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The Trout Tool Company and Metal Shapes & Pressings operate as a joint company offering complimentary sub-contract engineering and machining services to companies across the UK region including the electronics and aerospace sectors. Trout Tool is a family owned business with over 50 years experience in toolmaking and supplementary toolmaking, wire erosion and machining services.

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1 X Fanuc Robocut alpha-0iC, Submerged, Autowire, (24 hour operation)
Automatic Wire Feed Erosion (x500mm y370mm z300mm)

1 X Fanuc Robocut alpha-1C with large capacity work tank, Submerged, Autowire, (24 hour operation)
Automatic Wire Feed Erosion (x500mm y370mm z300mm)

Spark Eroding:

Fuzzy logic control giving optimum machine parameter setting and repeatable cutting conditions.
Reduced electrode wear.
Single or multi step functions to suit all applications.
5 optional cutting modes to suit finish/application/machining time.
Pendant control to aid workpiece/electrode setting.


1 x Spark Eroding: Joemers EDM machine (JM322 +AZ50), x300mm y200mm z200mm

EDM Drilling:

Hole Burning: EDM Hole Drilling (0.3mm dia to 3.0mm dia)

Component size: x: 300mm, y: 300mm z: 250mm.

We are capable of EDM hole drilling from 0.3mmØ to 3.0mmØ through materials such as hardened steel up to 250mm thick. EDM drilling is useful for small applications such as nozzles, drilling into curved surfaces, as starter holes for wire erosion, it can also drill through any material even carbides and wont risk damage from broken drill bits.

CNC Machining:

1 x Hurco VM2 (x1000mm y470mm z470mm)

40 taper, 8000 RPM spindle

UltiMax control and software tools

16-station, automatic, swing-arm tool changer

Rapid traverse X,Y,Z axis 750 (ipm)


Ideally suited for low to medium volume work, the our Hurco CNC machining centre can undertake milling of components upto 1m wide. As well as billet machining we also undertake the machining of aluminium & bronze castings as well as certain plastics. The CNC mill is network attached which means that off line programming can be sent direct from the CAD department.

CNC Turning:

1 x Hurco TM6 (x177mm z355mm)

6-inch chuck & 10 inches cutting diameter

High speed 6,000 RPM spindle

Rapid Traverse X, Z Axis (ipm) 750 / 945

Constant surface speed

Bar Feeder

Ideally suited for low to medium volume work, the our Hurco CNC slant-bed turning center with its true slant-bed offers the latest in CNC turning functionality, including high accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Fully programmable offline, we can now offer, as of December 2007, a rapid turn around on turned parts, a true complement to our state of the art machine shop capacity.


1 x Axe & Status HGS 3006 DURMA

3100mm x 6mm (4mm copper/stainless steel)

Enc 100 Touch & Go programmable backgauge

750mm travel

Rear lightguards

Manual and automatic production modes

Variable downstroke 300mm-3000mm infinite

Presswork capacity 5 tons - 120 tons

Coil feed capability 250mm x 3mm

Strip feed capability 200mm x 6mm

Manual press and form ability on all presses


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Unit 4a and 4b
Berrite Industrial Estate
West Drayton
United Kingdom

Number of employees
5 - 9
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