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Welcome to QPE  - Your partner for critical electronic assemblies

QPE concentrates on sectors that have similar needs. Invariably those needs are mission or life critical, where delivery and quality is non-negotiable whilst at the lowest possible cost.

As a UK supplier we always aim to develop enduring partnerships with our Global customers and thus provide an unparalleled level of personal service in addition to a confidence in the security of supply.

By prudent investment over many years we have an exceptionally cost efficient base combining advanced surface mount with traditional wiring and through hole skills with advanced and growing test capabilities. All within a facility that is scalable to meet our customers needs when required.

We meet the increasing demand for customers who want a complete manufacturing service, from interface with technologists and engineers through to delivery and remanufacturing for the end-user.


QPE supports its build and test activities through an effective and efficient materials team who are accountable for ensuring all parts are available in stores at the required time.The team purchase products through a global network of trusted ISO9001 accredited suppliers. Full traceability by sourcing through EN9210 certified suppliers can be provided upon request.

QPE recognise the complex and differing needs of its customer base and are able to rapidly source all parts required for prototype build through to setting strategic stocks, end of life or obsolete parts in place across its supply chain to assure production and remanufacturing volumes and are secure.

If the customer has parts already available for a build and test only or outsourcing an existing production activity, QPE can absorb these into its schedules.

It has always been QPE's strategy to offer our customers a full manufacturing and test service. By working closely with the customers' technologists on new and existing product developments our experienced engineering team advise contribute throughout on Design For Manufacture and Test along with internal Inspection and Test Strategies. This contribution sets the foundations for the product to be built at highest quality and lowest cost.

Engineering are also continually reviewing our quality systems and documentation needs to provide evidence of compliance.This relationship remains throughout the life of the product benefitting our ability to incorporate engineering changes in the most expedient manner.

QPE have invested heavily in capital equipment that meet its customers needs for adaptability, high quality and excellent cost efficiency.

The majority of QPE's business starts its production cycle in the Surface Mount Area. Advanced MyDatas are used that produce up to 40000CPH, multiple PCB assemblies can be produced on a single platform with a minimum component size of 01005 (0.4x0.2mm). Offline programing software allows uninterrupted machine throughput meaning SMT programming is swift and efficient.

In addition to our Surface Mount Manufacturing capability QPE have a combined 250 years of experience of manual insertion, wiring, potting and build into the chassis or frames to provide complete mechanical and electronic assemblies ready for environmental conditioning and testing. All PTH operators are trained in-house to IPC-A-610, while our wiring department staff are trained to IPC-A-620.

To complete the boards inside the recently upgraded 25000sqft facility we have all the cleaning & coating needed to ensure the core PCBs are manufactured to the standards required for often life-critical applications.

QPE understand that testing is a vital stage of any product's manufacturing process cycle and is used to validate the functionality of the product, the manufacturing processes and the quality of the components. It is an integral part of our commitment to deliver a fully functioning and reliable product.

QPE's complimentary tools used to achieve this are:

  • Flying probe testing (Takaya)
  • Working to customer test specifications
  • AOI systems
  • 2D X-Ray
  • Working with customer supplied test equipment
  • A suite of FPGA/PIC/Flash programmers
  • Various test instruments - PSUs, DMM, Scopes etc.
  • Boundary Scan / J-Tag testing
  • Environmental chamber (+180C to -40C)

The test department also contains over 50 years of testing experience as well as 20 years of test development experience on a wide range of methodologies and platforms.

Underpinning our test strategy is our QMS quality system where all results can be recorded and logged for traceability. All our test equipment is maintained and calibrated in accordance with recognised industry certifications.

Customers have a need to support their product in the field and QPE provides a repair service that not only covers products manufactured by the company, but products from any source.

Our repair work capability includes:

  • Diagnostics and fault reporting
  • BGA rework and re-balling
  • X-Ray BGA and inner layer fault diagnosis
  • Track cuts and replacement
  • Wire adds and modifications

QPE offer comprehensive BGA rework facilities using industry leading PDR IR rework systems. Using this rework system enables us to replace defective parts in the unlikely event of a device failure whilst retaining the value of the components already soldered to the board. The task of de-soldering, placement and re-soldering all types of SMD components can easily be carried out using our rework facilities.

We can handle the demands for long term warranty support. Using our expertise gained in the repair and refurbishment of our customers' products, we can extend that offering to become a true partner, supporting the warranty requirements offered to their customers.


QPE recognise the challenges the Oil and Gas sector are experiencing with increasing pressure on cost whilst continually improving quality and lead-times. Since the 1980s we are proud to have delivered life-critical electronic assemblies for use in some of the most hostile environments on earth. We have enduring partnerships with our customers and aid them by using our niche skill and experience to provide a better more cost efficient solution to their needs.

With our agility we can react quickly to their changing needs with access to surge capacity when required, whilst we continue to invest in our end to end service.

We are excited by our existing and growing presence in the Security sector and the opportunities that exist. We recognise this sectors high growth potential as it supports multiple agencies around the globe. Agility is crucial in this sector and the partnering approach we specialise in gives us a competitive edge.

The mission-critical needs of the Defence sector is also one we serve, with an ability to interface with the incumbent prime contractors or as a lower tier supplier.

Taking our core ethos of discretion, quality, delivery and cost efficiency we are able to utilise our full service offering interacting with the customers design engineers letting them concentrate on product innovation whilst we deal with all their manufacturing and remanufacturing matters.

Supporting both emerging and existing needs in the competitive industrial and semiconductor markets is another of our specialisms. Cost efficiency, quality and delivery are nowadays a given. Our ability to act quickly to deliver a product from the drawing board to end-user is a differentiator for our customers.

QPE's tradition of working with its customers in an enduring partnership is key. We understand and support many small companies through their formative years underpinning their innovation with professional manufacturing performance.

Once their product becomes the norm we provide a scalable solution with real cost advantages and a tradition of high quality and delivery performance.


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