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Since the foundation of Norse Precision Castings Ltd in 1977, a programme of continuous technical development and financial investment has established Norse Precision Castings Ltd as a principal UK supplier of aluminium sand castings and rigid polyurethane mouldings, with an enviable reputation for quality of service and product.

We specialise in short run to high volume, high integrity, components to the Automotive, Defence, Scientific, Medical, Prototype, Product development, Design and development   the Engineering sectors and niche and innovative products.

Benefits Of Norse Castings: 

  • Fast and cost effective manufacturing of complex shapes and patterns
  • Wall thickness of 3mm with tolerances of ±0.4mm
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent surface finishes can be achieved
  • Well equipped factory with high efficiency and output


Aluminum Castings: At Norse, we specialise in complex shapes and believe that the key to high quality Castings lies in the expertise and experience of our employees, our facilities and Company ethos.

Production Techniques: Production techniques at Norse Precision Castings enable typical wall thickness on sand cast aluminium of 3mm, with tolerances of ±0.4mm, however the good machinability of aluminium enables even closer tolerances to be achieved. The relatively low cost and speed of manufacture of patterns, allows Norse Precision Castings to react quickly and economically to clients design variations.

Our Die facilities offer Gravity Die castings up to 25Kgs, and we have the capabilities within our group to manufacture sand castings up to 1000kgs, Zinc Die Castings and have facilities for Brass components.

The availability of both electric and gas furnaces allows the selection of the most efficient and cost effective melting process. Volume core production from the core shop is maintained using highly efficient loading and compacting methods including core shooter systems. With production flow critical to factory efficiency, roller conveyors and six station mould carousels save valuable time. Boxless moulding methods and resin bonded sand produce castings with an excellent surface finish.

Production capabilities: Production capability ranges from small intricate parts to 1000mm 'cubes' with the occasional special shape up to 2.5 metres in diameter. On-site post-casting operations, including straightening, heat treating, CNC machining, finishing, and assembly, are all under the one roof, enabling some very short lead times as well as forming part of our one-stop-shop casting / machining / painting service.

Finishing processes: Our process is fuly integrated we have In-house heat treatment using electric top-loading ovens and water quenching meets most customer requirements. A variety of finishing processes include shot blasting, anodising, impregnation and coating and painting.

In house coating and painting facilities now occupies its own dedicated facility within the Bedford site, comprising two 5-metre spray booths and curing oven, together with degreasing equipment and separate masking, inspection and packaging areas. This in-house capability minimises logistics costs and scheduling delays, while ensuring a quick and comprehensive feedback loop and full ownership of every process.

We produce very high quality, durable and corrosion resistant finishes in a wide variety of specifications and colours to the most demanding instrument finishes on both aluminium and plastic components, the latter including RF shielding. A service for many other treatments and finishes such as powder coating, vandal resistant clear powder can be accommodated. Our Painting and Powder Coating services are available on a sub-contract basis

Polyurethane Casting: Rigid Polyurethane is cured by catalytic action at room temperature resulting in design benefits well beyond other plastics. The polyol resin is mixed with an isocyanate hardener and curing takes place within the hour. Like thermoplastics rigid polyurethane is light, which equips it well to compete with metals on weight/strength ratio.

The process: The processes employ techniques very similar to sand casting, particularly the pivotal role of accurate moulds. Like aluminium, the high fluidity of rigid polyurethane at moulding, means an ability to form accurate parts, with shallow recesses, deep wells and slots and with low warp characteristics.

Techniques at Norse Precision Castings allow wall thickness from 1mm to 30mm with tolerances as low as ±0.3mm and excellent machinability enables the finished part to be offered with even tighter tolerances. Strengthening ribs may be added easily in recognised areas of stress, giving the designer the luxury of putting material only where it is needed. Hidden benefits emerge however with its ability to be moulded cold. Our moulds are Rubber based and offer flexibility in design and manufacture without the high initial cost of traditional Injection Moulding tool.

We supply for Prototype, Development, Short Order quantities, obsolete re-manufacture or low use scheduled parts for many sectors and is one of the leading suppliers in this field.

Benefits of Polyurethane Casting:

  • Accurate moulds
  • Perfect for moulding into shallow recesses and slots
  • Wall thickness from 1mm to 30mm
  • Can be moulded cold
  • Strengthening ribs can be added with ease

Precise mouldings without risk of damage: Inserts such as threads and bearing surfaces can be placed without difficulty but the absence of high temperatures during the manufacturing process means more delicate items such as electronic packages, connectors, and co-axial components can be encapsulated without risk of damage. Surfaces accept sprayed metals for EMC/RFI interference suppression.

The precision of moulding enables surface logos to be formed, and irregular shaped identification markings to be included. The mouldings can be supplied in a choice of finishes including smooth, textured or a 'suede' effect. Additionally silk screen printing can be applied for a complete product.

Benefits of Precise Mouldings

  • Multiple choice of finishes
  • Delicate items can be encapsulated with low risk of damage
  • Precise moulding perfect for surface logos and markings



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