Complete manufacturers specialising in medium to heavy assemblies. 

With a history spanning 3 centuries A.Taylor & Son are a true engineering success story. Established in 1864 as humble tinsmiths and sheet metal workers the company stands today as one of the UK's leading subcontract precision fabrication and machining engineers.

Currently operating from 4 sites in Leeds and offering a total capacity in excess of 100,000ft2every site specialises in it's own discipline but each complementing the other to provide a total manufacturing solution to a diverse and very demanding global customer base.

Recognised as supplying high integrity solutions to a variety of industries our key sectors include Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Defence, Power Generation and Renewables. Given the scope of products A.Taylor manufactures we are almost unique in the subcontract sector and investment continues to grow the company to suit the changing needs of core customers.


Steel Profiling and Material Preparation

In 2007 A.Taylor & Son opened their third site in Leeds with a large bay dedicated to the preparation and processing of steel supplying both their fabrication and machining facilities.

Covering 3 large well equipped bays and served with ample craneage, all forms of material preparation are undertaken, including CNC profiling up to 250mm thick and high definition plasma cutting up to 50mm thick.

The company carries a healthy stock of carbon steel in both sheet and plate form, along with an array of sections from joist and beam through to box section and tube. In stocking such a diverse range of steel A.Taylor can react quickly to urgent customer requirements therefore reducing lead time and a reliance on sub suppliers.

Many of the projects A.Taylor work on feature highly technical specifications and the skills gained in servicing many high profile industries have given the company a full understanding of client requirements, regardless of complexity.

Medium to Heavy Fabrication

The ‘TAYLORMADE’ logo is synonymous with the supply of high quality fabrications in both carbon and stainless steels, aluminium and other exotic materials, including duplex.

A.Taylor's key fabrication facility comprises 6 modern bays covering 30,000ft2 served by a variety of cranes. Restricted only by the physical size that can be transported, the largest bay (6) comprises 50 tonne craneage and is particularly suited to offshore structures, shipping frames, large diameter tanks, cylindrical vessels and base frames.

Sheet Metal and Light Fabrication

A.Taylor manufactures an array of lighter components from precision sheet metal through to complex high integrity prototypes.

Over recent years and working in partnership with its major clients A.Taylor has committed resources to creating a number of production cells for the manufacture of critical components. Utilising its highly skilled workforce, alongside bespoke fabrication jigs and semi automated welding systems, the company has recognised the value of key process control, not only giving repeatability and consistently high quality, but equally as important - providing opportunities for product development and value engineering.

Additionally and in response to client demand the company operates a dedicated bay for the manufacture of stainless and alloy steel fabrications. Segregated from carbon steel production and predominantly serving the chemical and hygiene industries this clean bay works with several grades of stainless and duplex materials.

Welding and NDT

A.Taylor is proud of its reputation for first class welding and holds approved weld procedures covering a variety of materials, processes and equipment. The company is widely recognised as a centre of excellence for both standard and specialised welding techniques.

A.Taylor undertakes all common welding processes including F.C.A.W., G.M.A.W., M.C.A.W., G.T.A.W., S.A.W., and S.M.A.W.

Accredited by the TWI (The Welding Institute) to BS EN ISO 3834 'Quality Requirements for Welding', this confirms the highest level of fabrication and welding capability and personnel competence. Two fully qualified welding engineers are responsible for a team of over 20 welding personnel, all qualified to both ASME IX and BSEN 287, with a range of procedures covering ASME IX, BS 15614 and Norsok M101.

Full scope of NDT services are available on site, including visual, MPI, DPI and ultrasonic testing, the company's inspectors qualified to both ASNT level 2, PCN level 2 and CSWIP 3.1.


Unquestionably the fastest growth area within the company, A. Taylor and Son have created a machining facility most fabricators could only wish for.

Originally commissioned in 1993 with just one machine tool - a Giddings and Lewis horizontal borer, the company was keen to complement its core fabrication expertise and exploit potential value added opportunities given a dwindling sub contract machining sector.

Initially the company tackled machining with the same high quality uncompromising approach they applied to fabricated products. This early success created increased customer demand and proved to be the catalyst for the company opening a second site in 2003 dedicated solely to machining.

In 2011 A.Taylor took the unprecedented decision to purchase a fourth site and began relocating its machine tools whilst commissioning an array of new machines virtually doubling capacity in a purpose built facility.

