Retail outfitting company seeks supplier of wooden display units.


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Buyer seeking manufacturing supplier for Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

This retail display manufacturer who outsources approximately £50,000 worth of wood fabrication each year, is in need of a supplier who can assist with the manufacture of the attached range of display units to be made from a combination of wood, steel and glass. At this stage, indicative prices are sought, but if the buyer is successful in their tender this will be followed by an immediate order. Although this is a one-off requirement, the chosen supplier will be asked to quote for similar requirements going forward.
Drawing preview. More drawings available.

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2 - Oxfordshire and Essex
Mild Steel
Quotation stage

project drawings available


Part No./Name: Size: Batch 1: Batch 2:
1 200mm x 200mm x 100mm 50 one off 100 one off
2 Largest: 550mm x 500mm x 300mm
Smallest: 350mm x 250mm x 300mm

Please note that a set is made up of one large centre unit and 2 small side units.
50 one off
3 1050mm x 1050mm x 520mm 10 one off
4 1050mm x 1000mm x 520mm 10 one off
5 2400mm x 1800mm x 400mm 3 one off
6 1650mm x 1565mm x 650mm 3 one off

Buyer details:

10,001 - 20,000
Yearly Outsourcing:
Fabrication: 40,000
Casting: 40,000
Woodworking: 50,000

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