ISO 9001 Approved Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialists.

SevenHills Fabrication specialise in sub-contract engineering. Our precision engineering heritage dates back over 90 years to 1926 and we proudly offer one of the most comprehensive and best quality engineering solutions in Yorkshire.

SevenHills Fabrication employ over 80 staff with specialist skills and up to date training, we are well placed to meet any sub-contract engineering requirements.

With ongoing investment, SevenHills Fabrication has grown substantially over the years and now operates from three geographical locations, with over 25,000 square foot of manufacturing and distribution floorspace. Be it laser cutting, coded welding & fabrication, light to medium engineering, or architectural stainless steel fabrication, SevenHills Fabrication has the engineering capacity to answer any customer needs.

As a customer of SevenHills Fabrication you will benefit from extensive in-house facilities which means that dependence on external suppliers is kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring standards and lead times can be kept within expectations.

SevenHills Fabrication continue to invest in technology and people which has help secure industry awards which range from Outstanding business of the year to winners of the Outstanding Manufacturing award at the Sheffield business awards!



SevenHills Fabrication design-to-manufacture solutions give customers the flexibility and convenience of a one-stop shop, and vastly reduced timescales and development costs. Our development team works closely with customers' marketing and operations staff to understand their needs and deliver excellent design solutions.


SevenHills Fabrication provides over 85 years of experience in welding with numerous TIG sets, MIG sets, MMA sets and GAS sets, as well as submerge arc welding machines, punching and guillotine equipment. We offer small fabrication & medium fabrication, stainless steel, aluminiumv & mild steel coded welding carbon steel fabrication, production line fabrication, repetitive line jig-work, shot blasting, airless & wet paint spray and metal polishing.

Laser Cutting:

SevenHills Fabrication houses the latest 6KW Bystronic Laser cutter. These machines are capable of cutting mild steel up to 25mm, stainless steel up to 30mm, aluminium up to 30mm, titanium up to 4mm, brass up to15mm and copper up to 12mm - all to the hghest quality!  Laser cutting offers the ability to produce complex parts quickly in most sheet materials without expensive and time consuming tooling.  This makes it an ideal process fo either prototype or production batches.


SevenHills Fabrication manufactures precision machined components, light fabrications and assemblies to customer specifications utilising the latest cnc machining technology.

Stock Management:

SevenHills Fabrication provide both stock management and warehousing for clients that require stock holding and delivery on demand. These are controlled with inventory management systems which provide bar coded tracking of stock from receipt through to delivery. Regular stock reporting takes place - including any specific customer requirements and stock monitoring.


Holbrook Industrial Estate
S20 3GH
United Kingdom
Number of employees
51 - 100



    Mild Steel
    Stainless Steel


    ISO 9001
    CE Marking


Nomination News

17 Apr 2018 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

Great to see that we have been shortlisted for 'Manufacturer of the Year' at the 2018 Made in Sheffield Awards which will be held at Cutlers Hall on 26 April! The Made in Sheffield brand is synonymous with world class quality and excellence in manufacturing with more than 250 companies licensed to use its logo. #madeinsheffield

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20 Mar 2018 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

SevenHills Fabrication is a specialist sub-contract engineering company who are able to provide a wide range of laser cutting services with fast lead times utilising state of the art technology to guarantee the highest quality profiling.

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02 Mar 2018 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

SevenHills Fabrication, based in Sheffield, is a sub-contract engineering company, which was founded in 1926. Today, the team at SevenHills works on a range of engineering solutions. Contact us today, for more information.

Spare Laser Capacity at PCT

04 Jan 2018 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

PCT engineering has moved to 2 shift patterns, in turn, giving them extra laser capacity! Call for more info.

Free standing Up & Over step unit

04 Dec 2015 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

Free standing Up & Over step unit used to gain safe access from one area of a roof to another, bridging over air conditioning ducting so maintenance can be carried out without risks of trips and falls.  Manufactured in accordance to: BS 4211:2005+A1:2008.

Aluminium Walkway Brackets

24 Nov 2015 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

Aluminium walkway brackets ready for shipping to site, this enables a modular GRP walkway system to be anchored in situ.  Ensuring safe access on roof tops for site maintenance keeping workers safe.

Davit Bases

09 Oct 2015 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

CE Davit bases completed ready for shipping to London site.

Conveyor System

02 Oct 2015 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

Working closely with our customer this bespoke conveyor system was manufactured and assembled in house to save our client installation time on site.  

Certification Achieved - CE Marking of Structural Steel Fabrications

28 Jul 2015 by Seven Hills Fabrication Ltd

We are delighted to announce our achievement of gaining CE Marking Compliance with certification to BS EN 1090-1 and 2 – Execution Class 2. Audited and certified by the Centre for Assessment Ltd.

In 2013 the new Construction Products Regulations were released, making CE marking mandatory and requiring fabricators to demonstrate that their internal training, qualifications and quality control procedures met the necessary standards.