Through steady growth and carefully structured investment, conventional vertical and horizontal borers are joined by a host of medium to heavy CNC machine tools. For components requiring milling or horizontal boring A.Taylor boasts a Gidding and Lewis twin pallet horizontal borer, a 2 metre table Kuraki horizontal borer, a Mazak CNC horizontal machining centre and a high powered Butler CNC Elgamil with 15 tonne capacity. Finally the largest machine tool is a Mitsubishi CNC floor borer which is able to tackle the heaviest of fabrications upto 5 metres square and 25 tonnes in weight.

Turned components can be produced on a range of lathes up to 1 metre diameter and including 3 CNC Doosan Pumas and a number of centre lathes including Swift, Harrison and a Dugard Champion. Larger components can be machined on conventional and CNC vertical borers with 5 Webster & Bennett machines of various sizes upto 77" sitting alongside a Dorries Sharman VTL up to a maximum diameter of 2 metres.

Higher volume batch products are ideally suited to the company’s Hitachi Seiki and Mazak twin pallet horizontal machining centres along with an array of smaller machines for precision milling, turning and boring.

Assembly and Testing

A.Taylor has developed expertise in ensuring their customers exacting requirements are achieved time and time again. This is pivotal to the success behind a company that has evolved from a simple fabricator to a total solution provider.

Pontifex works are home to a spacious and well appointed dedicated assembly and finishing facility, covering 10,000ft2. The diversity within the department is vast, from small detailed subassemblies to full tree builds weighing many tonnes.

Typical assemblies include full ROV kits, Base frames complete with pipework , Control cabinets, Pump systems and many more besides. Various manufactured components converge here for finishing and final factory acceptance testing before being despatched worldwide.

Inspection and Quality

A.Taylor & Son operate a rigorous and uncompromising quality system strictly in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Each site has it’s own inspection department, covering fabrication, welding, machining, testing, painting and final assembly.

Key inspection processes include the following disciplines:-

Fabrication and Machining inspection – Verification of materials used and dimensional inspection against customer drawings and specification tolerances. We have 2 large Faro arms and a Faro laser tracker for CMM measurement and dimensional verification. 

Visual inspection – Inspection of materials for finish and size, fit-up conditions prior to welding and quality of completed welding.

NDT inspection – Weld inspection to approved procedures and techniques, and verification of NDT reports by ASNT, PCN and CSWIP weld inspectors.

Assembly – Witness and verification of fit up, major dimensional checks and interface testing.

Paint inspection – Verification of paint system including DFT’s and paint report compliance by ICORR qualified inspectors.

Final documentation – Compilation of documentation package in accordance with customer requirements.


Subsea Tree Frame Assemblies

Shipping Frames/ Baskets

Test Stands/ Tool Stands

Protective Structures/ Canopies

ROV Panel Assemblies

Production Guidebases

Flowbase Fabrications

Skids/ Base Frame Fabrications

Offshore Tooling equipment

Subsea Control Module equipment

Pressure Vessels

Storage Tanks


Valve Bodies

Complex Pipework Developments/ Specials

Guide Funnels

Bespoke Fabrications


Oil and Gas

Undoubtedly the company’s main expertise lies wthin the demanding industry of Oil and Gas where precision fabrication and engineering is a pre-requisite.

With a dynamic and professional approach A.Taylor & Son has gained a world-wide reputation for supplying an unrivalled portfolio of products to almost every oil field over the last 40 years.

Throughout this period industry knowledge, alongside good working practices adopted from its client base has allowed the company to become a first tier supplier to all the major oil field contractors.

Critical components include deep water production tools, ROV equipment, shipping skids and baskets through to larger guide base fabrications, protective structures, canopies and the largest overtrawlable frame assemblies.


Over recent years fabrications have become much smaller, far more complex and require a high level of precision machining as customer requirements shift.

A.Taylor manufactures a host of sub-sea control equipment for major oil field suppliers, these items tend to have a high technical content, materials of construction are usually quite onerous and welding specifications are often very stringent.

The subsea control module is normally mounted directly on the facility to be controlled, such as a subsea tree/manifold and is the interface between the control lines supplying hydraulic and electric power and signals from the host facility, and the subsea equipment to be monitored and controlled.

These are critical parts where 100% quality is paramount and our expertise in this sector ensures our customers demands are met and exceeded every time.


Recent diversification into the Nuclear sector has been equally as succesful the company applying the same level of commitment to quickly win recognition as a subcontractor to be relied upon.

