Design services required for an industrial machinery project.


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Buyer seeking manufacturing supplier for Design & Development-Design, CAD

This company spends over £300,000 a year on outsourced engineering processes. They currently seek a supplier that is able to offer design services for a custom product, featuring both fabrication and machining details. This will include the CAD design of a mild steel frame and a series of stainless steel bars. The buyer has an immediate order to place for the work in question and has also advised that similar work may be extended to the chosen vendor moving forward.
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4 - East Midlands and East Anglia
Industrial Machinery
The frame is to be made from mild steel, with a series of stainless steel bars also required.
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Part No./Name: Size: Batch 1:
1 Approximate overall size: 2700mm x 300mm x 500mm 1 one off

Buyer details:

101 - 200
Yearly Outsourcing:
Machining: 150,000
Fabrication: 150,000

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