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Tefloturn: Plastic Turned & Milled Parts Manufacturer

We supply components in PTFE (TEFLON it’s in our name TEFLOTURN ) and also in a wide variety of other plastic materials such as Acetal, Delrin, Nylon, PEEK, Vespel, Oilon, Torlon and PEI, among others, for applications across many kinds of industries.

We supply plastic turned and milled parts for high quality equipment for medical and laboratory applications and electrical industries, as well as  plastic parts and Components for equipment used in the food industry. All made to the exacting individual specification of our clients, to critical tolerances where needed.

We manufacture & supply plastic parts in smaller quantities if required, but are equally able to undertake high volume orders for plastic parts, either as a single order or as a rolling schedule (call off). We manufacture bespoke plastic components and work from clients’ drawings to create the finished article.

Being a small, versatile company,we are capable of reacting quickly to customer requirements this allows us to get your design to the production stage in a relatively short timescale. Whatever you need, our extensive experience means that we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the goods to specification, on time and with the minimum of fuss.



precsion milling and turning services from a true plastic specialist



precision miilling, drilling and turning.  we only work in plastics because of cross contammination issues.

Also we pride ourselves on the way we treat and respond to clients old and new



at the moment we have a CNC Lathe  (2 axis)

a Star 20mmm with bar feed.

A 3 axis CNC mill

an XYZ turning centre  with Driven tools.

we also have just bought a 32mm Star sliding headd CNC


we also have a selection of traditional machines.



Unit W2 Flitcham Barns
Abbey Road
King's Lynn
PE31 6BT
United Kingdom
Number of employees
1 - 4



Tefloturn increase capacity with a Star 20R Type G

13 Sep 2018 by Tefloturn Ltd

Hello again. 
In the last article posted, I said we were getting a 32 mm sliding head machine. Things change so rapidly here.  We in fact ended up with a Star 20 R type G which means we now have 2x 20 mm Stars - the oldest of which is just 3 years!
To keep our machines busy, we're seeking repeat work for production runs of 5000+. 

No sticking points for Tefloturn

12 Jul 2018 by Tefloturn Ltd

After moving to larger premises PTFE specialist Tefloturn has increased capacity with new machining, sliding head and fixed head turning capacity.

New machine

10 Jul 2018 by Tefloturn Ltd

Norfolk based Tefloturn have purchased a Star SR-32J sliding head machine which features a B axis attachment, a bar magazine and swarf conveyor. The new machine is expected to arrive in early October, greatly improving the range of parts on offer to their clients.


08 May 2018 by Tefloturn Ltd

Yes that's right, we're no longer in a Farm building, but rather a nice purpose-built production Unit on the North Lynn industrial estate.  Our move has already paid dividends, as a new skilled C.N.C. programmer / setter has been found. - His name is Arthur, and we are sure he will turn into a very valuable asset. 

I will post more when I have more to report.

Mick Finney, M.D - Tefloturn Ltd