Already receiving direct approvals from long established key tier 1 organisations A.Taylor are looking to build upon this early success by joining the NIA and embarking on the Fit for Nuclear programme.

Manufacturing a number of bespoke medium to heavy fabrications in both carbon and stainless steels the company has the necessary fabrication and machining capabilities to fulfill the most demanding requirements.


A.Taylor has succesfully completed a number of high profile defence contracts for key clients who are world leaders in counter-mine and counter-IED equipment for armoured fighting vehicles.

Applying cellular manufacture combined with an in depth understanding of customer requirements ensures first class products are supplied to the most rigorous of schedules week in week out.

Pumps and Hydropower

The company has a long and rich history supplying a diverse array of equipment to the pump and power industries, some of the most complex fabrications A.Taylor has manufactured can be found around the world in many power stations or within hydroelectric turbine installations.

With 50 tonne craneage A.Taylor can produce the largest of pump skids and baseplates, spiral turbine cases (possibly the most intricate of fabrications the company makes), both small and large diameter pipework and specials including bifurcations produced to both ASME and BS standards.

General Fabrication

With a history spanning three centuries and over 150 years A.Taylor has supplied products to virtually every industry sector in the world.

Such a breadth of knowledge cannot be underestimated and it is the main reason the company can count some of the world's leading equipment suppliers as core customers.

Further growth and expansion is planned as A.Taylor moves into new cutting edge industries such as resource recovery, hazardous waste and renewable energy.


WEAVER STREET (Medium to Heavy Fabrication)

Floor Area - 30,000ft sq

  • Incorporating - 6 Fabrication Bays, 1 Quarantine/ Inspection Bay, 1 Segregated Stainless Steel Bay


  • - 2 x 2 Tonnes
  • - 4 x 5 Tonnes
  • - 1 x 6 Tonnes
  • - 2 x 8 Tonnes
  • - 2 x 10 Tonnes
  • - 1 x 12.5Tonnes
  • - 1 x 50 Tonnes

PONTIFEX WORKS (Machining/ Final Assembly)

Floor Area - 43,000ft sq

  • Incorporating - 3 Machining Bays, 3 Fitting/ Assembly Bays


  • - 1 x 2 Tonnes
  • - 3 x 3 Tonnes
  • - 3 x 5 Tonnes
  • - 2 x 10 Tonnes
  • - 1 x 25 Tonnes

PEPPER ROAD (Small to Medium Fabrication)

Floor Area - 30,000ft sq

  • Incorporating - 1 Material Preparation Bay, 2 Fabrication Bays


  • - 2 x 5 Tonnes
  • - 2 x 3.2 Tonnes
  • - 2 x 3 Tonnes

MODDER AVENUE (Assembly & Testing/ Future Expansion)

Floor Area - 28,000ft sq

  • Incorporating - 3 Assembly/ Testing Bays


  • - 1 x 3 Tonnes
  • - 1 x 5 Tonnes
  • - 1 x 10 Tonnes
  • - 1 x 25 Tonnes


2 x Hitachi Seiki HC500, Horizontal Twin Pallet CNC Machining Centres

Hurco VMX 24 Vertical Machining Centre

Dugard Eagle CNC Machining Centre

Mitsubishi FAF 210-150 CNC Floor Borer

2 x Mazak Twin Pallet Horizontal Borers, FH68OX and HJB2200

Giddings and Lewis Horizontal Borer

Giddings and Lewis MC50 Twin Pallet Horizontal Borer

Churchill CNC Horizontal Borer

Kuraki CNC Boring and Milling Machine

Elgamill CNC HP Milling Machine

Elgamill Manual Milling Machine

Elgamill CS10 CNC High Powered Milling Machine

Pinocho Mustang 200 CNC Lathe

Swift Lathe (Manual)

Dean Smith and Grace Lathe (Manual)

3 x Doosan Puma CNC Turning Centres 700 & 400

Dorries VCG 2000/140 CNC Vertical Turning and Boring Machine

Webster Bennet 77" Dia Vertical Borer

Webster Bennet 72" Dia Vertical Borer

Webster Bennet 48" Dia Vertical Borer

Webster Bennet 36" Dia Vertical Borer

Webster Bennet 40" Dia CNC Vertical Borer


Pepper House
Pepper Road
LS10 2AJ
United Kingdom
Number of employees
101 - 200