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Utilising the latest Bystronic Byspeed model 3015 laser with automatic sheet feeding, Telford Laser are able to produce parts overnight without human intervention! Its 4.5kW laser makes easy work of inch thick mild steel and the bed plate area of 3000mm by 1500mm enables economic use of standard sheet sizes.


Using our two CNC Hydraulic press brakes – maximum capacity 2000kN, we have a bending capacity of 3M lengths and thicknesses up to 6mm.


Typically used on mild steel (new or previously painted) we shotblast using G17 grit chilled iron shot. The finish gives a homogenous surface free from grease, scale and loose debris. The surface typically conforms to BS7079 part A1:1989 (ISO 8501-1:1988) to grade Sa 2 ½ or better. The surface is an ideal preparation for painting. Our blast room is 5M wide by 3M deep having an available height of 3M. Long structural members up to 6.5M can be accommodated.


Painting is via the wet spray method typically using solvent based paints. We can also apply two pack epoxy paints and water based according to your needs.

Our standard finish is a zinc rich primer applied over shotblast finish. Typical thickness is around 30 microns. We can supply most colour finishes to BS 4800, BS 381C and RAL. Our expertise runs to high specification paint work suitable for coastal applications as well as rail standard work and corrosive atmosphere special finishes


TSZ – thermal sprayed zinc provides excellent anti-corrosive properties. A typical thickness of 100 microns will give a life of at least 30 years before signs of corrosion. It is equal in many instances to hot dip galvanising - but without any of the problems/special requirements associated with galvanising such as heat distortion, cavity fills, bubble corners, difficulty to paint i.e. needs etch primers or extended weathering to facilitate good adhesion. Thermal sprayed coatings are best suited to articles having surface areas of 300mm square or more. It can be used for rod or rail structures - but the overspray losses can make this an uneconomic choice.

We apply the coating over a shotblasted finish using a highly controllable arc spray system selected to ensure quality uniform thickness coatings. Our standard finish can be sealed and overpainted or left self-colour. As opposed to high build two-pack paint systems, zinc sprayed fabrications can accept transit and site damage without harm to its anti-corrosive properties.

​TSZ is normally sealed with a two-pack epoxy primer –typically Leighs L425, to close any surface porosity. This extends its life and provides a decorative surface or a primed surface for further coats of paint. Care should be taken to mask any areas that need to fit together after processing. Typically the deposited zinc will prevent previously closely fitting surfaces being reassembled. Of course, this build up of thickness can be an advantage to previously loose fitting parts. Our spray room is 3.4M wide by 3.5M deep having an available height of 2.4M.


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