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Here at Morgan we are specialists in electronic engineering. We design, develop and manufacture innovative products in the medical, defence and commercial industries but what sets us apart from most businesses is that our main focus is not on the bottom line, but on whether we can make a positive impact on society whilst running a successful business. We’re pretty proud of our track record which has seen us take a number of products from ‘back of the napkin’ stage to international commercial success over the past 30 years.

In addition to our speciality of developing products and taking them successfully to market, we are active supporters of the next generation of innovators and inventors, helping them to realise their designs and improve the world around us. In 2017 we launched the Morgan Innovation and Technology Prize, to celebrate our 30th anniversary and give away over £30,000 worth of R&D support to the innovation most likely to have a significant, positive impact on society. We are supported in this by some of the UK’s major banks, accountancy and law firms, as well as the IET, the EEF and Oxford Innovation.


Unit 17
Petersfield Business Park
GU32 3QA
United Kingdom
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10 - 30



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