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5 - South West and South Wales


Metalite has developed specific expertise in injection mould tooling and have the capability to manufacture tools for a wide range of applications

With 40 skilled staff, our whole approach centres around QUALITY & PRECISION. Sectors involved in; Medical, Optical, Aero, Automotive, Packaging (Thin Wall), Horticultural and Technical Mould tools.

Our Designers can develop designs from an idea or an existing component.

Specialising in injection mould tooling, our reputation is widespread with over 30 years experience.


High precision and flexibility is the key to our success in this fast expanding market.
We have the capability and experience to design and modify a product to meet customer requirements.
Developing an original design is key to any high precision market.

Working with several of the top names in the aerospace industry.
We have produced various jigs and fixtures that enable production and inspection of aerospace major components over the years.

Working with many of the leading moulding companies in the UK and overseas. Our tools are designed and produced to give long term relability in all production enviroments.
Many of our recent projects are as a result of enviromental pressures. By thinning all sections we are able to reduce costs and save on landfill waste.


We manufacture a wide range of components for many different clients



Doosan                 2500SY                  300dia x 500

Doosan                 3100L                     450dia x 1200

Doosan                 2100GT                 200dia x 600

Doosan                 TT1800

XYZ                       proturn 1630        200dia x 300                              


hardinge              XR1000                 1000 x 600 x 600

hardinge              XR1000                 1000 x 600 x 600

hardinge              XR1000                 1000 x 600 x 600

hardinge              XR1000                 1000 x 600 x 600

hardinge              XR1000                 1000 x 600 x 600

Quasar                 UX600                   600 x 600 x 600

DMG                    635                         600 x 500 x 450                            

Jig Boring                            

SIP Hydroptic     NO. 7     1              500 x1000 750                           

Horizontal Boring                            

Dixie                      75.0M                   1000 x 1000 x 600                              

Jig Grinding                        

Hauser                  S3                           400 x 250 x 300

Hauser                  S3                           400 x 250 x 300

Hauser                  3 SM                      400 x 250 x 300

Hauser                  5 SM                      700 x 500 x 500                               

Cylinderical Grinding                      

Jones & Shipman        suprema 650      300dia x 650

Jones & Shipman        suprema 1500    300dia x 1500

Jones & Shipman         1300                    300dia x 650

Jones & Shipman          1300                   300dia x 650

Jones & Shipman          1300                   300dia x 650

Schaudt                                                     500x 500

Schaudt                                                     400 x 1500                             

Surface Grinding                             

Seedtec                           618                    150 x 450 x 250

Seedtec                           1640                   400 x 1000 x 450                            


Agie Charmilles               Roboform 31      600 x 450 x 350

Agie Charmilles               Roboform 300                             

Wire EDM                           

Agie Charmilles E-cut 750                                         


DEA                                cnc cmm             


35 Ganton Way
Techno Trading Estate
United Kingdom
Number of employees
31 - 50



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