and no material deformation.

At K Cut we provide a high tech service for Abrasive Water Jet Cutting. Once a design is transferred into the system's computer a fine abrasive water jet cuts around the shape at ultra high pressure. Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology is at the heart of the process of Abrasive Water Jet but we can work from just a simple sketch, developing your concept into a computer-generated detailed drawing for approval.

The K Cut factory will accept one-off projects or regular orders for Abrasive Water Jet Cutting. We will source your raw materials or if you prefer, allow delivery of your own materials to our factory. We can produce drawings for your approval and deliver the finished goods to your site wherever you are located within the UK.


Abrasive waterjet cutting is a process for cutting materials using a stream of high pressure water, sometimes adding an entrained stream of abrasive particles to aid with the cut, consequently almost any material can be cut with this technology. A special pump raises the pressure of the water from about 60 psi to 60,000 psi. The nozzle is moved in X and Y axes under computer control and can cut shapes difficult or impossible to make using other processes. The surface finish of a part cut with this process appears as though it was sanded.

There are no heat-affected-zone, when you cut with water as you would have if you cut with plasma, laser or oxy-acetylene flame. Researchers have determined that temperature rise is limited to a maximum of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius and this has no effect on material temper. There is no discoloration due to heat and this is a key point if your part will be visible after assembly and cosmetics are crucial. Water jet technology allows material to be cut quickly and cleanly with minimal waste and no distortion. If you have a CAD/.dxf file, a drawing, or just an idea, we will work closely with you to ensure that the finished product is what you desire. The speed and quality of the cut provided by an abrasive water jet allow us to create many different products, the possibilities are almost without limit.

Here is an incomprehensive list of materials we can cut:

Soft Rubber
Hardened Tool Steel
Corten Grade Steel
Abrasive Steel
Many Ceramics
Gasket Material
Stainless Steel
Mild Steel
Glass (even bullet proof!)


If you need any help deciding if precise waterjet cutting is suitable for your needs, give us a ring for some fast, friendly, free advice on 01524 842974


With the water jet almost anything is possible and we do not limit ourselves to any particular type of project. If you have a material to cut and it is not on our list then please ask us for advice. Any design pattern, from Stone to Steel, up to 100mm thick can be cut to your sizes using our state of the art cutting system. With your artwork or CAD drawings we can produce high tolerance shapes to your specifications. We are capable of producing in any quantity from prototypes to full runs of your parts or projects.


Weathering steel, best-known under the trademark COR-TEN is a group of steel alloys which has been developed to avoid the need for painting, by forming a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to the weather. Weathering means that due to the chemical composition of the material, the steel exhibits increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to unalloyed steels. The steel forms a protective layer on its surface giving a weathered effect. Kcut is one of the UK's premier suppliers of Corten steel cutting facilities, please see our dedicated page here.


Traditionally sensitive composites are not a problem, our process exerts very low cutting force on the work piece. Complex geometries with inside corners and drill holes are available. Plexiglas, Corian, rubber, and gasket materials are precisely contoured to your needs.




We are collectively continually investing in the latest technology and are constantly looking at ways to maximise our manufacturing capability.
We offer an extensive range of production capacity in;

Laser Cutting
• Trumpf Laser machine with a bed size of 2500mm x1250mm (max thickness 6mm M/ S2mm St/St) UHP Water Jet Cutting
• 2x waterjet cutting machines with a bed size of 4000x2000mm
• 1x waterjet cutting machine with a bed size of 3000x1500mm
• 1x robotic waterjet cutting machine 7 axis with a cubic bed size of 2500mm
• We can cut almost any material up to 100mm thick

• 1 PDJ Vibro deburring machine
• Grinding, Linishing, Polishing, Electroplating, Passivation, Galvanising & Powder coating can all be offered as part of a finished product

Press Brake Folding
• CNC 200 tonne 7 axis up to 4m in length 8mm M/S 4mm St/St Welding
• 5 welding stations 1 Mig, 3 Tig A/C & D/C, 1 Spot & Stud Fabrication & Assembly
• Drilling, Tapping & Countersinking, Riveting, Joining, Pressing & Fastener Insertion

• 5 welding stations 1 Mig, 3 Tig A/C & D/C, 1 Spot & Stud

Fabrication & Assembly
• Drilling, Tapping & Countersinking, Riveting, Joining, Pressing & Fastener Insertion


White Lund
United Kingdom
Number of employees
1 - 4



    Mild Steel
    Other Exotics Materials Not Listed
    Hi Temp Exotic Alloys
    Tool Steel
    Stainless Steel
    Carbon steel
    Technical Ceramics


    ISO 9001


K Cut Ltd. Waterjet Cutting specialists based in Lancashire

16 May 2016 by KCut Ltd

K Cut ltd have been specialist members since 2012.  In spite of their niche service, they won a steady stream of initial orders at a value of over £10,000 and as a result, have gone on to secure larger, additional work directly.

One of their favourite features of Qimtek is the ability to pick and choose the work they tender for – a perk that is only achievable via the membership service. They have been able to expand the business by finding new customers and establishing long term working relationships.