Fabrication & Welding Specialists Based In Oxfordshire.

LTi Metaltech specialises in the precision fabrication and welding of high performance vessels and structures. Our solutions are used in a number of demanding regulated industries, including cryogenic pressure vessels for the medical sector. Our success is derived from our ability to listen to the challenges being faced by our customers and turn these into high spec fabricated products.  

For over 40 years, LTi Metaltech has led fabrication and technology by innovation. We strive for zero errors every day in a highly regulated industry that demands the solutions that meet the highest quality and adheres to stringent standards. We are the lead manufacturer of the cryogenic pressure vessels used in Siemens MRI Scanners and are recognised experts in high integrity welded structures capable of withstanding extreme pressure, vacuum and temperature differentials.


LTi Metaltech specialises in the precision fabrication of high performance pressure vessels and structures in demanding industrial applications, using Stainless Steel, Copper and high purity Aluminium.

Our ability to produce high integrity vessels and structures to international standards is determined by the use of our latest equipment and systems.

Innovative Design and Development
You have an idea, we have the solution to make it happen. LTi Metaltech prides itself in finding both high quality and cost effective design solutions to customers’ ideas. 

With the support of ultra-modern hardware and software, our engineering design team possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing; allowing us to ensure that all concepts we design are ‘Designed for Manufacture’ (DFM).

Advanced welding
LTi Metaltech employs one of the largest groups of coded welders in the South of England, all of whom work to AD Merkblatt 2000 and PD 5500 standards.

Additionally, we use the latest welding processes and technologies to achieve the highest quality and accuracy in a variety of materials.

Our welding processes have been developed over a number of years, joint configurations have been improved to optimise quality and process times. Our latest improvements reduce the application of heat which eliminates any risk of workpiece warpage. Automatic welders are used to ensure that welds are accurate, precise and repeatable.

Non destructive and destructive testing
LTi Metaltech uses the latest technology and software to rigorously test the integrity of all welded structures.

As recognised experts in high integrity welded structures capable of withstanding extreme pressure, vacuum and temperature differentials, quality assurance is our prime concern.

All of our coded welding processes are inspected by trained dye penetrant testers and approved by an independent third party.



LTi Metaltech is the lead supplier of the cryogenic pressure vessels used in Siemens’ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners.

As the lead supplier of the cryogenic pressure vessels used in Siemens’ Magnetic Resonance Imaging [termometre] (MRI) scanners, LTi Metaltech is recognised as a world leader in manufacturing high-integrity welded structures capable of withstanding extreme pressure, vacuum and temperature differentials.

We have experience in energy sector projects including Nuclear and the emerging Carbon Capture Storage (CCS). All our manufacturing processes are in line with requirements of Nuclear regulatory standards.

Alongside our innovation stands our commitment to corporate social responsibility, where we support local Scientific establishments including Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and Harwell.

LTi Metaltech is actively exploring opportunities in the Energy sector to bring its proven skills in precision fabrication and welding to the design and manufacture of high integrity components and structures for use in demanding situations and environments. We are constantly looking for new projects at Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL) and above.

With over 40 years of experience in the sector, Ventilation is a core competence of the LTi Group. Using state-of-the-art production technologies, we manufacture a broad range of top quality products that provide solutions for our customers. We work to high tolerances to ensure our products are totally round and can produce fan housing up to 2.5m in diameter.

Our longevity in this area has produced €40m per annum for leading OEM manufacturers around Europe. LTi Metaltech has established itself as a lead fabricator in this sector, even exporting  products as far as Australia.

We can produce inlet nozzles, wall rings, nozzle plates, duct fans, roof vent casings, impeller wheels or bespoke casings, whilst maintaining  quality with our in-house testing lab. Our experience of stainless steel for fire risk environments including offshore give us a cutting edge in this sector.

As members of the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), we are committed to working in partnership with key sector service providers in delivering practical solutions to help meet the renewable energy and nuclear waste containment challenges of the next 10-20 years.


Fabrication capabilities:

  • CNC Rolling – welding and CNC Rolling processes are at the heart of our product construction, with our ability to roll between 1250mm and 2500mm with material up to 10mm gauge.
  • CNC Plasma cutting – we use CNC Plasma cutting technology to achieve high accuracies and close tolerances.
  • Laser cutting – our latest 2D flat bed laser machines ensure outstanding economy and precision in the processing of contours and geometries. Automatic loading and unloading of raw materials and sheet metal components as well as a coupled rack system help accelerate the process and guarantee outstanding product quality.
  • Water cutting – new technology allows us to work with most types of sheet metal components and lead the way in water cutting. Our modern equipment and productive staff help provide the best results for our customers.

Welding capabilities:

  • MIG welding – we are a leading provider in this sector, such that MIG welding has become an everyday part of our standard range.
  • TIG welding – our welding robots and longitudinal seam machines mean that TIG welding is at the core of what we do.
  • Plasma welding – our plasma welded seam is narrow and deep, offering the highest speed and precision whilst using the minimum heat.
  • Automated welding – even the most complex assignments can be fulfilled by our design team and automated technologies.

In-house testing capabilities:

  • Onsite Radiography managed by third party
  • Radiography evaluation of welded joints
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Helium leak testing
  • High vacuum testing
  • Visual weld examination
  • Dimensional evaluation
  • Functional testing

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Fully automated fulfilment management system integrating control of materials and production across LTi launched in 2014
  • Experience of delivering directly onto production lines
  • Strong links with leading material suppliers allowing fast reaction times to increased volumes.



163 Brooke Road
Milton Park
OX14 4SD
United Kingdom
Number of employees
51 - 100



Fabrication challenge for green energy

04 Jul 2018 by LTi Metaltech Ltd

Precision fabrication specialist LTi Metaltech’s skills and experience were crucial in the manufacture of a pressure vessel for a large green ammonia energy project.

Precision fabrication and welding can be extremely challenging, particularly when the manufactured components need to withstand some of the highest temperatures and pressures. 

This was certainly the case when Siemens CT tasked the LTi Metaltech with the manufacturing of pressure vessels involved in ammonia capture, for a large Government funded green ammonia energy project.  

Quality engineer appointed

30 May 2018 by LTi Metaltech Ltd

Precision fabrication and welding specialist LTi Metaltech, has appointed Mark Poole, as its new Quality Engineer.

The move comes at an exciting time for the award-winning manufacturer, as it continues to grow steadily and make strong inroads into new markets including food processing, fluid transfer, green energy and healthcare.

From Apprentice to Senior Project Engineer

01 Dec 2016 by LTi Metaltech Ltd

LTi Metaltech is eager to encourage the training of young people particularly utilising apprenticeships, so that the best talent can be developed in a practical environment. The leading technology business is committed to seeing an improvement in the technical skills of the next generation of potential employees in order to avoid a ‘significant generational skills gap’ developing.