For over thirty years Redco Limited have been supplying plastics to the UK market. Over this time we have developed expertise in high quality Precision Engineering in both plastics and metals.

Our dedicated computer aided design team are here to offer their skills in developing your products and assisting with any design issues you may have. 

In addition to this, we also offer a full cutting, billeting and fabrication services. As well as our growing machining capabilities, we have also formed lasting partnerships with a wide variety of material manufacturers - whilst remaining independent.

These strategic partnerships have allowed us to offer very competitive prices for the highest quality materials.

Custom sheet sizes and colours are also available allowing us to assist you with any requirements you may have. Finally, through our network of nationwide and international couriers, as well as our own delivery vehicles, we can ensure you receive your orders on time and in perfect condition.

Whatever your requirement may be, Redco are here to help you.


With production facilities in excess of 15000 sq ft, we can supply a broad range of bespoke semi-finished, fully machined parts and complete assemblies. We are able to machine all engineering plastics such as Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Acetal, PTFE, PEEK, PE, PU, TORLON, etc, along with the usual complement of ferrous/non-ferrous metals.

Our manufacturing department incorporates a range of services from general sawing and planing, to high end precision engineering on a comprehensive range of CNC lathes, mills and routers utilising the latest CADCAM technology.



2 off Hurco VMX42i 
X:1066   Y:610  Z:1066

  • 10,000rpm
  • 24hp
  • 4th Axis
  • 24 Station Carouse

3 off Hurco VMX20i 
X:1016   Y:508  Z:508

  • 10,000rpm
  • 20hp
  • 20 Station Carousel

1 off Hurco VMX10i 
X:660   Y:406  Z:508

  • 10,000rpm
  • 15hp
  • 20 Station Carousel

Cincinnati Arrow 2000 
X:2032   Y:760  Z:760

  • 8,000rpm
  • 15hp
  • 21 Station Carousel

Doosan Lynx 300
Max Radius: 650
Max Length: 450
Swing In Gap: n/a

  • 3,500rpm, 20hp
  • 76mm Spindle
  • C-Axis Live Tooling
  • 12 Station Carousel

Hwacheon Cute 200 
Max Radius: 300
Max Length: 284
Swing In Gap: n/a

  • 4,500rpm, 11hp
  • 51mm Spindle
  • 12 Station Carousel

XYZ Proturn 425 
Max Radius: 410
Max Length:  1250
Swing In Gap: 700

  • 2,500rpm, 10hp
  • 80mm Spindle
  • 4 Station Tool Post

XYZ Proturn 410
Max Radius: 410
Max Length:  1250
Swing In Gap: 700

  • 2,500rpm, 10hp
  • 75mm Spindle
  • 4 Station Tool Post

Cincinnati Hawk TC200
Max Radius: 300
Max Length:  500
Swing In Gap: n/a

  • 4,500rpm, 15hp
  • 65mm Spindle
  • 12 Station Carousel

In addition to our extensive milling and turning facilities, Redco Limited are also able to offer the following facilities and precision engineering machinery: 

2 off CNC Router - Size capacity up to 3m x 2m sheets, 10 station tool changer.
Auto Bandsaw - 460mm diameter maximum.
Wall Saw - 5000 x 2000mm
Crosscut Table Saw - 3000 x 1500mm
Planer - 400mm


Redco Limited offer a range of additional engineering and project management services:  

Plastic hot air welding and fabrication services.
Polyurethane moulding/machining facilties.
Parts finishing - including hard anodising service and various surface coating treatments.
Acrylic diamond edge and flame polishing capability. 
Bespoke Project Management Services.
Mastercam CADCAM design.​


Airedale House
Units 11-14 Burton Close
United Kingdom
Number of employees
10 - 30



Further expansion at Redco

06 Nov 2018 by Redco Ltd

Further to continued success in 2017 and 2018, Redco Ltd has added the following machines to their already extensive plant list:

"I would have no trouble recommending Qimtek"

14 Dec 2017 by Redco Ltd

For over 35 years, Norfolk-based Redco has supplied plastics, rubbers and foams to markets here in the UK and abroad. In a bid to fill capacity and increase their existing customer base, Redco joined the Qimtek membership

Continued expansion of manufacturing facility at Redco

11 Jul 2017 by Redco Ltd

Well, we thought 2016 was a busy year, but based on the previous 6 months, 2017 is set to be a record year.

Due to ongoing demand for precision machined parts, we have installed an additional 2 machines to further increase our manufacturing capabilities and capacity 

  • Hurco VMX20i CNC Mill
  • AXYZ CNC Router

Please get in touch to discuss your machining requirements. We can supply precision parts in a variety of materials from 1 offs to large batches.