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Complete Manufacturers, Machining, Fabrication & Assembly 

By striving for excellence at every turn, we have earned our reputation as industry leading engineers of specialist construction equipment, who can achieve a consistently high quality end result.We take pride in our history as it has shaped the forward-thinking and passionate company we are today. Our extensive industry experience and collaborative, long-term relationships with our customers has meant we have continued to grow and deliver a high-quality level of service.

At Tex Engineering, our team are our biggest asset. Their experience and enthusiasm keep our customers coming back, because they appreciate working with straight-talking engineers and account professionals, who are genuinely passionate about their work.

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HD 130amp CNC plasma profile cutter.

3000x1500 sheet capacity
TrueHole technology 3-16mm
Maximum cutting thickness - 25mm (mild steel)
Maximum cutting thickness – 20mm (stainless steel)
Maximum cutting thickness – 20mm (aluminium)
Various mapping options
Direct control shape management.

SD 65amp CNC plasma profile cutter.

3000x1500 sheet capacity
Maximum cutting thickness – 12mm (mild steel)
Maximum cutting thickness – 8mm (stainless steel)
Maximum cutting thickness – 8mm (aluminium)
Direct control shape management.

Durma AD-R 37175 press brake.

Maximum fold 3700mm on 6mm plate.
Bend force 175ton.
Dutch bend up to 1600mm on 2mm plate.
Single and double louver tool.
Minimum fold 9mm up to 3mm thick plate.

Horizontal press brake.

Maximum bend force 30ton.
Maximum width 150mm

Durma 3000mm guillotine.

Maximum 10mm plate.

Bronx pyramid rolls.

Maximum plate thickness 20mm
Maximum width 1800mm

Sheet rolls.

Maximum plate thickness 6mm.
Maximum width 1100mm.

Sectional rollers.

SHS maximum – 100x100x5
RHS maximum – 100x50x5
RSA maximum – 100x100x10
PFC maximum – 100x50.

Welding capabilities.

14 permanent welder/fabricators.
Four coded MIG welders.
Three welders with extensive TIG experience.
Mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.


Electrostatic wet paint system.
Infra-red drying room.

Automated powder coating line.

Duel coating station.
Maximum coating capacity 1200x1200x500mm.

General workshop.

16ton overhead gantry crane.
Manuall pull down bandsaws
Semi-auto bandsaw
Fully automatic bandsaw.
250kg welding positioner
Two 36” radial drills
Draw tube bender, maximum 2” tube.
SIP 75amp portable plasma cutter.

Adock & Shipley manual vertical mill.

Table size - 1000mm 250mm
Longitudinal travel – 450mm
Cross travel – 250mm
Vertical travel – 250mm

Parkson horizontal mill.

Table size – 1800mm x 700mm
Longitudinal travel – 1500mm
Cross travel – 200mm
Vertical travel – 150mm

Ward & Forsyth power press.

30 tonnes on 6” dia ram
300mm travel

Colchester student manual lathe.

200mm chuck
500mm between centres

HAAS full CNC turning centre.

210mm chuck
Bar capacity – 50.8Ø
4000 rpm
Max cut 305Ø x 533 length
12 tool turret
Live tooling on radial & axial ( max dia tool 20mm)

Proturn XYZ programable CNC lathe.

250mm 3 jaw chuck
300mm 4 jaw chuck
1000mm between centres
Gap bed
250mm swing

Colchester triumph 2000 manual lathe.

250mm 3 jaw chuck
300mm 4 jaw chuck
Gap bed
600mm between centres
200mm swing

XYZ PRO 3000 turret mill CNC programable.

Table size 1220mm x 305mm

Longitudinal travel - 700mm (actual 500mm)
Cross travel – 400mm
Vertical travel – 400mm

Pega 345 CNC punch.

Punch force 30ton.
45 stations.
2000x1000mm maximum sheet size.
Maximum thickness 3mm (mild steel).
Maximum thickness 2mm (stainless steel).
Automatic loading & palletising.
Able to run unattended overnight if necessary.
Extensive tooling range.

Promecam press brake.

Bend force 50 ton.
Maximum bend length 2000mm.
Extensive tooling range.

Mebusa press brake.

Bend force 65 ton.
Maximum bend length 2000mm
Extensive tooling range.

3000mm Guillotine.

Maximum 6mm plate (mild steel).
Maximum 4mm plate (stainless steel).

1200mm Guillotine.

Maximum 2mm (mild steel).
Maximum 1mm (stainless steel).


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