Machining, Milling & Turning based in Lisburn, County Antrim.
First established in 2003 McMullen Precision Engineering has grown by providing quality service to clients from a wide range of industries in Northern Ireland. Continually changing to adapt to our customers’ needs McMullen Precision Engineering has been able to establish itself, and has a long list of valued clients.

With experience of injection mould and die making, automated machinery and bespoke fabrications McMullen Precision Engineering are a manufacturer of quality components, Large or small batch production CNC machining are catered for, as well as one off prototypes and development projects.

Our in house services are aimed at offering customers all they need under one roof. Projects can be taken from the initial design stage to a finished product with all the machining and fabrication taken care of by ourselves. This insures a quality product is produced as the end result.


The services offered by McMullen Precision engineering can be divided into two main areas:


The company of McMullen Precision Engineering has been heavily involved in the manufacture quantities of quality turned components right from it first opened in 2003.

With experience of making parts for injection moulds, extruder dies, manufacturing machinery parts and small assemblies, the turned  components are produced to high tolerances.

Component parts can be made in a wide variety of performance materials plus the drawings can be sent by email for pricing or manufacture.

At McMullen Precision engineering we can manufacture large quantities of turned components to high tolerances using both chucking and bar fed CNC lathes. Parts up to a size of 12 inches diameter by 50 inches long can be made in a wide variety of materials. Component part drawings can be sent by email for pricing or manufacture.


Currently having 4 milling machines in operation with high speed high power spindles our company can produce large quantites of precision components in a short space of time.

McMullen Precision Engineering specialise in the production of large batch quantities and are setup with various jigs and work holding fixtures to cope with multiple numbers of parts. We aim to have parts machined in as few setups as possible this helps keep the parts very accurate and also keeps the cos down to a minimum.



McMullen Precision Engineering have clients that span all types of industries.


CNC Milling

  • Currently 4 milling machines in operation.
  • Machines equipped with 4th axis attachment for more complex parts.
  • maximum table size is 1500mm by 500mm. 

CNC Turning

  • ​Currently 5 lathes in operation.
  • Lathes equipped with live tooling and Y axis for precision machining in one operation of complex parts.
  • Bar fed lathes for big volumes of turned parts.



4C Hallstown Road
BT28 2NE
United Kingdom
Number of employees
1 - 4



    Mild Steel
    Other Exotics Materials Not Listed
    Hi Temp Exotic Alloys
    Tool Steel
    Stainless Steel
    Carbon steel
    Cast Iron
    Duplex Stainless
    Super Duplex Stainless


McMullen Precision Engineering Testimonial

27 Jul 2016 by McMullen Precision Engineering

McMullen Precision engineering joined the Qimtek membership, on a regional basis in May 2016, as part of larger plans to expand the business and break into English and Scottish markets. They successfully secured their first initial order within 5 days of signing their membership forms, and have since secured another 6 orders in just 2 months.