3 - West Midlands


TS CNC are a machine shop offering CNC milling and CNC turning to a very high standard at a reasonable cost and delivery time. We are located in the West Midlands and deliver nationwide. For an idea of the industries we serve and the type of work we undertake see below.

Typical Work

  • CNC Milling - Any sort of CNC Milling from 1 offs to Many offs
  • CNC Turning - Any sort of CNC Turning 1 offs to Many offs
  • Machined One Offs - Prototype Parts With CAD Design Support
  • Complex 3D - 3D Shapes Machined Parts and Multi Axis
  • Motorsport - We have lots of experience of machining parts to tight tolerances for motorsport applications
  • Mould and Die - such as Press Tools, Injection Moulds, Lost Wax
  • Foundry and Forge - all sorts of finished machining operations from forgings to castings
  • Jigs and Fixtures - we are able to machine and manufacture a large range of patterns such as CMM fixtures, line checking jigs
  • Special Purpose Machinery - All manner of special purpose machines
  • General Jobbing Shop - We will take on pretty much anything as long as it is within our size range

We are determined to further enhance our standing in the engineering industry and we are constantly reviewing our facilities, procedures and quality standards in-line with BSEN ISO 9001. Quality management is operated throughout the company, Traceability and Operator Gauge Control is exercised alongside stringent procedures to ensure customers requirements are maintained at each stage of the manufacturing process and comply with the requirements of BSEN ISO 9001.


Unit 2
Gomer Street
WV13 2NS
United Kingdom
Number of employees
5 - 9